Plastic Fishing Baits - Sweetcorn, Pellets, Dog Biscuits - Do they really work?


Carp Fishing is a growing sport in the UK. Each season more and more people start up fishing, with the main target being the carp. This makes Carp fishing a huge business, that many companies are cashing in on. Even if you visit your local Decathlon you will see that they have a huge range of baits, main tackle, and end tackle.

Plastic Baits are the new craze when it comes to carp fishing. Anglers are using these baits rather than real ones in many cases and claiming to be getting catch results because of it. So the big question is, do the plastic baits really work? do they really have the same effect as real baits and will they really improve your catch rate?!

I think it is fair to say that plastic baits can and do work on many fisheries, but i personally believe that nothing comes close to the real thing in most cases. However there are some cases where using a plastic bait can put you at an advantage. One example of this would be in windy weather conditions, when attempting to fish "Off the Top". Plastic Dog biscuits have recently been introduced to the market and a really good immitation of the real thing. You have an advantage using this baits in windy conditions because you can be confident that your bait is still on the hook. However when using plastic baits you must be sure to bait up using the real thing. This will keep the fish feeding and growing in confidence, before hopefully taking your plastic baits. Another good example of using plastic baits is with plastic sweetcorn. You can either apply these to create a pop up effect mixed with some real sweetcorn or you can add them to any other bait you might be using on your hair rig to give it an extra glow and attraction. The same applies for plastic pellets, although i think you are less likely to catch on one because of the way that a real pellet changes its appearance when under water for a while. Therefore meaning that there is less comparison with the real thing. However I am sure that if enough free bait is offered around your plastic bait you will still find yourself getting some good results.

The conclusion is that plastic baits can be good in certain circumstances and in these circumstances they could perhaps help you to improve your catch rate; but in most circumstances the real bait will always prove you better.

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