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Nature Does It On Her Own

While pristine, crystal clear waters occur in nature, beyond the reach of modern man and civilization, they do not occur as often near habitats of men. The reason for this is that in nature, there is a natural balance that has been achieved. Predators and prey are in balance; different species involved in the ecosystem are in balance; life and death of animals and vegetation, of building and decomposition are in balance. Therefore, the purity of the balance and the system brings for crystal clear lakes and waters.

People Pollute Lakes

Mankind, on the other hand, brings imperfection into the picture. Fishermen may over fish certain type of species. Pollution, things thrown into a lake or body of water can interfere with water clarity. Industrial waste or sewage can pour into the lake. Cattle or other ranch animals may muddy the waters with their feet. The stripping away of natural vegetation can leave the land open to mud slides in storms, which can affect the clarity of the waters.There are many possible ways in which men can interfere with the natural balance of a lake.

Private Getaway

Resort Lakes - Golf Course Ponds

Because of this, if a person has a private lake, or a corporation has a lake on their property, or a golf course has a lake amidst its various challenges to golfers, or a resort or hotel has a lake for patrons, it is very wise to have a lake management professional monitor the health of the waters. Lake management companies hire professionals, including professional biologists, who can help determine the underlying causes of problems with the lake, and corrective measures to take.

New or Existing Lakes

Not only are lake management professionals valuable when it comes to treating a current, existing body of water, whether a lake or a pond, but they can also be called in prior to the creation of a private lake.

People enjoy creating their own private lake or pond. It becomes a place to relax with friends and family. The whole lake becomes their own domain, where they can relax, swim, boat, or fish as they see fit. While not every person creates a private lake or pond for the purpose of fishing, it is definitely possible. A landowner can stock, raise, and grow fish to later reel in, all from the comfort of his own private property.


Plan a Lake

By calling in a professional lake management service, it is possible to plan the personal lake desired. A professional will assess the territory, the geography, the watershed, the types of fish conducive to the locale, the landowner's objectives and other relevant factors, and make recommendations prior to the creation of the pond or lake. By hiring a professional, it helps avoid a costly learning curve. Creating a lake or pond is a major project, and while there is free advice on the internet, in the long run, a project of this magnitude involves the need for professional advice, in order to avoid costly mistakes later. Problems that are not foreseen ahead of time will have to be fixed with the help of a professional later, and it is easier to do it once, do it right, and avoid having to undo and redo a faulty first attempt.

Aeration, Algae Control, Prey-to-Predator Balance

Professionals help with the proper construction of a lake. They also help with issues such as proper aeration of the water, control of algae, prey-to-predator balance and ratios of fish populations. Biologists on the team look at the results of tests and make recommendations. The important thing to understand is that creating a private lake is more than digging a hole and dropping in some fish...there are a lot of factors that professionals consider. While nature, over the course of time, balances out these factors on her own, in an environment where man is a part, there is a continual need to check and recheck every so often to keep the factors of a healthy lake in balance.

Invasive Species

Besides the chemistry of the lake, the oxygenation of the lake, the monitoring of vegetation and fish populations in lake, a professional can also monitor the existence of foreign species of fish. Due to the mobility of society, and the ease of transportation, it is possible for a foreign species to be introduced into a lake. This foreign species may become invasive. A good example of an invasive species is the python in the Everglades in Florida. Somehow, somewhere, someone(s) let go some pet python fish (which are native to Asia) and now they have become a danger in the everglades, even contending with alligators. Invasive species can be very deadly to a lake, and a lake management company can help with the control of these as well.

A Desirable Lake

So in short, whether dealing with a current lake, or whether dealing with a lake that has not yet been created, hiring lake management professionals can be the deciding factor between a lake that is clear, clean, and healthy, or one that fails and eventually turns mucky, smelly, and that becomes a place no longer conducive to rest, relaxation, and for those who want it, opportunities to fish.

Lakes and Ponds Have Different Purposes

There are over one million ponds or lake in the United States, all with different applications. Some are used for irrigation. Others are used as a source of water for wildfires. Still others are used as part of the attraction of a resort or golf course. Others may involve fishing, boating, or swimming. All these different bodies of water range in size from under an acre to over twenty-five acres. Regardless of size or purpose, having a functioning lake increases the property value of the property as a whole.

Lakes Are Built With Earth Moving Equipment

A lake does not have to be naturally occurring. It can be created, designed, and built from scratch. It takes the vision, the planning, and the expertise of a lake management company who can help with the design and construction. Professional companies will either own or have access to the major earth moving equipment necessary to develop a lake or pond. Professionals will understand other factors, such as the porousness of the land or the necessity for lake liners. From start to finish, they can help with the design and construction of a lake.

Professionals Know Their Stuff

A professional will understand what is necessary to keep the lake from being washed away in heavy rainfall, when snows melt, or during seasonal changes. It is good to ask hard questions of the company, to make sure they "know their stuff" and that you understand what is going on during the construction of the lake and why certain things are being done. The purpose for which a lake is being built is integral to design, so think things out ahead of time. A lake being developed for bass fishing will have a different design than one that is for swimming only. the shoreline and the texture of the shoreline will be different, for example.

Large Construction Equipment Needed

Large construction equipment is needed to build a pond or lake. Often, permits are needed. By hiring a professional who knows the tasks that need to be done, and has experience doing them, you save yourself the headache and expense of a learning curve. Most people who have lived very long at all know that there is a learning curve with any new venture. A professional can help you avoid that curve.

Is There a River?

A consideration when creating a private pond or lake is whether there is a river or stream running into the lake, or whether it is a unique, distinct, solitary body of water. Is there an underground body of water or spring feeding the lake? Again, rules, regulations, permits, and real estate definitions all come into play. It is necessary to find or talk to someone knowledgeable about all these things.

Move the Dirt and Trees

When creating the lake there is the consideration of the current type of soil and how it needs to be modified. There may also be large trees that need to be moved out of the way. For matters of safety, and an efficient job well done, it is well to have someone experienced in these matters.

Legacy Lakes

A lake, once built, can provide years of enjoyment and become a legacy that is handed down from generation to generation. Because it can have such a long life, it pays to consider at the very beginning all the different uses to which the lake may be built, and on the basis of that, have it designed and managed according. It can be a prize possession if done properly, with the landowner's goals in mind.

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