Potential opponents for The Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania 30 in 2014

What is your dream Undertaker WrestleMania 29 match?

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Who will "The Deadman" choose as an opponent at WrestleMania 30 in 2014, or will the opponent choose him?


Countless wrestling fans all over the world would love to see Undertaker vs. Goldberg at WrestleMania 30


Could Shawn Michaels have his third and final chance to dethrone "The Phenom" at WrestleMania 30?


Could Undertaker's own "Brother of Destruction" Kane become the new WrestleMania phenom?


Will Brock Lesnar make a WWE return to challenge The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak?


One more chance at dethroning Undertaker for "The Game"?


Will Sting finally make his WWE debut and face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30?

Who could the deadman face at WWE WrestleMania 30 in 2014?

The Undertaker furthered his WrestleMania streak at WrestleMania 29 in 2013 where he defeated CM Punk. Given the fact that “The Deadman’s” streak is now at 21-0, that means that we are now only one year away from the potential 21-0, which will put "The Phenom" on the road to another WrestleMania goal such as 25-0 or even 30-0. Surely now, considering he has surpassed the 21-0 mark, the WWE will begin to pit "Taker against dream opponents; could we see Undertaker vs. Sting, Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar or Undertaker vs. someone else in 2014? Here are some potential opponents for The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 in 2014!


Sting turned down the WWE’s offer in 2010, but given the fact that he always signs one year deals with TNA and he quite recently failed to defeat Bobby Roode for the TNA World Title in March of 2012 at Victory Road, as well as his stepping down as the GM of Impact Wrestling; could this signal his final hurrah in the promotion? Sting is a potential opponent for The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. It is the dream match everyone wants to see and it is the dream match that was so hyped this year that the entire world was in excitement for it. Could Sting vs. Undertaker happen in 2014 at WrestleMania 39? Millions of wrestling fans old and new are begging for it!

Excitingly, Sting has recently been in talks with the WWE in 2013. With his TNA future currently in question, could we see "The Icon" finally make his WWE debut soon?

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

The 2011 return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to the WWE should be treated with suspicion. Given his recent altercation with The Miz and the fact that Austin was shortly after active on Tough Enough, “The Rattlesnake” could return full-time to the WWE in the near future and if he did, it would be a huge deal. If the WWE is looking for a big opponent for The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 in 2014, there would be few bigger than the legendary “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Not to mention; Austin and Taker have feuded in the past and therefore have history together. For what it's worth, Austin recently stated on Twitter that he would be open to a return for a huge match against someone such as Goldberg.

Austin recently announced that he is in the best shape of his life and would be open for one more run if the timing was right. Surely, no timing is better than WrestleMania 30, right?

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is currently a part of TNA Wrestling, but a return in time for WrestleMania 30 should not be ruled out of the question and if he did, he would undoubtedly put on a showstopper of a main event against The Undertaker. If there is anyone in the world other than Triple H or Shawn Michaels that could push The Undertaker to his limits at WrestleMania, it is Kurt Angle. Angle vs. Taker one more time at WrestleMania 30 in 2014 would truly be a masterpiece. These are two of thew finest workers to have ever lived and needless to say, this would be a dream come true.

Kurt Angle's TNA career also currently appears to be winding down. This could be a sign that the Olympic Gold Medalist will return to the WWE in 2014!


The Undertaker Vs. Goldberg is another dream match that never came to pass. The two are often compared due to the fact that Goldberg had an undefeated streak of 173-0 in WCW before losing to Kevin Nash. Of course, the victory was not entirely clean. Scott Hall who was armed with a stun gun intervened in Nash’s aid. The Undertaker and Goldberg are two timeless monsters in the world of professional wrestling and it is about time that they clashed. What better than at Undertaker’s potential 21-0 or 20-1? With so many similarities and a dream match that has been in the making since the 1990s, this would certainly be a flawless main event and Goldberg himself has stated he would be open for a WWE return against someone such as Steve Austin or Brock Lesnar.

In short, we NEED to see Goldberg Vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 in 2014!

Brock Lesnar

In 2011, it was speculated that Vine McMahon was in talks with Dana White about allowing the UFC’s Brock Lesnar to make a one-off WWE return against The Undertaker. This was fuelled by the fact that the two had an altercation at a UFC event. While the match obviously didn’t happen in 2011, there was a chance that The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will collide once again at WrestleMania 28 in 2012, which also didn't come to pass. These two men have meton countless occasions in the past including a bloody and brutal hell in a cell match. Millions of MMA and WWE fans would love to see these two ring behemoths collide once more in the New Year. Could Brock Lesnar, who is now retired from the UFC, make a WWE return to put Undertaker's streak at risk at WrestleMania 30 in 2014?

With both Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker in the WWE at the same time, now would be the best time for Undertaker Vs. Brock Lesnar one more time!

Masked Kane

Masked Kane has been on a mission in the WWE since he returned under his mask. Kane, who was at one time synonymous with the WWE due to his mask, has put the mask back on. While he currently has his sights set on John Cena, it will likely only be a matter of time before Masked Kane challenges his brother of destruction, The Undertaker, once more. The two have an incredibly storied history, one of the most storied histories in all of wrestling in-fact and countless wrestling fans within the WWE Universe and indeed, all over the world, would love the chance to see Kane and Undertaker wrestle one more time at WrestleMania 30 in 2014.

More recently, Kane and Undertaker teamed with Daniel Bryan.

Triple H

Think about it. Triple H and Shawn Michaels have shared their entire careers in the WWE together. Then, Shawn Michaels retired at the hands of The Undertaker. Since then, where has Triple H been and what has he done? He had been missing in action and has done nothing majorly special or definitive in the WWE at all with the exception of two feuds against Kevin Nash and then against Undertaker which resulted in their WrestleMania 28 Hell in a Cell masterpiece. It seems that just like Shawn Michaels’ career did, Triple H’s career is winding down. However, so is The Undertaker’s career. These two ring legends are very similar these days. It is likely that WrestleMania 30 in 2014 could see The Undertaker vs. Triple H in a career vs. streak match and it would be a great way to give Triple H one final chance before he hangs up his boots. These two always have phenomenal matches and while it would shock many WrestleMania fans, it would most definitely be a flawless match.

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are certainly no strangers to each other. They actually have a lot in common. At one time, they were the longest serving members of the WWE roster and the only two active superstars to be on the first edition of Monday Night Raw. They are also legendary rivals from the 1990’s and the not so distant past alike. Shawn Michaels has challenged The Undertaker twice at WrestleMania. The first time they met went down as one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time, the same can also be said for the second time they met – when The Undertaker laid HBK’s career to rest. However, due to the fact that Shawn Michaels recently returned to the WWE for a one off return during the Triple H vs. Kevin Nash feud, could HBK lace up the boots one more time for one final shot against The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak at WrestleMania 30 in 2014? None would argue that there are none more deserving of one final shot than Shawn Michaels, especially considering his referee role in The Undertaker vs. Triple H Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 28 in 2012.

Who will The Undertaker face at WrestleMania 30 in 2014?

There is currently so much potential for what could be The Undertaker’s final match. Should The Undertaker walk into WrestleMania 28 at 20-0 and leave at 21-0 with his streak in tact and his career in question; exactly who could prove to be his opponent? Will Undertaker wrestle Sting? Will Undertaker wrestle Steve Austin? Will Undertaker Wrestle Kurt Angle? Will Undertaker wrestle Goldberg? Will Undertaker wrestle Brock Lesnar or will he wrestle someone completely different? Only time will tell.

Would you still be excited for Undertaker vs. Sting even though Sting is in his 50's and Undertaker is pushing 50?

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When will Undertaker return to WWE and more importantly, who will be his WrestleMania 30 opponent?


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John Shuss 5 years ago

I think his opponent should depend on what the outcome will be. Will he win another and either retire or continue on? Or will he pass the torch? I feel that if he is going to pass the torch, it should be someone that really deserves it. Someone that it would cement him for all time as the one. I feel it should be Randy Orton. I have been an Undertaker fan for as long as I can remember, and I'm 31 years old. But Randy Ort

PHENOM  5 years ago

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker at WM 28!, HELL YEAH!

john peeler 5 years ago

i think he should face kane at wrestlemania 28 next year if this is his last match it would make sence .

michael schipper 5 years ago

i think undertaker vs stone cold steve austin is a hell yeah

ghislain the undertaker 5 years ago

there are only two options either sting vs taker in an icon vs phenom match or a match to find out who has the greatest streak in history between taker and goldberg.if it is sting then there should be some satanic storyline in it.austin is good too but i see him being used a refree in the match whatever be the case taker must have 20 victories and remember folks AINT NO GRAVE CAN HOLD HIS BODY DOWN

Yamaraja 5 years ago

Without a doubt it should be Sting. I've been watching wrestling for 21 years and this would really be a dream match but I doubt it will happen.

It will probably be tripple H again but I would love it to be a new established figure from another company to take the torch and lead the wwe into a new area as it is needed.

For me the move that makes sense it to bring back Kurt Angle and let him lead the company. From a personal point of view I would love it to be Sting.

Undertaker4life 5 years ago

Who taker faces at WM 28 all depends on how quickly his injury heals. If WWE decide that he is healthy enough, i think that his opponent would be Triple H (which WWE would make an epic match). However, if taker is not fully healed then maybe he might face not such a big name/less harder opponent such as Del Rio (which may be a considerably shorter match) so that he still goes 20-0. All depends on taker's condition.

Darkangel 5 years ago

i think the streak will be up to 20 then i believe John cena will face the undertaker and will make it 20-1. because in this business its only Cena who is a player that struggle and fight without cheating its such player that should make history on undertaker

eddie 5 years ago

I think it should be kevin nash vs undertaker or sting at wm 28

Tom 5 years ago

I've been on takers side sence the begining, through bad side a good, no one is better, as I'd love to see sting or goldburg an him go at it, it would not be the best match for 2 decades of wins, this match won't happen, but this should be a fatal-4way, austin, rock, triple h, an taker, no four people have be so intwind together then this for greats, autin and the rock should have already fallin to him but this four at one time would be greatest, no others are better then these 4!!!!

Takertaker 5 years ago

He's opponent would be RANDY ORTON, trust me.

sin cara 5 years ago

if sin cara faces undertaker i hope his streak will be broken

steven 5 years ago

i think undertaker should face sin cara.its the high flying superstar vs the undertaker

Bb 5 years ago

All of em are dream matches

jahanzaib awan 5 years ago

undertaker vs gold berg

The Reality to WrestleMania XXVIII... 5 years ago

The Reality to WrestleMania XXVIII is.....UNDERTAKER VS......BROCK LESNAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ognasty 5 years ago

Undertaker is a very good competer and he should face mark henry for the whc and keep his 4 th regin anf countine his carrer

Anomonyous 5 years ago

Randy orton vs undertaker vs mark henry vs lil wayne vs drake vs rick ross vs.ludacris vs chris brown vs rihanna vs.micki minaj for wwe world heavyweight championship in a hell in a cell match at wrestlmania 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiraz 5 years ago

I m huge fan of undertaker n goldberge.except goldberge no one can defeat the legendary phenom.bcz both icons created their own Streak's n it'll take very tough match btween both of them in wwe history.all wwe fans wish 2 c "goldberge vs undertaker" "streak vs streak"

TheViper-Rko 5 years ago

I think the best match would be Randy Orton vs. Undaertaker let's face it Shawn Michaels got a chance on back to back wrestlemania's and Triple H had his second chance at this past wrestlemania. Randy Orton was known as the legend Killer last time they faced eachother he is a little older and smarter and another reason is Randy Orton is back on Smackdown now it should be a Smackdown star vs. The undertaker to end the streak. I think Randy Orton has been through Hell and back and the match should be the ultimate demise for taker his own playgroudn the devil's structure A Hell In A Cell!!

jmayton 5 years ago

It really needs to be Sting Vs. Undertaker. While some of these young viewers have failed to realize..These Two men are more close in comparison than you think. One you have an Icon from the WWE and has made Wresltemania his..Then you Have another Icon who used to work for WCW and made Starcade his...Despite the ruination of shady deals in WCW due to Turner and Time Weiner. WCW would still be around because of Sting. both men are not just pillars but foundations of those pillars in all of what wrestling is today..They both have never crossed paths ever to my knowledge and believe me ive watched wrestling for a very long time..If this goes down in 2012..It should be a battle of blood,sweat,bones,and tears..and to my opinion it would be a tribute and an honor not just for the WWE fans or the WCW fans..but to all of wrestling..this will headline bigger than Hogan vs. Andre the Giant and we all know how big that match was because it was heard around the world and that was in the 80's and its still talked about till this day..that's memorable..I just wish these two men will look at this and everyone reading this.. you may have your picks on who should face the Taker. but theres only one true man that matches his standards, its not anyone like steve austin nor the rock, nor a one hit wonder like goldberg or brock lesner, even a young guy like John Cena no offense to cena but he hasn't paid his dues yet in years of what these two men have..It Must be Sting

Ash w 5 years ago

I think it should be a hell I a cell wwith stone cold steve austin

matt 5 years ago

i want randy orton,john cena,sin cara,rey mysterio to have an option to face takerr

jimmy g 5 years ago

Undertaker vs doink the clown in a caskett match. True entertainment

Greggjl 5 years ago

undertaker vs goldberg at wm28

fghj 5 years ago

undertaker vs randy orton at wrm28

zackery malone 5 years ago

stone cold

Kane 5 years ago


eddie 5 years ago

to make wm bigger then it all ready is i think it should be sting vs undertaker at this up coming ppv at wm 28 this would be a hell of a match to see i know it wont happen but it need to sting can win his first wm match and take over the streak sting would be 1-0 undertaker would be 19-1 so sting wwe needs u dude sting u rock

Azhar 5 years ago

Randy orton vs undertaker at wm28 because in today's time,absolutely no one is as deserving as randy to face taker at wm28,i agree that both hbk and hhh had their rematches with taker at wm and as for cena,well he has his match at wm with the great one which would probably be the greatest match of wm history,so with randy facing taker,legend vs legend killer,it will blow the roof ! And i wish randy orton wins because i'm his greatest fan

Devi Prasad Rath 5 years ago

I think Goldberh,Sting or Brock Lesnar

austin 5 years ago

I would want sin cara to face undertaker

Dipraj 5 years ago

Undertaker v goldberg

jimmy 5 years ago

Undertaker vs john cena is best for wm28

renne chevelle 5 years ago

plese udertaker plese come back

chevelle 5 years ago

undertaker is the best. so he will win who he's facing

so i'm on his side

mskhan 5 years ago

the undertaker vs (the legend of legend) stone cold Steve Austin should be in wrestle mania 28.

Jay 5 years ago

The Phenom will face anyone..but if it's wid Rattlesnake then it ud b CLASSY one.....

undertaker 19_0 5 years ago

undertaker can beat everybody. he is the god of the ring.he has beat 19 man at wrestle mania.triple h, stone cold, cena, rock, big show,all have beated by the deadman.undertaker will be 20_0.and i think it may be john cena

stephen somich 5 years ago

remember what triple h said after their match at last year s wrestlemania he wants a rematch my pridiction is triple h

wazi 5 years ago

Should be stone cold cos it will be a heck of a match then but I also think Brock lesnar would be good

Big by 5 years ago

The main event for WM28 should be Undertaker vs Alberto Del Rio in a 3 stages of hell match

Undertaker mark calleway 5 years ago

Undertaker will face sting.if not it will be sincara

DeathXaphan 5 years ago

No it will be sheamus himself fighting the undertaker at wrestleMaina 28 and this will be the most epic match in histroy.

Arijit Ghosh 5 years ago

undertaker never beaten the rock in wrestlemani and if it happens then the streak will end

ATUL.from INDIA 5 years ago

JUST BRING BACK THE JEFF HARRDY BACK .WM macth gonaa be fatlm5 way .undertyer.vs.tripelH.vsbrock lessner vs goldberg.vs.hulghogan.NO HOLDS BAED MACTH LEST GO FOR IT SIR.

Ashin cherian 5 years ago

It seems that

undertaker will face trippleH in a carrer vs streak match

swagata 5 years ago

ha .....will he return??at all?? Hes had some surgeries which cud take time to heal...

the udertaker 5 years ago

ha .....will he return??at all?? Hes had some surgeries which cud take time to heal get any one get yea

mushtaba 5 years ago

i want undertaker to vs hhh because hhh was the closest last time so i think it should be hhh or cm punk stone cold

Saurabh Yadav 5 years ago


micha 5 years ago

i Think it should be undertaker vs hulkhogan

Kakarot 5 years ago

Sting is a great one for him at Wrestlemania i agree but it will never, he said that he will never join the WWE so that's out of the question.

Kane is certainly a good one, those two are always after revenge on each other and Kane did beat him back in 2010.

I'd also like to point out that The Undertaker should stay until after the 1000th episode of raw and retire after January 2013, since he he currently the only superstar that the WWE still have under contract which has been on the first episode of RAW, that is a very, very long time.

zain khan 5 years ago

i want to see batista vs the undertaker at wrestlemania 28 i think so it would be a classic match because these two superstars have a historic brutal matches in the past so in my opinion batista can end the undertakers undefeated streak at wrestlemania go batista

dhinesh billa 5 years ago

undertaker vs masked kane in a buried alive match will be a awesome match or undertaker vs y2j class match........

Marry shah 5 years ago

Hahaha. All u guyz shut up. Here undertaker vs

jean claude vandamme my favourite hero. Yell man the world will taste it.

Marry shah 5 years ago

Hahaha. All u guyz shut up. Here undertaker vs

jean claude vandamme my favourite hero. Yell man the world will taste it.

Willie 5 years ago

The undertaker vs randy orton at wm 28 that would be the greatest match ever

5 years ago

Brock Lesner would suck. He's always been overhyped and way under on delivering...plus he's got a tattoo of a huge dong....I'd be pissed watching Taker leave on that note. Taking control over the WWE from Triple H would be kinda cool, but Triple H is kind of a weak draw for me too....and that story line has been done to death (pardon the pun)...Stone Cold and Foley both played that out...... I'd really dig to see Taker go out with a win over Sting. But there needs to be a buck passing...... And it should be Orton....its probably time....afterall he got hisself all tatted up......Taker should beat Sting and get his 20-0 and then have the legend killer kill the legend and get possessed by urn.

Y2J-_- 5 years ago

Undertaker VS Batista

Mark Ellison 5 years ago

What about Undertaker versus Undertaker.?

lisa michaux 5 years ago

i fan wwe the undertaker

ag011 5 years ago

The Undertake vs Triple H

Special Guest Ref.

Shawn Micheals.

Firefighter 43 5 years ago

i think it should be kane & taker 1 last time

Wwe fan 313 5 years ago

undertaker vs kane

stephen ely 5 years ago

it should be undertaker vs john cena then the rock vs triple h

Asddddddd 5 years ago

undertaker vs goldberg streak 20-0

raghu665 5 years ago

kane vs taker ftw

Jakakakakaka 5 years ago

RVD!RVD! lol not really itd be pretty boss though... its gotta be leasner. he will face sting or batista next year...

lsc12 5 years ago

It's either going to be Orton, Kane, or Jericho. I would guess Orton since he's on leave from the wade barrett falls count anywhere match and that gives him the chance to return on the same night as the Undertaker.

vicky singh 5 years ago

undertaker vs goldberg oh yeaaah nothing should be better than this

:-P 5 years ago

Undertaker VS Maria Moore........dream match

The Phenom Saif 5 years ago

I am the biggest fan of The Undertaker.We first time seen Undertaker in WrestleMania 7 against Jimmy Snuka in 1991 (in which Undertaker only take 6 minutes to finish the game) until then no one can beat the streak.For the WrestleMania 28 on April 2012,Triple H or Kane is a likely opponents for the Undertaker on WrestleMania 28.Obviously,Stone Cold can't wrestle due to his backbone problem due to which he was retired.Sin Cara is a novice against the Undertaker's wealth of experience.I am sure that the Undertaker will be in different look in WrestleMania 28 (perhaps with his 1991 look,that's spooky man!).Let's wait and watch that who will be the Undertaker's opponent on WrestleMania 28 on April 2,2012 and the Undertaker will be retired after that.

The Phenom Saif 5 years ago

Guys,The Undertaker has taken them all in past WrestleManias;

Jimmy Snuka (1991),Jake (1992),Giant Gonzales (1993),King Kong (1994),Diesel (1996),Psycho Sid (1997),Masked Kane (1998),Big Boss Man (1999),Triple H (2001),Rick Flair (2002),A-Train & Big Show (2003),Kane (2004),Randy Ortan (2005),Mark Henry (2006),Batista (2007),Edge (2008),Shawn Micheals (2009),Shawn Micheals (2010 rematch),and Triple H (2011).So now you can see the names of all the victims that The Undertaker laid their rests in past WrestleManias.

This year on WrestleMania 28 on April 2,2012,The Undertaker's opponent on my view would be Triple H or Kane.Let's wait and watch until WrestleMania 28 on April 2,2012.

BOB 5 years ago


Dave 5 years ago

Undertaker vs. Sting would be my dream match hopefully it comes true Stings contract expired.

gulraiz 5 years ago

undertaker vs goldberg,steve austin,brocklesnar or again hhh

carculea romulus bogdan 5 years ago

randy orton

goitsemang 5 years ago

Only 1 man can end the undertakers streak! So my pick for wrestlemania 2012 is The Undertaker vs Chuck Norris in a 'I quit match'

goitsemang 5 years ago

Only 1 man can end the undertakers streak! So my pick for wrestlemania 28 is The Undertaker vs Chuck Norris in a 'I quit match'

Henry Gaither 5 years ago

Well sense HHH lost 2 times an HBK Lost 2 times. An Taker beat them both 2 times it should be a triple thrat match for a tie breaker but u no he's fighting Brock LOL ;)

abdullah sajjad 5 years ago

WRESTLEMANIA 28 2012 undertaker vs y2j chris jericho from pakistan lahore 0301-4187588

FMK 5 years ago

Undertaker vs Goldberg HELL YEAH the greatest match ever in WWE history for WM-28

Paul g 5 years ago

I think what they should do (if they want to stop the streak, or if the undertaker has had enough) give him 2 matches on the one night. Example taker vs mark Henry vs big show winner gets a world title match. Let him win that so taker gets to 20, the. Lose the title match.

But that's only If he wants to call it a day, personally if he is up to the task I'm looking forward to seeing it up to 25 or even 30 if his body can handle it.

I remember when I was a kid collecting wwf stickers and the undertaker was one of the first ones I got. I'm now 28 and respect the hell out of him for being able to keep going for so long.

Hope your back soon.

akshay 5 years ago


und 5 years ago

undertaker vs hhh wrestelmania

Mujtaba 5 years ago

I think for wwe its very hard to pick undertaker's oppenent for this year and if it is retiring but it would be overshawdowed by cena vs rock match. But if still undertaker is fighting its going be from current signed stars can be big show or kevin nash:)

It had to be cena/rock vs undertaker but they have their own matches that's why as i mentioned it could from those stars if pick up signed stars.

Wayne K. WIlkins profile image

Wayne K. WIlkins 5 years ago from Birmingham, England. Author

I'd love to see Undertaker vs. Kevin Nash! thank you very jmuch for the comment, be sure to vote in the new polls :)

Bob Kelso 5 years ago

Wow... I seriously would have thought that people would say HELL NO to a Goldberg vs Undertaker match, but I guess I was wrong. I think everybody has forgotten that he has an undefeated streak because all of his matches were squash matches. When he made his WWE debut, he was definitely misused as a wrestler. The only real possible opponent I could see him face is Kane. They have had history ever since Kane made his debut. Since Kane is back with a mask and has been given a serious push, I can see Taker playing "mind games" with his "brother", leading up to Wrestlemania 28.

adaaam 5 years ago

the phenam will face surely, or definetly ie.., c m punk in wrestle mania as he is best in the world & for hhh its gona be one more chance if it is not c m punk

now to have exitement or more surprise i would like to see batista vs taker in wrestlemania . good luck american badass...........................

ruther 5 years ago

oh hell no

taker vs hhh boring stuff 'couse hhh faced taker even before ,where is exitement man ...

look if u find hard to pick worthy one ,pick smarty i personely don't want kane or hhh or not even kevin nash .... for me its gona be the coolest guy man .. the one and only alberto delrio .... woo whao what match it will be for perfect wrestlemania .what you guys want more than this as bth are submission specialist to return ,,,"coolvs hell" oh yaa ..

rest in peace 5 years ago

The undertaker vs giant I am 15 years old student and Iam indian boy

Will 5 years ago

I would like a Taker/Mutoh match. Doesn't really matter, to defeat the Undertaker would cement any wrestler's place in WWE history. So why not? Its at the point where Taker chooses his opponent anyway.

Dereck J. 5 years ago

Undertaker vs Bill Goldberg hands down .

Vishal 5 years ago

undertaker vs brock lesner .....the most exciting match in the history ..of wrestlemania

shahanshah alam 5 years ago

undertaker vs sting

nick rose 5 years ago

undertaker vs vince mchamon for total control of the wwe because the darkside will return with john cena as part of it and the old wwe will return to tv

greg 4 years ago

only person worthy enough to take the streak is mick foley nough said

amit 4 years ago

under taker should face hhh at wm 2012

jeremy 4 years ago

i think the match will be taker vs 173-0 bill goldberg i think bill goldberg will kick his a** taker 19-1 goldberg 174-0

jj 4 years ago


angelo 4 years ago

het moet batista of the masked kane zijn!

Pavan 4 years ago

No one have potential that brock lesnar have. he can beat deadman and finally decorate the streak as 19-1.he beat taker brutually in hell in a cell.so brock is only oponnent who can break the streak not goldberg,hhh, hbk,cena.BRING BACK THE PAIN.

shivam 4 years ago

the dead man vs the red man


Arjun 4 years ago

Only goldberg can break the streak.

Daniel 4 years ago

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar would be a great Match for WrestleMania 28 seeing there was an altercation between the two at a UFC Event Brock Lesnar was walking by the undertaker looked at him and The Undertaker replied you wanna do it so that alone is grounds for Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 28!

Andrew 4 years ago

how about someone u never expected to face undertaker it should be the return of rey mysterio or the man Y2J chris jerico

KaneTheUnderTaker123 4 years ago

If IF! The streak is going to end it HAS! To be masked Kane it would make the most sense

Ankit 4 years ago

The dead man vs red man........

chinmay 4 years ago

trust me friends,,it does not matter who is going to face the undertaker,,,but it is sure that undertaker will win it

Spencer to the Coe 4 years ago

Undertaker vs Sting Icon vs Phenom Insane Icon against the Lord of Darkness that would be the best and have Hulk Hogan as the guest ref. Being both Undertaker and Sting have a long history with Hogan that would be the best match in the WWE Wrestle Mania history.

Manoj 4 years ago

Undertaker vs Goldberg would be the ultimate treat for all undertaker and wwe fans...

John 4 years ago

It's gunna be Chris Jericho

bret 4 years ago

i am big fan of undertaker ijust to watch gold berg vs undertaker what a match that will be. and 2nd i put sting vs undertaker

Allwyn London 4 years ago

I think the real best suit will be Taker and Rock ....

Undertaker 4 years ago

I am sure that the undertaker is going to return in a hell in a cell match with manager paul bear and is going to face triple h or Kane in Wrestlemania.

Undertaker 4 years ago

Or maybe will face shemus

mark 4 years ago

undertaker is the best he will win

deadman 4 years ago

This time is very dangers for all over the world .... keep in mind ........ soon or later you will meet the undertaker

DEADMAN 4 years ago

This is alarming situation for all wrestlers of the world.... now the deadman is very dangereous ......................the death is coming soon,,,mind it

Taker.vs.Rock 4 years ago

i think the WWE should have an angle were Cena gets injured and the Rock calls out Undertaker. what better then the rock vs undertaker at wrestlemania 28 in miami rock's home town would be perfect and the best match of the century as the Rock and Undertaker has never happened at Wrestlemania

Ksherm 4 years ago

Wouldn't the rock vs. undertaker be a huge match? Kane is gonna injure john cena rock gonna come out talking then dim the lights #undertaker

kale 4 years ago

what is it really goldberg was the most dominant wrestler of all time by far really far... He destroyed every single wrestler in his path including HHH,SHAWN MICHAELS,THE ROCK AND WOULD ALSO DESTROY JOHN CENA,AND THE UNDERTAKER... maybe the undertaker is just scared because i'm prtty damn sure he could persuade the wwe to bring bill goldberg back to end his streak instead of letting some other boring wrestler like HHH,BROCK LESNAR OR SOME other panzee undertaker fears goldberg as well as he should fear the spear deadman fear the spear....

kane vs undertaker 4 years ago

acesta va fi ultimul meci al fratilor.ultimi doi si cei mai buni din istorie asa cum a inceput totul la wrestlemania 14.dar sfarsitul ar putea fi pt taker deoarece la wrestlemania 14 kane a facut un chockslam si putea termina meciul dar la ridicat el pe taker de cap.intrati si vedeti meciul la partea a doua.

ruzaib 4 years ago

undertaker should face the big show

kenzo 4 years ago

he must face kane !!!!!!

Vampairo 4 years ago

undertaker face hhh for 3rd time at wm28.it two word for ya.'suck-it'

wesleyk. 4 years ago

undertaker vs big show , or the funkasoriuos brodus clay or kane and or y2j

EDawg 4 years ago

I would have like Sting had he signed with the WWE upon WCW being bought out.

vijay 4 years ago

Undertaker is wrestling god hi beat any wrestler in wreslmenia no 1 can beat the undertaker in wreslmenia


NOnoO 4 years ago




Poliopi 4 years ago


hzy 4 years ago

It would be awesome if Randy Orton face th Undertaker as he used to be the Legend Killer. Perfect ending for Undertaker streak. I'm sure it will be a spectacular and worth watching match.

jayo 4 years ago

it should be a triple threat match hhh vs kane vs taker.......taker has unfinshed bizness wit both,kane is back with his mask n who took it off triple h so that's kinda personal...a triple threat match with all 3 goin at it nothin would stop this match

jayo1 4 years ago

TAKER VS HHH VS MASKED KANE all 3 have unfinshed bizness....taker n kane due to kane burying taker,kane n hhh due to hhh forcing kane to take his mask off,taker n hhh due to WM 27 n the streak also hbk n many others,this match would be off the chain plus undertaker wouldn't have to damage his body as much n a 3 way would be really unpredictable

kajee007 4 years ago

i think undertaker vs rock vs cena

Noufal Khan the dead man 4 years ago

Under taker v/s Goldberg v/s Stonecold v/s HHH v/s Kane v/s Brock lesnar in a hell in a cell match will become legandary

hbkfan765 4 years ago

shawn micheals vs undertaker in a streak vs creaer match so that if hbk won he could come back plzzzzzzzz

shawn-hbk-micheals-lover 4 years ago

undertaker vs shawn micheals in a falls count anywhere match and if hbk won he can come back ;)

i hart hbk987 4 years ago

hbk vs the deadman because i love hbk and what him back plz :)

Nicos 4 years ago

undertaker vs sting at wm28

4 years ago

Don't think WWE creatives would risk getting washed up superstars like Brock Lesnar or a legend like Sting anyways even if they are approached by WWE still there are their individual contractual obligations to the companies for which each of them work.Also WWE wouldn't want a lawsuit slapped on their face by a rival company in the same business at this time.But they could be hinting towards Mick Foley since he has said himself that he's back for one final showdown.

ritchie 4 years ago


Jason 4 years ago

There should be an elimination chamber match? At wrestlemania Undertaker, stone cold, Shawn michaels, triple h, Goldberg, sting!!!

cjw 4 years ago

hbk vs taker in a i quit match if undertaker says i quit hbk can come back if hbk says i quit he can never return to wwe ever again p.s i want hbk back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzomg

jonny 4 years ago

Taker vs the Stinger...either sting or orton...only ones with credentials to take out the deadman.

nick syabula 4 years ago

i think that undertaker's opponent should be someone willing to give it all just for this match.look at shawn michaels for example, his first match with taker rocked us all, that match kept us on our toes,like seriously how many super kicks and last rides did we see those two man give each other,but neither of them was willing to give up just yet shawn michaels had almost won it by count out, and he knew it.hence wanting to risk it all by challenging taker to a carrer ending match at the following wretlemania.little did he know that undertaker was willing to put a show stopper to the show stopper himself.so i belive that undertaker must face someone who is mentaly ill for a match.the game doesn't cut it. brock lesner can make an awesome come back and am sure his return just like the peoples champ will bring long lost fans back to life this wretlemania has to be one that will remain in our mind and hearts for a vevr long time. by the end of the year people shouldn't be talking about the end of the world but they should talk about the return of two great fighters The Rock and Brock Lesner THAT IS A GUARANTEE.

Jiimm 4 years ago

I've been a WWF/WWE fan since 1984. I would like to see the Undertaker put over the young talent (of course that will NEVER happen...i mean NOBODY ever HIM over???)...jerk

With that being said..

Undertaker vs. Cody Rhodes

Undertaker vs. The Miz

Undertaker vs. Dolph Ziggler

Maybe the Undertaker vs. all three...

gonzalo 4 years ago

q I will return to face the undertaker sting in wresthemania 28 that would be something I'm great to see that fight ancioso

george de southamerica 4 years ago

please suggest that sting is in wresthemania 28 that the streak would end the undertaker dead man

Thirteen 4 years ago


deep 4 years ago

undertaker should destroy mask kane

ashley 4 years ago

i think kane and the undertaker should reunite as brothers of destruction and have dx shawn and triple h to compete in a tag team match for undertaker shawn and triple h last match and undertaker will be undefeated wouldn't tht be epic though?

Anonymous 4 years ago

Should be the man-beastss Brock Lesnar, he'd put up more than just a fight,

Anonymous 4 years ago

i think Undertaker vs Sting will be a great match

we want see that inside Hell in a Cell Match

Che Magi 4 years ago

Undertaker su*ks

Wrestle mania Streek vs Single Match Steek

19-0 vs 173 -0

Undertaker vs Bill Goldberg

Going Result On 19-0 and 174-0

The real animal bill goldberg is best

Prabhjeet S Sethi 4 years ago

It must be a triple threat match. Undertaker vs Goldberg vs either Shawn Micheals or Triple H or Brock Lesnar.

The result would furnish an Undertaker win for sure. Undertaker is at the pinnacle for his cardio is iron strong. Kudos to the man for being consistent and deadly in his profession.

john dalley 4 years ago

Whom ever it is after the match that of course he will win. He needs to step back like Stone Cold, go out on top. I believe after that they should make General Manager of Raw. That would be fun.

mdmoin 4 years ago

IF we want the match at wrestlemania would be great


That will be very very great for 2012 wrestlemania

not 4 years ago

the undertaker vs randy orton

Mohammad salman 4 years ago

The undertaker vs Batista

Marvin 4 years ago


Vince McMahon, make it real, now!

Please not versus Triple H again (it would be the 3rd time!)

zizo 4 years ago

goldberg vs undertaker

sincara vs rey mysterio

the rock vs john cena

stonn cold stive austin vs cm pung

brok lesnar vs batista

at werstlemania 2012

vivo6 4 years ago

goldberg vs undertaker

brok lesnar vs steve austin

rai700 4 years ago

goldberg vs undertaker at werstlemania 2012

mizo1000 4 years ago

I want mach undertaker vs goldberg

fadi 4 years ago

goldberg vs undertaker

youyou 4 years ago

undertaker vs goldberg

cris 4 years ago

rey mysterio vs sincara

undertaker vs goldberg

brok lesnar vs steve austin

kane vs zack rider

at werstlemania 2012

mimi 4 years ago

I want to see match undertaker vs goldberg

kark douglas 4 years ago

I would love the undertaker vs sting oh hell yeah come on dead man

chris 4 years ago

the one match Vince has never done I want to watch,

The Brother of Destruction vs DX

VALENTINE 4 years ago


s,k,nizamuddin 4 years ago

i want to see undertaker vs brock lesnar

hhh 4 years ago

we want steve austin vs undertaker

The Phenom Saif 4 years ago

I am the Biggest fan of The Undertaker.On WrestleMania 28,Undertaker's final opponent would be Triple H or Kane.I just want to say to The Undertaker that i am your Biggest fan ever born.I have seen all of your matches since 1991.Undertaker You are the best Wrestler ever in the history of WWE and WWF.I can never meet with you but i just want to say you that:"THE UNDERTAKER,I LOVE YOU".Very best of luck for the WrestleMania 28 for 20-0 streak on April 2,2012.Bye.

rico 4 years ago

goldberg vs undertaker

Varadha 4 years ago

Only The Man Steve Austin Stone Cold 3-16

Wrestle Mania Result will Is


Skip Tarver 4 years ago



Storm. 4 years ago

Undertaker needs to fight

1.Mick foley ( who remembers king of the ring?)

2.Stone cold steve austin.

3.HBK ( he retired to undertake so why not vise versa)

He wouldint fight Brock lesnar because of personal issues and would deffinatly not fight sting lol.

Steven Williams 4 years ago

I will not face him but,I say Undertaker Vs Chris Jericho how about that?

dilpreet 4 years ago

i am telling u the best and the longest match if it happens and the winner will also be unthinkable ,the match is the undertaker vs john cena i quit match at wrestle-mania... what u think guys

zubair khan 4 years ago

i think if goldberg face the undertaker that will be a historical match ever and the people of all over the world will like to see this match and also want.

sai teja 4 years ago

undertaker vs kane would be lengthy and a better compared to the matches above

cheese 4 years ago

if this is undertakers final wrestlemania he needs to face someone that he never faced before at mania but no wrestler from now like punk rhodes or del rio it needs to be a legend like sting goldberg or stone cold.

15daysin 4 years ago

Ultimate Match...Undertaker vs. Brock Lesner. 'nuff said! Make it happen McMahon

THE GAME 4 years ago

Undertaker vs hhh & hbk

JTG 4 years ago

Undertaker vs hhh :iron man

shaab 4 years ago

streak vs brock lesnar

Tony 4 years ago

He should go against Brock lesner like the big show with that boxer did!

jack 4 years ago

Triple h is gonna face undertaker at mania i was like no noo nooo noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! But maybe next week to make it posible that taker is gonna face someone else kevin nash attacks triple h and want a rematch. Than undertaker looking for another oponnent and than all those promos of undertaker sitting in the chair apear on the screen but than its sting goldberg or another legend sitting in the chair watching all takers wrestlemania matches and victory,s and challenge him at wrestlemania

hesbon 4 years ago

he should choice me,i know i can beat him.

Maleesha 4 years ago

I think undertaker wrestlmenia oppement will be brock lesner or sting.

kliq 4 years ago

Undertakers streak is done(19-1).the game over taker.behold the king king of kings

undertaker triple h 19-1 4 years ago

undertaker triple h 19-1

Vichu 4 years ago

Undr taker v/s c m punk

Raymond j 4 years ago

Triple h is the better man to get the job done. I belive in him.he will defeat the undertaker this time becourse he is the game the king of kings the 14 time world champion. So i dont see why triple h will not defeat the undetaker this time around. Goodluck to triple h from your gratest fans raymond j

brian 4 years ago

this is the third time hhh and undertaker are wretling each other at wrestlemania it would be four times at wm 29 fix your poll

thejasonrhoades 4 years ago

undertaker vs sheamus for the world heavyweight championship.

Ray 4 years ago

The best oponet for taker is randy Orton in 2005 randy destroy him

Goldberg is good too

Daniel 4 years ago

Undertaker vs Triple H 3 happened since Undertaker defeated Triple H at wrestlemania 17 in 2001. Never a bad match with Taker at wrestlemania.

KingJV 4 years ago

On the poll, it should actually be Undertaker vs Triple H 4 because tonight was Undertaker vs Triple H 3. Triple H first fought him at WM17, then last year, then tonight.

djripster profile image

djripster 4 years ago from Baltimore, MD

No way to another HHH vs. Taker match... 3 times is enough..

I think 20-0 is a good milestone and it should be left at that... Taker seamed to be in better shape than he was last year, but the match was more grounded with much fewer moves that made as gasp.. I was glad they added HBK into the mix as it gave us the added spice...

Heard Rock say he will be around for Wrestlemania 29 so I wouldn't be too surprised if he challenges Taker, but I wouldn't mind if Taker stepped back...

mattm 4 years ago

undertaker 20-0 at wrestlemania just like winning 20 super bowls who will face the phenom at wrestlemania 28 it could be brock lesnar or goldberg or sting

Harry O 4 years ago

John Cena

mick foley 4 years ago

mandkind will beat undertaker with help from paul bearer at wm xxiv 20-1 undertaker is not to be seen again!

iman bani mahd 4 years ago

undertaker forever

he is best and bestest in the world. undertaker i hope you are success in any chalenge in your life from my heart. i love you phenom

samuel 4 years ago

the undertaker is a wrestling god.i don"t think sting can outsmart the phenom.

samuel 4 years ago

the undertaker is a wrestling god.i don"t think sting can outsmart the phenom.

Raúl 4 years ago

Creo q the rock sería el indicado para no solo luchar con el fenomeno sino vencerlos y quitarle el invicto, piénsenlo, ya se ha enfrentado a stone cold, bret hart, hulk hogan, shawn michaels y triple h en wrestlemania y ha salido avante, solo falta por enfrentarse al campeón del pueblo.

ANTI-STREAKS 4 years ago

The STREAK needs to end...

I hope than Undertaker´s Wrestlemania 29 opponent be:

Triple H


John Cena

Vinny 4 years ago

Triple H should have beat Undertaker last night but next year John Cena should face Undertaker and end the streak!

JONNY 4 years ago

Here's my WM 29 dream (but realistic) matches

HBK VS Rock Could be really good if HBK and Rock are up to it this is the only I would like to see HBK in as he's faced everyone else but i don't see it happening

Austin VS Punk

Cena VS Taker (21-0)

This one is probably also unlikely as keeping the streak intact would mean giving cena two straight clean losses at WM three in total if you count Miz. I think this will happen at wm 30 as cena said in an interview on youtube taker would be his dream opponent at wm30

jh jASPUR 4 years ago


Umair 4 years ago

Goldberg vs undertaker will be the biggest match ever made by wwe officials.and i am 100% sure that GOLDBERG will win the match.he is the greatest wrestler in wrestling entertainment of aal kind.........True true LEGEND THE BILL GOLDBERG..........:)

Really 4 years ago

Sting is too freakin old now. Sting vs Taker in the 90s would have been cool, but by this time next yr, you got a 48 yr old Undertaker vs a Sting in his early 50s.

Eric 4 years ago


Louis 4 years ago

I think Brock,bobby lashley,big show,mike Tyson,edge,jeff hardy,cm punk,sting,Kane,lord tenai new Japanese guy(faty),Brodus clay?fake undertaker and future superstar skillet!!!!!!!!!

Ajay 4 years ago

How about the rock vs the undertaker

John cena vs brock lesnar dx vs Goldberg and someone else

Stone cold vs cm pink and some other matches

Hardyfan123 4 years ago

Brock returned on monday night raw and f5 cena haha hate cena so it is going to be Brock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell in a cell

Jagan Raj 4 years ago

Undertaker vs TripleHHH vs Goldbreg vs Brock Lesnar vsShawn Michaels vs The Sting in an Elimination Chamber Match at WrestleMania 29 in 2013.

rocky 4 years ago

No the Undertaker has crossed and achieved a level of domination and success over all WWE superstars past and present that now even the entire wrestling industry combined as one doesn't have anything that is worthy of the Undertaker approval.He is leagues ahead of the competition.Although it's up to him when he will retire but 20-0 which he holds now is the perfect time to retire for him,right at the very top where he's been standing for over 20 years now.I will part with these words for you all to ponder over.It is said that there are in the WWE wrestlers who some become stars then a select few become superstars in the true sense of the word and the accolade it carries,then there are those wrestlers above all of these who become legends and then above all of them is The Undertaker.There are stars,there are superstars,there are legends and then there is {The Phenom} The Undertaker.

Alex 4 years ago

imagine Undertaker vs Mr McMahon at Wrestlemania 29

Stunning shiv 4 years ago

The undertaker has achieved the heights but I think that the streak should be ended.triple h fought hard but the streak still remains. Now I think 3:16 should end the streak cause he has defeated hbk hhh rock and also undertaker in a first blood match so he has the upper hand to break the streak.go Austin give him a stunner

Me 4 years ago

Undertaker is ma favrite super star he wuld alwayz win at wrestlemania bt i tink his oponent in wm29 shuld b kurt angle cuz nobody knws if taker has endurance 4 submissions such as d ankle lock taker might tap out cuz he has hardly fought against submission stars during his streak

Cool dude 4 years ago

My dream matches:5 goldberg vs Brock lesnar 4 triple h vs the rock 3 randy Orton vs chris jericho 2 stone cold vs cm punk and finally 1 John cena vs undertaker."........it will be the best wrestlemania ever

jared andrews 4 years ago

undertaker needs to beat three people at wrestlemania to be the best ever,first Chris Jericho then the rock and finally Sting then he should retire.if he beats john cena and brock lesnar at separate manias along with chtris and dwayne but still end with sting it would be perfect

4 years ago

undertaker vs hulk hogan wrestlemania 29

maria santiago 4 years ago

i think john cena sould face undertaker ay wm29 or the rock there both great superstars but undertaker is a legand win or loose he is the best and will always stay the best

ANTI-STREAKS 4 years ago



4 years ago

AkBAl k l wo cet li 3 5 j

Masked Kane 4 years ago

Guys,relax! We all know that WWE is scripted,so we don't need to care about the actor The Undertaker's future status,Vince McMahon and writers will decide it.WWE is scripted.

Keith Wilson 4 years ago

The Rock or Stone Cold would be the best two...

Kareena Kapoor 4 years ago

?? ???? ??? ?? "??? ?? ?????" ?? ??:-)?

Kareena Kapoor 4 years ago

"Dil Mera Muft Ka to Wayne K.Wilkins".I would love to see The Undertaker vs John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

bruno david 4 years ago

eu acho que deveria undertaker vs doink na wm 29 porque eles são os melhores e nunca lutaram

Prasad 4 years ago

I think there should be a match of

The Rock v/s The Under-taker

in 2013 w-mania 29

If The Rock is not a coward he will fight with Fena.

saw 4 years ago

it will damn good if santino Marella vs Taker at wrestle mania 29.. can't wait to see that happen

saw 4 years ago

it will be a big mistake for sting to go to the WWE only to lose to the Undertaker at Wrestle Mania streak? if ever Sting comes to WwE to face taker at Wm it should have to end with nothing like mythical event they disappear in the dark and a merge superstar of sting and undertaker gimmick arrived out of the dark and begin a career in the wwe

idiot's gig 4 years ago

brock lesnar is the beast !!!

Andrew 4 years ago

Undertaker v.s Brock lesnar

M k irfan mangaloor bajpe 4 years ago

Kavoor kalamma winning 2012 undertekar lose wrestlemania

mukundi k-bag madilonga 4 years ago

i think undertaker should face john cena next year wresltemenia

Irfan m k antonikatte mangaloor 4 years ago

I think nex wrestlemenia underteker face goldberg

The Phenom Saif 4 years ago

Guys,The Undertaker has taken them all in past WrestleManias;

Jimmy Snuka (1991)

Jake Roberts (1992)

Giant Gonzales (1993)

King Kong Bundy (1994)

Diesel/Kevin Nash (1996)

Sycho Sid (1997) "WWF Championship"

Masked Kane (1998)

Big Boss Man (1999) "Hell in a Cell Match"

Triple H (2001)

Rick Flair (2002)

A-Train/Lord Tensai & Big Show (2003) "Tag Team Championship"

Unmasked Kane (2004)

Randy Ortan (2005)

Mark Henry (2006) "Casket Match"

Batista (2007) "World Heavyweight Championship"

Edge (2008) "World Heavyweight Championship"

Shawn Micaels (2009)

Shawn Micaels (2010)

Triple H (2011) "No Holds Barred Match"

Triple H (2012) "Hell in a Cell Match with special guest referee Hall of Famer Shawn Micaels"

So you can see the names of all the victims that The Undertaker has laid their rests in past WrestleManias,with the legendary 20-0 undefeated streak.Now The Phenom,The Deadman,The Demon from the Dead Valley,The Weaver of Nightmares, and the sure to be Hall of Famer "The Undertaker" should retire and mention his name in The Hall of Fame 2013.

Andrew Byrne 4 years ago

Undertaker should face Lord Tensai in a no holds barred match or face Sheamus and CM Punk in a tornado tag match in a Hell in a Cell match with Triple H guest referee

devinscott89 4 years ago

I think the best would be string.I think I could beat the undertaker. That would be a great match

The Phenom Saif 4 years ago

Guys,The Undertaker has taken them all at past WrestleManias;

Jimmy Snuka (1991)

Jake Roberts (1992)

Giant Gonzales (1993)

King Kong Bundy (1994)

Diesel/Kevin Nash (1996)

Sycho Sid (1997) "No Holds Barred Match for WWF Championship"

Masked Kane (1998)

Big Boss Man (1999) "Hell in a Cell Match"

Triple H (2001)

Rick Flair (2002)

A-Train/Lord Tensai & Big Show (2003) "Handicap Match"

Unmasked Kane (2004)

Randy Ortan (2005)

Mark Henry (2006) "Casket Match"

Batista (2007) "World Heavyweight Championship"

Edge (2008) "World Heavyweight Championship"

Shawn Micaels (2009)

Shawn Micaels (2010) "Streak vs. Career Match"

Triple H (2011) "No Holds Barred Match"

Triple H (2012) "Hell in a Cell Match with special guest referee Hall of Famer Shawn Micaels/End of an Era Match"

So now you can see the names of all the victims that The Undertaker has laid their rests at past WrestleManias,with the legendary 20-0 undefeated streak.Now The Phenom,The Deadman,The Demon from the Deadvalley,The Weaver of Nightmares,and the sure to be Hall of Famer "The Undertaker" should retire and mention his name in the Hall of Fame 2013.

Umar 4 years ago

John Cena vs Undertaker

Roshan Rana 4 years ago

undertaker should face either goldbeerg or brock lesner in next years wrestlemania 29 in a punjabi prison match.....

Dead 4 years ago

It should be Rock vs Undertaker in burried alive.

Zack Ryder (WWE SUPERSTAR) 4 years ago

For Mr.Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) 20-0 undefeated winning streak at WrestleMania;


susovbloggs 4 years ago


The Phenom Saif 4 years ago


Find the Dark 4 years ago

Undertaker in a handicap match against HHH & HBK in hell in a cell match then only will be great match.

susovbloggs 4 years ago


susovbloggs 4 years ago


B-Dawg 4 years ago

I think Undertaker should fight for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania 29 he has not won that title since 02 when he beat Hogan at Judgment Day. I think Wrestlemania 29 should be Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker for the wwe title and let that be the Main Event Lesnar can come in as champion and it will be title vs streak match No holds barred Undertaker should win the title and go 21-0 at WM. peace.

susovbloggs 4 years ago


The Phenom Saif 4 years ago

The Phenom,The Deadman,The Demon from the Deadvalley,The Weaver of Nightmares,& the sure to be Hall of Famer "The Undertaker" should announce his official retirement in the special 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw on July 23,2012.This would be historical & great because The Undertaker also appeared on the first episode of Monday Night Raw in 1993.

rkotahell 4 years ago

Triple h vs undertaker 4, not 3, would be stupid. He already lost at x7 xxvii and xxviii. For xxix he should wear his first ring attire he wore when he debuted and take on someone other than kane,triple h, or shawn. Probably brock lesnar since he's back. Then brock can leave wwe for good after his one year contract is up.

casella 4 years ago

wwe rulez the network for years and to make it more good to see undertaker to fight john cena at wm of 2013 and to talk more details come find me on yahoo and lets hook up there and what do yall say? LOL HA HA HA HA HA HA.

harshad 4 years ago

i think undertaker shoul face goldberg.streak vs streak.in hell in a cell match.

mason rookstool 4 years ago

the match should be HULK HOGAN VS UNDERTAKER


John cena 4 years ago

"I want to face The Undertaker in Lumberjack match" John cena. Though I Know it difficult to win against him.

DustinR 4 years ago

Undertaker vs Sheamus for the world heavyweight championship

Vince McMahon (CHAIRMAN WWE) 4 years ago

I have never seen so many comments like this hub ever,this is a proof that how much people love "The Undertaker". :-)

Vince McMahon (CHAIRMAN WWE) 4 years ago

I have never seen so many comments like this hub ever,this is a proof that how much people love "The Undertaker". :-)

Hamza 4 years ago

It Is Guaranted That The Undertaker Will Face John Cena Or Brock Lesner For Wrestle Mania 29 And Still The Winner Will Be The Underrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtaker

thunderstrikerr 4 years ago

Undertaker vs Sheamus, the great white will overcome the streak and make it 20-1

WWE Fan 4 years ago

I want Undertaker to face John Cena at WrestleMania29

Liam Ryan 4 years ago

3 months ago the world witnessed "THE END... OF AN ERA......." I think undertaker will challenge hbk and HHH to a triple threat or handicap match because undertaker is upset with hbk for nearly costing him his now 20-0 streak but triple h will keep on upsetting taker to the point where he would accept this challenge. Or kane will challenge undertaker one more time, and taker will say "if I lose, my brother will be THE ONE To end it. So one of these three men will end it!

Liamryanburtmania 4 years ago

My top ten superstar opinions:

Ten: wade barrett

Nine: Christian

Eight: batista

Seven: edge

Six: HBK

Five: triple H

Four: goldberg

Three: Lesnar

Two: triple H and HBK

One: kane

52 4 years ago

je veux que undertaker wretlemania29 contre cena

martinnetsims 4 years ago

hi there gaza i shouldn't give it out but i think this is there web address

and some info ,give them a call ,tell them mart said you would sort him out

Badran 4 years ago

Goldberg vs Undertaker wm 29

PAUL 4 years ago

Look everybody!!!!! taker vs goldberg!! it's never happened!! it would be awesome!!!!!!! goldberg had a great streak at wcw!, and takers streak at wrestlemania!/ call it " STREAK VS STREAK" ... COME ON VINCE MAKE IT HAPPEN. just image taker kicking out of the spear & jack - hammer !! like 2 times over!!! and the look on goldberg's face!! .. priceless. TAKER VS GOLDBERG A MATCH WORTH WAITING FOR!!.

Jesse Rodriguez 4 years ago

I would love to see undertaker vs goldberg that would make a shit load of money for the wwe everyone wants to see that match me and my family want to see that match me i like bot h of them but undertaker is my favorite out of the 2 i would go for the undertaker this match has to happen can you just image the chants? undertaker undertaker goldberg goldberg i would love to hear that this match has to happen

João Canais 4 years ago

Sheamus is my dream... I think sheaumus is this moment the best wrestle in WWE and is the perfect final for the streak... That´s my bet...

hellman 4 years ago

no body can beat him he s the best and my favourite

Ahmad Hassan 4 years ago

I think John Cena will defeat undertaker

SAN 4 years ago



Alex 4 years ago

Undertaker vs. The Rock

ashishjoshi 4 years ago

Undertaker vs cena.....it will be better than everything ....ashishjoshi

aaron 4 years ago

undertaker vs. ryback

jake white 4 years ago

i think the match is:

undertaker vs brock lesnar vs jhon cena( c ) = undertaker win wwe champion

kt 4 years ago

bob sapp

nd 4 years ago

it will be randy orton the rivaries these two have had have been great and with orton entering the royal rumble as well as sheamus its a chance for the wwe to bring back the best heel we all grown to know and love. randy orton. and he will literally be the legend killer

Many 3 years ago

I think the undertaker should fight Brock lesnar. It will be an awesome fight and I think many people would want to see this fight

Brian 3 years ago

Some of u ppl amaze me how dumb u really sound. Why would Taker face brock when the rematch of him and triple h is suppose to happen at mania. Then its going to be rock vs cena 2 for the title and cena will win cuz rock will be leaving again afterwards. Its not going to be shawn cuz Taker retired him. Oh and by the way brock signed a new contract in which he will be off and on up until wrestlemania 31. And really its Takers choice on who or if he even wants to wrestle at mania. But I have it down to 2 ppl but leaning toward one of them the most. I have it down to sheamus and punk but more punk then anything. The Best in the World vs The Streak.

samlewis59@ymail.com 3 years ago

the undertaker vs brock lesnar

livhappy profile image

livhappy 3 years ago

I think CM Punk vs Undertaker is going to happen next week on raw to start their feud at Wrestlemania You should read my new article http://hubpages.com/sports/WWE-Wrestlemania-How-I-...

Nim dorjee 3 years ago

truly it under vs goldberg otherwise no one.

mosaicman profile image

mosaicman 2 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

What were your thoughts about Wrestlemania 30? Did you really think the streak was going to end? I sure didn't

Check out my thoughts http://hubpages.com/sports/Wrestlemania-30-Knee-Je...

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