Prince Naz

A true british legend

Prince Naseem wanted to fight all the best fighters out there and he beat alot of top fighters, but came unstuck against a very game barrera. This was because prince naseem wasnt throwing his combinations at this stage in his career, but i dont like this excuse that had the prince trained properly it would have been a dfferent story.

dont get me wrong I am not saying that the prince was 100% at his best and it was evident he wasnt training properly not the fault of barrera.

Against every other featherweight the prince would have dispatched of them. I think the prince woul have ko'd morales easily, barrera fought the perfect fight againt the prince but morales wouldnt have been able to box or hold of the prince for that long

at the end of the day americans know when they see someone special and in prince naseem they see someone special

so enough of the slating and hating and lets appreciate that we have one of the best fighetrs out there

The americans rate theprince very highly, much higher than any other british fighter barring lennox lewis, why is this?

are the British underating the prince?

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optimus grimlock profile image

optimus grimlock 6 years ago

he was great his cockyness got the best of him. Marrera killed him in that fight, he noticed the flaws in the princes style. I rate lewis low because he ducked wlad kiltcho for years.

phoenixgbr profile image

phoenixgbr 6 years ago Author

Definately at little too cocky for his own good. On the other hand Lewis is surely an all time great - the last man to unify the division

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