RICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL CSYC 8-21-06 deedsphotos

Beautiful Lake St. Clair evening. Wind SW 8-12. Smooth water. We finished the 5 mile race in just over an hour.


1. Lady Luck

2. Gypsy

3. Super Chief


1. Ruby My Dear

2. Lorax

3. Piper


1. Shellback

2. Off Like a Prom Dress

3. Prime Time




Growl Tiger


1. Summer Stock

2. Forty-two

3. Mystic 3.5


1. Seawise

2. Windward

3. Elf

Express 27 Piper 3rd JAM B (This beautiful boat is for sale. Call Scott Sorbie 586-416-2851.)

C&C 35 Shamrock

International Etchells, Volition and E27 Piper

Cal 25 Stray Dog

Star Off Like a Prom Dress 2nd JAM C

J 105 Pinnacle

Island Packet 27 Traveler

C&C 39 Avalon

Jade 2nd JAM D

S2 9.1 Gypsy 2nd JAM A

Pre-start maneuvers, JAM A

T10 Lady Luck wins the start Lady Luck 1st JAM A

International Etchells Volition

Express 27 Ruby My Dear 1st JAM B

E27 Mika

E27 Piper 3rd JAM B

Express 27 Das Boot

Express 27 Ruby My Dear approaching second mark

Ruby My Dear 1st Jam B

Star Boat at finish

Radio Flyer

S2 7.9 Prime Time 3rd JAM C

Pilot 35 Albacore 1st JAM D

Erickson 39 Avalon

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