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Christiano Ronaldo’s Beautiful Goal

Christiano Ronaldo’s Beautiful Goal

Christiano Ronaldo’s Beautiful Goal
Christiano Ronaldo’s Beautiful Goal | Source

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Read Madrid Vs Barcelona

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Read Madrid Vs Barcelona

Khedria Gave A Lead To Real Madrid

Barcelona Was The Favourite To Win

When the La Liga Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona was about to start, I knew the result already. Yes, Barcelona will triumph, I thought in my mind. The reason was the presence of the superstar Lionel Messi in Barcelona and also the fact that they were playing in their home turf. So much I was thinking about Messi that I forgot totally the presence of Christiano Ronaldo, another superstar in the Real Madrid side. That made the difference finally in the outcome of the match. Real Madrid won the match handsomely. The goal that Ronaldo scored was a beauty.

Khedria Gave A Lead To Real Madrid

Real Madrid made a good beginning when Sami Khedria scored the first goal of the match, beating Victor Valdes. Christiano Ronaldo watched it from nearby. Barcelona fought hard to equalise but Real Madrid retained the lead at the half time. After the half time, the persistent attacks of Barcelona bore fruit when Alexis Sanchez scored the equaliser. Then, Christiano Ronaldo decided the winner in his own way through an intelligent shot aimed at an angle of thirty degrees from the right side of the goal.

Real Madrid Has The Chance To Win The Title

Now, after this 2-1 victory over Barcelona, Real Madrid has a real chance to aim at the Spanish League title in four years. Now Real Madrid has a lead of seven points over its arch rival Barcelona with four games still to go. In eight La Liga Clasicos, this was Real Madrid’s first victory. It has boosted the morale of Real Madrid to face the challenge of Bayern Munich on Wednesday in the Champions League second leg semi-final. Barcelona on the other hand will go to the second leg semi-final against Chelsea on Tuesday with reduced confidence.

New Record

Real Madrid also set a new record of scoring 109 goals in a league season. When Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes dropped the ball at a corner, the German midfielder Sami Khedira bundled the ball over the line for a lead to his side in the 17th minute of the match. Once the lead was taken, Real Madrid concentrated on defending its lead till the half time. Barcelona never looked like penetrating the hard defence of its opponent.

Christiano Ronaldo’s Beautiful Goal

With 20 minutes left and in a highly surcharged atmosphere, substitute player Alexis Sanchez equalised. The home fans roared in applause but they were silenced just three minutes later when Christiano Ronaldo took a superb pass from Mesut Ozil on the right, took the ball wide and smashed it into the nets to present a lead to his side again. Ronaldo’s La Liga goal tally this season is 42. He is a goal ahead of Messi. Since Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola took charge in 2008, the side has won six Clasicos and drawn one. This was the first victory for Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid in four attempts.

Pep Guardiola Is An Unfit Coach

Real Madrid ended Barcelona’s 11 match winning streak in La Liga. In 35 league matches played at Nou Camp, this was Barcelona’s first defeat. This was the first defeat of Barcelona in 55 home games in all competitions. Whenever Barcelona loses the match, its coach Pep Guardiola takes an extreme stand and gives up hopes. When Barcelona lost to Chelsea in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final in Stanford Bridge last week, Pep Guardiola stated that Chelsea was the favourite to go to the final. Now with this defeat, Pep Guardiola has stated that Real Madrid was the favourite to win the league title. This is not the hallmark of a good coach. A good coach should be neither under-confident nor overconfident. A good coach should not give too many words and should not indulge in loose talk. Pep Guardiola should learn right lessons from the Spanish coach Vincent Del Bosque who was known for his measured words both with the players and with the press.

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charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

I don't think that Pep is a poor coach ramkineena. He is playing a psychological game with the players and supports. With this defeat Real will win La Liga - not a doubt. In the Champions League Chelsea have the advantage but we will see that Barcelona will be a hard team to prevent scores going in. It's going to be an absolute winner, but Barcelona remain favourite for me to go through. Cheers Michael

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear charmike4,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I am also a fan of Barca and Messi and Iniesta but I think coaches should not discourage their teams. With Real Madrid, it is okay as they are likely to win the championships anyway. But Chelsea has not become the crowned kings of the competition yet and at this stage giving up hope will not be correct. Had Pep been a coach of a reputed World Cup football team, the media would have pounced on him. Club football does not attract that much attention, maybe. I am writing this comment just half an hour before the commencement of the second leg semi final between Barca and Chelsea

Best wishes to you,

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