Read Madrid Vs Bayern Munich

Ribery's goal helped Bayern

Ribery's goal helped  Bayern
Ribery's goal helped Bayern | Source

Real Madrid Still Has Chances

Bayern Munich Deserves the Win

Bayern Munich deserved to win the fiercely fought semi-final match against Read Madrid. During the first fifteen minutes of the highly charged match, Read Madrid dominated and looked like the winners. But things started changing. In the seventeenth minute, it was Bayern who scored through Franck Ribery. They maintained the lead till the half time.

Real Madrid Still Has Chances

But Real Madrid fought hard and salvaged an equalizer in the 53rd minute through Mesut Ozil. It looked as though the match would be tied at 1-1 when Mario Gomez struck in the final seconds of the match and made it a win for the Bayern. Now Bayern will be meeting Chelsea or Barcelona in the final at the Allianz Arena home if the second leg also goes its way. The next leg of the semi-final will be played at Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium next Wednesday. Unless Read Madrid makes the most of the chances in the home turf next week, Bayern can look forward for a final in the Champions League next month against either Chelsea or Barcelona.

Ikor Casilas, the Culprit

Naturally, Read Madrid coach Mourinho is disappointed but he has not shown it openly at least. He appears to repose confidence in the team he trained hard for the second leg semi-final which is crucial from its viewpoint. He was also the former boss of Chelsea and if Read Madrid happens to meet Chelsea, the coach will be of great help in unravelling the inner strategies of his former team. Yesterday’s match was the first defeat for Read Madrid in this Champion’s League. It was really a pity that Real Madrid conceded a goal in the last minute. It looks more surprising that the person who conceded the goal was none other than the celebrity goalkeeper Ikor Casilas who defended very well in all the Spain’s matches in the 2010 World Cup and earned the title for his nation.

Intelligent Pass by Ronaldo

Intelligent Pass by Ronaldo
Intelligent Pass by Ronaldo | Source

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Read Madrid Vs Bayern Munich

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Read Madrid Vs Bayern Munich

Read Madrid Vs Bayern Munich

Mourinho Made a Mistake

After the match, criticism was heaped on the coach Jose Mourinho and the left back Fabio Coentrao. It seems that Mourinho was content with a draw and adopted defensive tactics in the match after the equaliser shortly after the half time. He replaced the attacking Ozil and Angel Di Maria with fullback Marcelo and Esteban Granero who is a defensive midfielder. Had the coach continued the attacking combination, Bayern could have succumbed under pressure. Kaka was never called into the field. Kaka was supposed to be the natural replacement for Ozil if ever the need arises.

Coentrao Can Play Cricket

Coentrao could not cope with the aggressive Bayern forwards Arjen Robben and Ribery. He let Philip Lahm to bypass him and cross for Mario Gomez to do the need in the final minute of the match. Coentrao was paid $39.4 million. This huge amount paid by Read Madrid to Benefica was questioned by knowledgeable people at that time itself. This substandard performance by Coentrao was ridiculed in the social websites like Facebook and Twitter. It seems Coentrao is fit only for playing cricket and stand in the third man boundary to pick up balls leisurely and throw back to the wicket keeper. Coentrao was recently spotted smoking in public. He also conceded the free kick to CSKA Moscow that produced late equaliser in their last sixteen first leg two months back.

Home Crowd Support for Bayern

Throughout the match, Bayern enjoyed the home crowd support in Munich. Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes should not be complacent and rest on his laurels. The team should maintain the attacking game in Madrid also. Attack is the best form of defence in soccer. There was a blunder on the part of the English referee Howard Webb. Ribery’s goal should not have been allowed as Bayern’s Brazilian midfielder Gustavo was standing on the offside.

Intelligent Pass by Ronaldo

The goal that Ozil scored was an intelligent work of Christiano Ronaldo, the Read Madrid’s main player. Ronaldo cleverly pushed the ball to Ozil to do the rest. Ribery’s running was like a cheetah. He balanced himself with terrific speed and even though two Read Madrid defenders tried to mark him, they could seldom succeed. Mario Gomez tried to penetrate several times but each time missed the opportunity closely until he tasted success in the last minute of the match. Mario Gomez is famous not for running like Ribery or creating opportunities for goals. He is known for his talent to anticipate passes and stand at the right place at the right time and push such passes into the net effortlessly. This he did at the end of the match much to the cheers of the home crowd.

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DMaShadow profile image

DMaShadow 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wow clearly you don't watch Fabio during the season. Not one ball went past him when they faced Barca this past weekend.

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