Reasons to Choose Golf Sport

Different people have different intention of playing golf. There are very few people who play to become a professional golfer. Others just play it for various other reasons.

I have mentioned four common good reasons why people choose to play this game.

Best Exercise

It is not surprising that many people play sports just to remain fit and golf is no exception. It is one of the best exercises when it comes to sports because all parts of your body get the therapy. Walking is the best exercise suggested by many health experts and in a golf course which is spread across many yards you have to walk from one hole to another. Although you can use golf carts for that purpose but if your intention is walking then why would you get into a golf cart. If you are not a straight hitter then be prepared to run the extra mile. Swinging few balls around the courses will give a complete workout to your upper body and remove the stiffness. The overall game will keep your heart pumping at a good rate.

The Challenges

Many people have a question in mind about why would anyone chase the golf ball around the golf course. Well the feeling when you hit the shot from fairway and watch it go the distance is truly amazing. You would want to keep doing that again and again. The challenge to become successful and beat your competitors is good enough to keep you going. Sometime you are a challenge to yourself and want to outdo your last best. The frustration of not performing well and then again overcoming the drawbacks to perform better makes you play this game over and over again. You will come across many physical as well as mental challenges in this game of game. People who are fond of challenge would definitely love this game and stick to it for a long time as it is addictive.

Breathtaking Scenery

If the above reasons were not enough convincing for you to take this game then this one will definitely convince you to get into it. Believe me or not the scenery at the golf course is completely outstanding. The long green fairways surrounded by the trees of various types and colors is simply beautiful.

While playing a casual round you can have a look around at the beautiful plants and mounds which will give you a wonderful experience and you would want to visit various courses for the sole reason of watching the beauty of that course.


Another great reason is the relaxation you get while playing this game. When one walks in a golf course in morning, the chirping of birds and sound of trees due to the movement from light wind makes one feel so relaxed. The cool breeze coming from a nearby water body just adds to the awesomeness. The best time of relaxation is just before the sun is about to set. You will hardly find such natural beauty in cities. Hope I have given you good enough reasons to choose golf as your hobby and start enjoying this skilled game without getting frustrated.

I have mentioned some basic reasons in details. To find more reasons for golfing do watch the below clips which shows 10 exceptional reasons which might pull you towards the game of golf.

Few More Reasons

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jackcoburn profile image

jackcoburn 4 years ago from Brisbane, Australia

Golf is absolutely the funnest sport ever! So relaxing yet so frustrating too! I enjoy the different types of challenges it presents from driving straight, to chipping, to bunker play, putting; you name it! So many different challenges!

anil_s profile image

anil_s 4 years ago from USA Author

Thanks for the feedback!!

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