Redbull Salzburg

A markerStadionstrasse 1/3, 5071, Salzburg, Austria -
Stadionstraße, 5071 Siezenheim, Austria
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Basic Information

Official Name: SV Redbull Salzburg

President: Rudi Theierl

Club Secretary: Rudolf Mirtl

Press Officer: Thomas Blazek

Coach: Giovanni Trapattoni

Address: Stadionstrasse 1/3, 5071, Salzburg, Austria

Telephone: (+43) 662 433 332

Fax: +43 662 433 332 44 81


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Austrian Championship winner: 1994, 1995, 1997

Austrian Super Cup winner: 1995

Hallenmasters winner: 1999

Indoor tournament winner in Dornbirn: 2001


1933: Foundation of SV Austria Salzburg

1952: New manager: Ernst Bacher, New manager: Ernst Schönfeld

1953: New manager: Max Breitenfelder, Promotion to State League A (highest division in Austria)

1954: New manager: Karl Sesta

1955: New manager: Josef Graf

1956: New manager: Gyula Szomoray

1957: New manager: Günther Parschak

1958: New manager: Franz Feldinger

1959: New manager: Karl Humenberger

1960: New manager: Erich Probst, New manager: Karl Vettel

1962: New manager: Ignác Molnár

1965: New manager: Günther Praschak

1969: New manager: Karl Schlechta, Construction of Lehener Stadion begins

1971: Construction of Lehener Stadion finished. New manager: Erich Hof, Austrian runner-up, Mitropa Cup Finalist, first UEFA Cup participation

1972: New manager: Michael Pfeiffer, New manager: Josip %u0160iki%u0107

1973: New manager: Günther Praschak

1974: Austrian Cup finalist

1975: New manager: Alfred Günthner

1976: New manager: Hans Reich, UEFA Cup participant

1977: New manager: Günther Praschak, New manager: Alfred Günthner, South American Tour

1978: Renamed for SV Casino Salzburg

1980: New manager: Rudi Strittich, New manager: August Starek, Austrian Cup Finalist, knocked out in European Cup Winners' Cup

1981: New manager: Jozef Obert, Austrian Cup finalist

1984: New club president: Rudolf Quehenberger, New manager: Hannes Winkelbauer

1988: New manager: Kurt Wiebach

1989: Promoted to First Division

1991: New manager: Otto Bari%u0107

1992: Austrian Championship runner-up, UEFA Cup participant

1993: Austrian Championship runner-up, UEFA Cup participant

1994: Austrian Championship winner, UEFA Cup participant, Champions League participant

1995: New manager: Hermann Stessl, Austrian Championship winner, Austrian Super Cup winner, Champions League participant

1996: New manager: Heribert Weber

1997: Austrian Championship winner, renamed for SV Wüstenrot Salzburg

1998: New manager: Hans Krankl

1999: Hallenmasters winner

2000: New manager: Miroslav Polak, New manager: Hans Backe, ÖFB (Austrian Football Association) cup finalist

2001: Indoor tournament winner in Dornbirn, new head coach: Lars Söndergaard, Rudi Quehenberger and Heinz Kluppenegger assume 90% holding in Salzburg Sport AG (Quehenberger 60%, Kluppenegger 30%), previous majority shareholder, Egon Putzi, retains 10%

2002: New sporting director: Otto Baric on January 14

2003: UEFA Cup, Champions League, new home ground: Wals-Siezenheim Stadium (today the Bulls' Arena)

2004/2005: Constant change in coach (Walter Hörmann, Peter Assion, Nikola Jur%u010Devi%u0107, Manfred Linzmaier, Kurt Jara) due to unsatisfactory season performance

2006: New manager: Giovanni Trappatoni

2008: New manager: Co Adriaanse

2009: New manager: Huub Stevens


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