Review of Hayabusa Kanpeki 16oz Sparring Gloves - Elite Range -

Here are my thoughts on these beautiful gloves after training regularly with them for about 6 months. These gloves are very good!

First Impressions - When pulling the pair out of its packaging, everything feels very crisp and well made. The grain and finish of the leather look even better than in the studio images which is a rarity. Attached are some big, heavy cardboard tags which talk about the Japanese warrior code and the effort which went into the making of your gloves - quite nice.

Construction - 5/5 - Outstanding. An easy 5 stars. The first thing that will be noticed is simply how nice the leather finish is. It makes you feel like an old Samurai warrior when you put them on and after pad work I sometimes take them off and stare at them for a while :) Otherwise, no loose threads, no splits, no warping after 6 months of hitting pads. I would say, however, that you should try not to get them very wet. I started off doing knuckle push-ups in the garden with them which has ruined the finish slightly - but this is an easily avoided scenario :)

The Hayabusa logos are not screen prints but rather the leather itself is shaped to create it. Everything reeks of high production values. The same goes for the Chinese symbol on each glove which my father told me means 'accuracy'.

Fit - 4.5/5 - Very, very good. Even before they have been broken in, you will notice great wrist support thanks to the dual strap system. Some think this is just a gimmick and indeed they aren't necessary, but these are gloves which go above and beyond the call of duty. They leave your wrists feeling very snug and secure - more so than any other gloves I've ever worn.

In the fists area, there is a bit of free space. Again, very snug and comfortable - once you put them on you'll see what I mean. You can wear them without wraps and have a fine session but I'd recommend a pair anyway to really minimize chances of injury.

Pad Work - 4.5/5 - Very few problems - The gloves absorb most of the shock from hitting Thai pads. They never - never- have to be adjusted unless you put them on wrongly in the first place.

To summarise...


  • Production values and overall construction
  • Very good looking
  • Versatility

It's difficult to put the pros of these gloves into points when they get almost everything right!


  • Price

They retail for RRP £119.99 here in the UK and around $200 across the pond. It's pretty steep, but really, it's probably better to invest in the best pair of gloves you can afford and use them for years than to buy a pair of £9.99 everlasts and have them fall apart in your 2nd pads session.


Price aside, an easy 5/5. Since they're so expensive:



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DougBerry profile image

DougBerry 4 years ago from Abilene, TX

You should add a pic.

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chi-chi-lee 4 years ago Author

I added three :)

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