Ring Ka King - TNA Wrestling in India

Ring Ka King - TNA Impact Wrestling in India

The WWE has the world "World" right in it's name.
World Wrestling Entertainment.
Well to be fair they actually do have the word "Wrestling" in their name too, but they ignore that and call themselves "Entertainment".
But the WWE may soon have a challenger in the "World" division.....TNA.
Yes TNA (who also has the word "wrestling" in their name Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) is looking to challenge the WWE on the world stage....and they are starting in India.

Starting January 14th, 2012, TNA will begin showing "Ring Ka King", which means King of the Ring (I can't believe the WWE isn't suing over that) on Colors, a Hindi language Indian entertainment channel based in Mumbai.

Well unfortunately the Ring Ka King promotion ended.
It would have been great to see TNA in other countries with different promotions, but alas it was not to be.
But I am leaving this up as a "what might have been".

Ring Ka King-TNA Wrestling in India
Ring Ka King-TNA Wrestling in India

Of course India is no stranger to "real" wrestling, with accounts of wrestling between wrestlers Bhima and Jarasandha in the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata (dating back to between the 8th and 9th centuries BCE) and even several of their own wrestling styles, Malla-yuddha being the oldest.
And this isn't India's first brush with pro wrestling.
Bollywood actress Isha Koppikar hosted a wrestling TV show called "100 Percent De Dhana Dhan" a while back which was also on the Colors network.
And there have been famous Indian wrestlers here in the United States and Canada like Tiger Jeet Singh, The Great Khali and Gama Singh.

The Ring Ka King set
The Ring Ka King set

TNA appears to be pulling out all the stops with this promotion.
They have sent pro wrestlers Matt Morgan, Mickie James, Magnus, Harry Smith, Luke Gallows, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Scott Steiner and Shawn Daivari to be in the tapings and are having Savio Vega, Sonjay Dutt and Nick Dinsmore train some of the Indian talent there.
Should "Ring Ka King" catch on, it looks like TNA is grooming Indian stars to stay there and run their own show, kinda like TNA: India.
Adding to that idea is the rumor that the Indian talent has been signed to multi-year contracts.

Ring Ka King - TNA Impact Wrestling in India
Ring Ka King - TNA Impact Wrestling in India

From all reports, it looks like Indian fans are loving the tapings so far.
And the TNA stars appear to be having a ball there, cutting loose with fans that many of whom are new to the sport...err...entertainment form.
According to Lordsofpain.net at the first taping, the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune held about 1500 people.
It was filled and they turned away about 1000 more...and this was with basically no promotion.

Of course there is a learning curve.
PWTorch.com reported that at one of the tapings, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner almost started a riot when he started "antagonizing" fans near the guardrail.
With the tough Indian censorship process, how will fans react to women wrestling in India?
Since Mickie James went, I am thinking maybe that would be an option, though two women in spandex (or in Mickie's case cut off jean shorts) wrapped around each other in the middle of a wrestling ring might get the place burned to the ground.
When the 1996 film "Fire" opened in India, some movie theaters were attacked by Hindu fundamentalists.
So no "Long Kiss Goodnight" Mickie.

Jeff Jarrett-Ring Ka King-TNA Impact Wrestling in India
Jeff Jarrett-Ring Ka King-TNA Impact Wrestling in India

Ring Ka King Roster

Abyss - Chris Parks
Aghori Saaya - Manjit Singh
American Adonis - Chris Mordetzky
Barood - Sandeep
Bulldog Hart - Harry Smith
Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Salvador Guerrero
Deadly Danda - Saurabh Gujjar
Dr. Nicholas Dinsmore - Nicholas Dinsmore
Gurv Sihra (Ring Ka King Tag Team Champion)
Harv Sihra (Ring Ka King Tag Team Champion)
Isaiah Cash - Drew Hankinson
Jeff Jarrett - Jeffrey Jarrett (Founder and "The Boss of RDX")
Jimmy Rave - James Guffey
Joey Hollywood - Joseph Meehan
Jwala - Tajinder
Mahabali Veera - Amanpreet Singh (Ring Ka King Heavyweight Champion)
Matt Morgan - Matthew Morgan
Maxx B - Max Basnet
Mumbai Cats - Unknown
Pagal Parinda - Vikash Kumar
Pathani Patthe 1 - Ashab Ahmad Malik Hashim
Pathani Patthe 2 - Unknown
Roscoe Jackson - William Mueller
Romeo Rapta - Dinesh Kumar Rapta
Scott Steiner - Scott Rechsteiner
Sheik Abdul Bashir - Dara Daivari
Sheik Mustafa Bashir - Arya Daivari
Shera - Harjeet Singh (American Adonis' translator / Wrestler)
Sir Brutus Magnus - Nicholas Aldis
Sonjay Dutt - Retesh Bhalla
Tony Broadway - James Maritato
TNT - Juan Rivera
Yamamotoyama - Yamamotoyama Ryƫta
Zema Ion - Michael Paris
Zoravar - Sarvesh Kumar

Alissa Flash/Raisha Saeed - Melissa Anderson
Angelina Love - Lauren Williams
Mickie James - Mickie James

The "Blueprint" Matt Morgan
The "Blueprint" Matt Morgan

The Sun reported on December 21st that seven foot tall, 328 pound "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan defeated Scott Steiner in the final of an eight-man tournament to win the first Ring Ka King Heavyweight Championship.
However I have heard that at the next taping, Sir Brutus Magnus defeated Morgan to become the new champion.
At the same taping, Chavo Guerrero and David Hart Smith became the first Ring Ka King Tag Team Champions.

But wait...that's not all!
There are rumors that if the Ring Ka King project goes well in India, it may not be the last.
There is talk of other such projects in Japan and possibly...China.

Harbhajan to endorse Ring Ka King
Harbhajan to endorse Ring Ka King

Harbhajan to endorse Ring Ka King

The Times of India has an article about Ring Ka King, mentioning the fact that cricketer Harbhajan Singh will be the show's goodwill ambassador.
Harbhajan to endorse Ring Ka King

Update - Ra Ka King in the US and the Announcer

Several people have asked and from what I understand, you will not be able to get Ra Ka King here in the States unless you have the Colors Network as part of the Asian package on Dish Network.
However if you are in the UK, you can watch it on COLORS/Sky (channel 829).

Indian DJ and TV host Siddharth Kannan (A.K.A. SID K) will be doing commentary for Ra Ka King.
Although SID K doesn't have any experience with wrestling, the Colors Network wanted someone who could "connect with the masses."

It's also been announced that Ring Ka King will debut in India starting Saturday, January 28th and Sunday January 29th.

Update - Will Ring Ka King popularise wrestling in India?

An article from The Times Of India about Ra Ka King...
"The new wrestling-based reality show is set to hit desi telly, and its goodwill ambassador, cricketer Harbhajan Singh, hopes the show will help in popularising the sport among the urban youth."

Read the article here

The Times of India Article About Mahabali Veera

Standing tall at 6'2 and weighing a whopping 110 kgs, Mahabali Veera is a modern-day gladiator. Mahabali aka Amanpreet Singh is a Chandigarh munda, who has won several championships in Punjab, believes that his journey so far on Ring Ka King: Wrestling Ka Mahayuddh on Colors has been a memorable one.

Full Article

Ring Ka King Updates 11-7-2012

I checked Impact Wrestling and they still have a page up for Ring Ka King, but I can't find their page on the Colors website anymore and their Twitter feed hasn't been updated since February 20th, 2012.

Is Ring Ka King A Good Idea?

Should TNA spread out to more countries like this?

See results without voting

First Episode of Ring Ka King

Colors TV has been kind enough to post the entire first episode of Ring Ka King on YouTube.
Here is the first episode, and you can click the YouTube logo in the bottom right of the viewer to watch all the other parts on YouTube.
After the way WWE acts about their shows, we should all thank TNA and Colors for being kind enough to do this.

Ring Ka King's Mahabali Shera
Ring Ka King's Mahabali Shera

Ring Ka King's Mahabali Shera

On September 22nd, 2014, TNA signed Mahabali Shera who had competed in Ring Ka King in India.
In RKK, he had defeated Sir Brutus Magnus to become the last RKK World Heavyweight Champion that they had before TNA closed the promotion.
So far he is the only wrestler from Ring Ka King that has been signed.

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Ring Ka King Comments 49 comments

StevenDiggsJr profile image

StevenDiggsJr 5 years ago

I saw the commercials for Ring Ka King on Colors. I am intrigued enough to give it a watch, which is something that I do not do with Impact Wrestling.

BigDaddyCoolVA profile image

BigDaddyCoolVA 5 years ago from New Haven, CT

I don't know why TNA doesn't just tour like the WWE does. If it is a money-thing, then they need to focus on their product here and not worry about anything international until they can truly compete with WWE. They have a decent product, but they need to do more. I say they should tour India once a year just like WWE does.

ajeet 5 years ago

wwe superstar is real good. ring ka king show is flop.

haziquerocker 5 years ago

Today india is the commercial center of the world.Each of the world top companies want to invest in the indian market.this is a master stroke by tna because wrestling craze in india is enormous and with such reputed wrestlers coming in they could gather a crowd 4 times bigger than the impact wrestling at one show.But iftna want success in india they will have to leave some of their best american wrestler here because they are the one who people like to watch.

nitin john 5 years ago

that's boring if u want to watch wrestling so see wwe

Aman 5 years ago

i love this

priyank bhardwaj 5 years ago

rey mysterio is not here because he want that he has to give time to small little puppies of tna but sting is not a puppy he is a lion

Brad Savage 5 years ago

Lol WWE hasn't toured India in 9 years.

Plcpu 5 years ago

Wwe is the best in the world. ring ka king is the worst in the world. I am just not getting it why tna want to compete with the best wrestling show wwe.

Rlcpu 5 years ago

Tna wrestling is the worst wrestling show i have ever seen in my whole life. And i think that wwe is the best wrestling show in the world. Wwe has wrestling as well as entertainment which makes it best in world. And wwe suparstars are more powerful & dominating than tna wrestlers. Wwe suparstars did not beat a small little puppies like tna wrestlers and make them cry like a baby.

chank 5 years ago

can sum one say ......where to buy tickets

The 5 years ago

Wwe is the best wrestling show i have ever seen. Tna is very boring and weak.therefore, if want to see good wrestling see wwe.

Hell! Yaa!!!! 5 years ago

Wwe is real good and TNA is floppest show in the world. tna's ass does not have any power to compete with wwe.

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Wow...you know most of these comments run contrary to everything I read on the internet where most wrestling fans think the WWE is crap and TNA actually has the good wrestlers. Interesting to see the other side being represented here.

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

To pradeep kumar: I have no way of contacting TNA myself outside of normal channels.

I feel for you and wish you luck, but I cannot publish your comment because you put your phone number on there which is not a good idea.

Again, I do wish you luck and hope you do get to live your dream.

Happy 5 years ago

A J Styles is the best ever wrestler. He should take part in India to become more popular and make the event as a success. Hope concern members take a note of this sugeestion.

TNA is the best.

deepak thakur 5 years ago

super hit mere bhaiyo

deepak thakur wwp 5 years ago

Ke muje bi moka milta wwe me jane ka

siddharth 5 years ago

sir. Frm where i can buy a tcket

Anurag bhardwaj 5 years ago

Tna meri jaan hai.ok see this.

rahul 5 years ago

No ortan,no cena,no alberto.........no fun.


Anurag bhardwaj 5 years ago

Jali koran aag kahte hai bujhi koran rakh kahte jo sabkomita de use anurag kahte hai.ek bar mujhe mauka mile tna ya wwe me jane ka sabki phad dunga.

anand 5 years ago

frm where we can buy ticket authour

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

I have no idea where to get tickets. I had heard the first few shows weren't even advertised to the public.I know there are supposed to be shooting new episodes on January 17th and 18th

SardaR Dilpreet Singh 5 years ago

what the timing og show on colours dear?

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

The show is actually set to premier today (January 14, 2012) on India's The Colors Network..which may actually be yesterday now since I can never get time zones right.

AH 5 years ago

Wwe is the best but tna is flop so i want to say that tna wrestlers are supar flop. And abyss as well as sting are sucks.

Naresh G 5 years ago

I wanna buy tickets for king ka ring show, where to buy??

Anurag bhardwaj 5 years ago

Ring ka king is good fine better and always best but i sad because randy is not present.

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Again commenters...I cannot publish your comment if you have your cell number in the post.

It's not a good idea.

your dad 5 years ago

wwe's nxt attracts more crowd than that sucker show tna.

raphjojo 5 years ago

I like Tna and i'm excited bout king ka ring.. If they can have aj style come here that would be a great idea..Please think bout it

FRIENDS 5 years ago


N'zIt dhillon 4 years ago

so india is improving....like it

Quentin 4 years ago

I'm based out of Pune and I'm interested in watching this match live. Can any 1 help me with the details about the exact venue and where do I get the tickets?

akki 4 years ago

i like the show ring ka king.i know wwe is much more famous then tna but it doesn't mean that wrestlers in tna r not good.so many superstars from wwe r now in tna like jeff hardy,cris master,devri,mickie james.....but i miss A J Styles & sting in d show .......

Suraj Prakash 4 years ago

It's a Time to move on cause World kw "INDIA" is the BEst and We glad that TNA knock the india and we all are wrestlering fan.

Its a Good show.

sukhdev raj 4 years ago

hai hai what rubish you write here

I really like the RING KA KING but you all WWE lovers don't know in india this is the first time to present the world level wrestling from TNA. I apreciate to COLORS tv.

Karishma 4 years ago

However Ring ka king is the best show and we are proud of it.

sidd 4 years ago

deadly danda is a ma#####c???

kiron 4 years ago

ring ka king is best...

hidayat ulla khan 4 years ago

main bhi fiting karna chahta hoon

Vishal Tripathi 4 years ago

Ring ka king is Indian wrestling, so I am happy for this & I wish more success for RING KA KING. My comment for this wrestling "HUM HAI TO DUM HAI AUR NA HI HUM KISI SE KUM HAI"

Kalpesh the awesome one 4 years ago

WWE and TNA both wrestling show is nice but WWE is always better than TNA

abhiraj 4 years ago

it could be way to create a superstar to reach wwe

praveen 4 years ago

its rocks

wrestling 87 4 years ago

advice to ring ka king keep your champs as champs for a while creating that urge of the fans to tune in even more champions for at least nearly a year... so far great job. love the great effort the roster is putting into the business.. but work on the tag teams some of them horrible names and gimmick

Akash parashar 4 years ago

Can we have undertaker in ring ka king for 1 day only...deadman The UNDERTAKER

sam 4 years ago

i want to be part of Indian wrestling

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