Roach Fishing Tips & Secrets

It is unusual for someone to be targetting just roach whilst fishing, but there are plenty of people that do, in search for a good size roach! We all know that roach do not reach the sizes that carp, tench and bream reach... but we also realise that the roach is a beautiful fish and a good size one is well worth fishing for.  The roach is normally the fish that you will see kids catching when they start are fishing, second only to the perch. Perch are the greedier of the two, but roach do not mess about when it comes to feeding! Heres some tips to help you target that big roach...

  1. If you are fishing somewhere where there is minimal amounts of perch, then take maggots as roach will usually prefer them to other baits. However if you are fishing a lake with lots of perch then 9 times out of 10 you will find the perch will beat the roach to your bait. This also applies with worms.
  2. If you went with the maggots but are finding perch are taking over then you can try sticking a small ball of ground bait around maggots when you cast. Perch are less attracted to groundbait than roach, so this will increase your chances of getting the roach back on the go.
  3. The bigger roach will usually be caught deeper than the smaller ones. This is because this is where the food lies! Therefore fish the bottom, sometimes you can cut out catching the smaller ones altogether. If you are not getting a bite at all then perhaps think about comprimising, and bringing your bait a foot or so from the bottom, to have a chance at catching both sizes.
  4. A size 16 hook is the biggest you should use when fishing for roach. 2 maggots on the hook will be enough. Don't go mad and overdo it but I would recommend changing the your maggots regularly and also changing the colour and number of maggots on the hook. Use 1 maggot then 2 then 3 - no more... and work your way through this cycle. It stops the fish from being able to distinguish your bait from any others. They are cleverer than one might think sometimes!
  5. The best ways to catch roach are float fishing and poll fishing. These are both sensitive ways of fishing, and the bite can be seen and felt comfortably with these forms of fishing. You can also try quiver tipping with a feeder rod, but just make sure that you have a light and bendy enough tip.

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