Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Rajasthan Royals

Slaughter Begins In the Later Part of Rajasthan Royals Innings

Rahane Completes His Century

Rahane Completes His Century
Rahane Completes His Century | Source

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Slaughter Begins In the Later Part of Rajasthan Royals Innings

Rahane Completes His Century

Rahane missed his century narrowly in an earlier IPL cricket match this season when he was out for 98. But this time he made no mistakes and completed his well deserved century against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in yesterday’s match played at Bangalore. Rahane and Shah powered their way to decimating the RCB before the latter’s home crowd. Such was the domination of these two that the RCB bowlers did not know where to pitch the ball and the fielders did not know where to stand. RCB captain Vettori was at his tether’s end. Never had he faced such an onslaught by any pair of dedicated batsmen.

Slaughter Begins In the Later Part of Rajasthan Royals Innings

Compared to the onslaught that came in the later part of the Rajasthan Royals innings, it all begun on a normal note. Rahul Dravid and Rahane started playing well, timed their strokes accurately and posted the first fifty in just over seven overs. After Dravid departed for 25 off 32 balls with two fours, Shah and Rahane started their century partnership. In the beginning, things were calm and never promised an explosive innings that would fold up later. When they started pelting Arvind for fours and sixes, things changed. From then on, Rahane and Shah never stopped their aggression even for a moment. Arvind conceded 48 runs off his 3 overs. Gayle was hit for 21 runs in his only over. Vinay Kumar was slaughtered for 51 runs off his 4 overs. When Shah left at the score of 183, the damage for RCB was already done. Shah hit 60 runs off only 26 balls with five fours and five sixes. Rajasthan Royals put up a total of 195 with Rahane remaining not out with 103 made off 60 balls with twelve fours and five sixes.

Shah Departed after Doing the Damage

Shah Departed after Doing the Damage
Shah Departed after Doing the Damage | Source

Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Rajasthan Royals

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Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Rajasthan Royals

Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Rajasthan Royals

RCB Batsmen Never Made an Attempt except Agarwal

Scoring a target of 196 for victory was not an easy task. But RCB had reputed and strong batsmen like Gayle and Virat Kohli among others. In fact Agarwal started the innings aggressively and even overtook his partner Gayle in scoring. He took the score to 42 before being out for 34 made off 21 balls with three fours and three sixes. Thereafter, RCB wickets fell one after other at regular intervals. The batsmen never applied their minds and were resigned to their fate. Rajasthan Royals bowlers made merry as most of the batsmen were clean bowled. The home crowd at Bangalore cursed the shoddy performance of their team and started leaving the stadium much before the match was over. Once Gayle and Kohli were out, it was clear that RCB would be defeated. They lost the match by 59 runs. Trivedi bagged four wickets for 25 runs. Predictably, Rahane was adjudged as the man-of-the-match .

De Villiers Should Check His Weight and Eyesight

Once Virat Kohli was out, I decided that the match was over in favour of Rajasthan Royals. I have no great faith in Chris Gayle. Gayle can hit runs fast on a batting track while his team is batting first without any pressure. He can also score while chasing when the target is reachable. But when the target is beyond reach, Gayle is the first man to get out always. This happened during the final of last year’s IPL when Murali Vijay hit a century and set a challenging target for the RCB to chase. I also do not know why of late de Villiers is getting clean bowled so often. He is missing reading of the ball correctly. He misjudges its line and length and exposes his stumps. Earlier, he was clean bowled by Balaji while RCB was playing KKR. When a player ages, this happens and it is time for him to retire, But in case of de Villiers, ageing is not the reason as he is still quite young and has many years of cricket with him. The probable reason is either a power problem in the eye or a nervous difficulty which can be cured through medication. De Villiers should also check his weight. If a player has added weight, it can result in slow reflexes and could be the reason for getting clean bowled often.

Six Fours in One Over

Rajasthan Royals has come to the top of the tables with this win and RCB has gone second to the bottom with this defeat. At one stage, Rajasthan Royals were not scoring even a single boundary in a stretch of 30 balls. At that time, RCB bowlers like Zaheer Khan, Vettori and Muralitharan were commanding respect from the Rajasthan Royals batsmen. Rahane scored six fours off one over from Arvind – the 14th over in the match and scored 24 runs in that single over. Rahane raced from 48 runs to 72 runs in that one over. For the RCB, this was their second successive loss after their loss to the CSK earlier in Chennai.

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