Running Hydration Waist Pack Review: Amphipod Full-Tilt Belt

Amphipod Waist Pack Review

I purchased the Amphipod Full-Tilt Velosity Hydration Waist pack belt at REI for my next 10k race and was not excited about the idea of carrying extra weight and a bulky water bottle but was impressed with the ergonomics of the Amphipod Full-Tilt Hydration system and I think this will help my distance runs go the extra mile and keep me hydrated.

This belt has a snug enough fit for a petite person and the bottle and pack are designed for minimal sloshing around. The storage pouch is an extra bonus to carry keys or an mp3Player. I shopped at several stores (Dick's, Academy and others) and decided on this pack.

I ran a 10k with this pack and found that is shifted to the smallest part for the waist instead of sitting low on the hips. This pack did not bounce a lot, but I found wearing a waist pack added a little extra weight from the water bottle and also distracted me at time as I adjusted it to be more comfortable. For races that provide water, I might just rely on the water stations. It is nice to have the option to bring the water bottle pack.

Features of the Full-Tilt Velocity Hydration Waist Pack for Runners

  • Contoured bottle and pack minimize the sloshing around.
  • Balanced weight distribution of the pack itself and the water contents.
  • Fitted design for almost any body type.
  • Available in black, solid colors and also a feminine print for style.
  • Attached bungee holds bottle in place while also providing easy access to the bottle.
  • Reflective accent line for safety.
  • Zipper stretch storage pocket to fit keys, mp3 player, energy gel, snack bar, etc.
  • Mesh padding that is breathable and cushioned.
  • 20 oz liquid capacity with easy grip, BPA free plastic bottle.
  • Adjustable belt with front clip.
  • Great for runners who need minimal distraction from the race.

Full-Tilt Series

The Full-Tilt series by Amphipod features 6 hydration waist belt styles with the 20 oz capacity and a belt with 2 of the 20 oz capacity bottles for long distance runs. Manufacturer prices in the series are from $32.50-$49.99 depending the belt. See all 6 styles at

Amphiopod has received recognition and awards for the Full-Tilt bottle because of its design that reduced stress on the lumbar region of the back, the easy access of the bottle and the overall design concept.

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