Rush Limbaugh, NFL Owner?

Limbaugh: The NFL is no place for his comments

Rush Limbaugh has interest in becoming part owner of a NFL team. Limbaugh wants to partner with St. Louis Blues' hockey team owner, Dave Checketts, to purchase the St. Louis Rams.

The Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, have both announced their disapproval of the offer. Jackson has said, " The NFL has a higher standard for racial justice. " Limbaugh has been known to make negative comments about blacks and other minorities. His views are well documented. Sharpton says that Limbaugh is "anti-NFL".

It would be hypocritical to say that Limbaugh doesn't deserve a second chance. Maybe he has a change in views. (we hope) This would not be the first time a person with race issues has owned a professional sports organization. But, I believe the impact of that would be fatal towards the legacy of the current NFL Commissioner, Goodell. Especially, with the recent rash of players being suspended for conduct detrimental to the League.

Goodell said that the purchasing of the Rams is still in its preliminary stages. The NFL is not ready to make a decision on Limbaugh. But, Goodell did state that the NFL does not need any divisive statements or views from any one owning a NFL team.. " "I would not want to see those comments coming from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL, absolutely not."

Limbaugh is one of the most successful broadcasters in history. In 2003, he was working for ESPN, when he made this comment about the media and Donovan McNabb, " I believe what we have had here is a social concern in the NFL. The media really wants to see a black quarterback do well." Also on his web, there were transcripts posted that said, " The NFL to often looks like a game between the Bloods and Crips without weapons."

Owners and players are already speaking out about the controversial broadcaster becoming a team owner in the NFL. To become a owner in the NFL, you have to be voted in by the other owners. It requires that you get 24 out of the 32 team's votes. One owner has said that he couldn't even consider voting for someone who have made comments that are so insensitive and inappropriate. Some players are saying that they could never play for a owner like that. The Owners in the NFL are a exclusive club. It is a "privilege" to be an owner of any professional sports organization.

The NFL has begun to enforce its Code of Ethics. Players have been disciplined accordingly, for their violations of League Rules and Code of Conduct. Commissioner Goodell, is definitely letting it be known that he is no nonsense when it comes to violators of any league rule or policy. Pac-man Jones and Michael Vick have been two of the most notables, that have experienced this first hand. So the thought is, if it applies to the players, it should also apply to everyone involved in the NFL. Even the owners.

Then, there are the social and business ramifications that this will cause. From the people of St. Louis to sponsors of the Rams and the NFL. The NFL, will be bombarded with letters, emails, phone calls and visits from every social equality group that exist. Sponsors will be pressured to pull out of any support of the Rams and/or the NFL. Not to mention the social impact it will have on the city of St. Louis. The racial tention will be thick enough to cut with a knife.

Commissioner Goodell and the NFL are playing this one with a lot of caution. They are not trying to jump the gun and make any comments that will lead to any future problems. You can be sure that the legal team of the NFL, is working hard to make sure there won't be any legal fall out with any decision they make, regarding ownership of a team. Understanding that, although comments Limbaugh have made in the past were not ethical, but how could he violate the NFL's Code of Ethics if was not a part of the NFL. There are probably plenty of players who broke the Code of Ethics, before they got to the NFL. Some of them are well documented, but they were still allowed into the NFL.

This situation may not be as cut and dry as it seems. There will probably be a hearing, an arbitrator will be called in and so on and so on.....

Here is a question that no one else has seemed to ask or maybe don't want to ask. Why is Dave Checketts interested in partnering with anyone who has made such racist comments? Does Checketts share the same views as Limbaugh? Is he a close friend of Limbaugh? Do Checketts know about Limbaugh's past comments? ( maybe he doesn't watch the news ) What does the NHL think about Checketts partnering with Limbaugh? Do they approve of one of its owners partnering with someone who is accused of such racist statements.

This offer will probably make it no further, with Goodell already stating the NFL is no place for divisive comments. But, like a football game, after all the pregame hype, the game still has to be played out.

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Mario M. 7 years ago

This article has caught my attention. I am a former college athlete. I know of a lot of athletes who have gone pro that have violated the leagues " Code of Ethics". Although at the time they were not members of the prospective pro sport. They have pulled the plug on the Rush Limbaugh deal, but it stil makes you wonder.

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