Salvage Boats for Sale - Get Cheap Used Watercraft

If you are looking for a used hull, you may want to consider salvage boats for sale. You can get bargains at the yards, if you know what to look for. Whether you are looking for fiberglass or aluminum, you can find a fun, cheap project in no time flat. You can be out on the water, fishing or skiing, with your used watercraft for a lot less money. Here’s what to look for with salvage boats for sale in your area.

Old Junk Yards and Huge Boat Dealerships

Buying from a junk or salvage yard is possible, especially in highly populated areas. You will find several that specialize in watercraft in large cities. In more rural areas, the general yards will have to suffice.

Huge dealerships offer a good option as well. Since many people trade in junk, and the dealers have a good profit built in prior to the trade in, they often unload them in the back lot for next to nothing. One major dealer relatively close to me often has boats for under $100 for sale.

The Hull:

When you are looking at used salvage boats for sale, you will want to examine the hull carefully. Many extra parts will be stripped, but this is not always the case. Generally speaking, however, you will be starting with an empty hull, free of extras. This is okay, since it will allow you to make your project to suit your own personal needs.

Small Holes = No Problem:

It’s not hard to patch small holes in a hull. This is important to keep in mind with salvage boats for sale. A small hole, while a bit of a project, will be fixable on both fiberglass and aluminum hulls. Don’t let it scare you away.

Carpeting and Flooring:

Carpeting and flooring is another consideration with any used salvage boats for sale. At the junk yards, you will find many that have rotten flooring. This can be repaired with treated plywood and marine grade carpeting. This is not nearly as expensive as many people think and should no scare you away from your project, assuming you can do much of the work on your own. Used salvage boats for sale will generally need repairs with flooring. Be sure to check the prices of marine grade carpeting and plywood, so you know how much you will have into repairs.


If you are handy don’t let some faded or scratched paint keep you from making a purchase from a junk yard. You can get deals on salvage boats for sale this way. Whether you are considering aluminum or fiberglass, you can paint your project on your own. Major gauges, however, will require more work. In addition, dents are a little tougher to repair on salvage boats for sale than with autos. Still, it can make for a fun project.

Finishing Touches:

The extra parts make the difference when you salvage boats for sale have been rebuilt. If you can get your hands on some seats at the junk yard, give them a shot. You can reupholster them on your own. In addition, consider a custom console and steering wheel, by putting your skills to the test and making one. On tiller, be set up the pedestals to your choosing, taking vision into account.

Selling for Profit:

Now that your project is done, you may actually have to choose between keeping your salvage boat for sale that you rebuilt from the junk yard, or selling it for profit. Many simply enjoy the rebuilding project, so they often sell to make money. In time, you will become pretty efficient. Salvage boats for sale could actually become a decent side business for you.

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