Seabiscuit - A horse which was symbolized for success and hardworking during underdogs

Depression and failures are part of life both personal and national level. But the trick to overcome that and pass through these times successfully is to search the success factors from within. And during these downtimes, in an American president Roosevelt words, the biggest thing to fear is fear itself. One has not to lose hope and to consistently struggle for the good, and just believe in that what one is putting in will definitely bring fruit one day.

Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother depicts destitute pea pickers in California, centering on Florence Owens Thompson, age 32, a mother of seven children, in Nipomo, California, March 1936.
Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother depicts destitute pea pickers in California, centering on Florence Owens Thompson, age 32, a mother of seven children, in Nipomo, California, March 1936. | Source

Great Depression” is remembered in history as period when everything got upside-down. It results in outbreak of economic downfall and stock market crashes in capitalized world and specially the Americans. Morale of Americans was extremely down during the era of Great Depression. But one good thing they have learnt during this era is to search and find something to symbolize from within. This was the time when they were really in need of something to symbolize success and some living example to idealize and come out of psychological effects of decade of great depression.

I do not want to go in economic and monetary grounds which results in such a drastic downfall. Because even the expert economist have not been able to figure out some mutually agreed causes, until now. But here I would like to share something about how they triumphed over, and came out of this era.

Seabiscuit | Source

About Sea Biscuit

Seabiscuit was as loser and a lazy horse as anybody can think of.He was born on May 23, 1933 at Claiborne Farms, Kentucky and sired by Hard Tack, a son of Man o' War.Though he was descended from Man o' War and Hard Tack, Seabiscuit shared none of their regal beauty.His knees were twisted, was undersized and given to sleeping and eating for long periods.. And in All matters considered must for a winner horse, he was inferior to his litter.

Regardless of that nobody expected him to do well in horseracing, he did have early trainers that tried to work with him. But they didn’t do well and he was initially written off as a horseracing failures. He failed to win his first ten races and usually finishing back in the field. Considering all this, training him was almost a superfluous, and the horse was sometimes the butt of stable jokes. Bosses even used to name “Seabiscuit” to their lazy employees.

Seabiscuit with his rider George Woolf
Seabiscuit with his rider George Woolf

However at the age of three, Seabiscuit suddenly ended up become a late bloomer and left everyone surprised who initially knew him. He became a truly inspiring racehorse. Out of 89 races he raced in his career he just won 33, that not even the half the races he raced in. He may have bloomed late but he was on a roll. He was at the age of three when he was partnered up with jockey Red Pollard and trainer Tom Smith who worked hard to really bring Seabiscuit to the top of horseracing. And then comes the 1938, which was really the year for Seabiscuit. During that year he was named the “Horse of the Year”, an esteemed entitlement for any racehorse and a real attainment for a horse that nobody had any hope for just a few years before. In the same year he participated in the race, also remembered as “Match of the Century”, that had everyone on the tip of their seats with anticipation. This match was against another great horse – War Admiral(which is actually his uncle also) that Seabiscuit was involved in an intense competition with.

This so called match or race of century was lived listened by 40 million people live and there were 40 thousand people gathered to watch this match in the stadium where seating capacity was for only 16 thousands persons. One can predict the American’s excitement that the then president Roosevelt cancelled one cabinet meeting for this match. He won a total of 11 races out of 15 during that year. You can imagine the eminence this horse that during that one year the total number of articles and editorials and other pieces of writing is more than total summed up count of such pieces of writing for Roosevelt Churchill and Mussolini.

At the end of his career, he managed to get a total of $437,730 for his owner, Seabiscuit was the number one winner of the most money in the entire history of horseracing.

Match of Century

Movies about Seabiscuit

There are dozens of books and novels written in the decades to come revolving around the central story of Seabiscuit. The story of Seabiscuit was filmed three times up till now (2011). The most recent was released in 2003, the blockbuster “Seabiscuit” released bearing his name and is based on his success story.

Some last words

If you would see his appearance, it would not match his record. Successful horses are usually tall, thin, and just “perfect” but Seabiscuit had none of them. He had a hobbling in his walk, a panting when he breathed, and was hardly 15 hands. Seabiscuit was the absolute opposite of most winners. In my view what made people love and have feeling for him is his “imperfection”.

This whole story gives us something to ponder and jumble up our views about how the success mechanism works. It is not apparent attributes which guarantee your success, but it is our inner belief in our doings which actually works.

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mohids profile image

mohids 5 years ago from Sweden

hope is better than hopelessness just like the Seabiscuit horse. so don't lose your hope and and keep your morale high. at any time you will succeed just like Seaiscuit horse. this hubpage is very useful and awesome. i think everyone read it and think about the lesson of this article.

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ahmed.b 5 years ago from Sweden Author

Thank you for like the hub and giving your nice comments mohids!

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epigramman 4 years ago

.......this is truly a story for the ages and beautifully told by you.

Thank you so much for your congratulations on my hubbie award and it is so very nice to meet you. Sannel is a fellow Swede and although she is no longer with the Hub - you should check her writing out at Sannel's World (just google it) or her writing at Wizzley ..... sending you warm wishes and good energy at lake erie time ontario canada 9:56am

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ahmed.b 4 years ago from Sweden Author

@epigramman It 's pleasure to be your fan. This way may I would improve my writing skills somehow. I am pleased that you have found this Hub beautiful.

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