Second Half Falcon 49er Game

2nd Half Falcon Game

Hello, I am back. The second half of the game has started. The Falcons had a scare when the 49ers almost made a touchdown. They ended up trying for a field goal instead. The kicker missed the field goal so the score is still 35-10. I just love the little robot that comes on after the commercials to tell about the sponsors for the game.

Atlanta has the ball again and Roddy White has a 1st down. Matt Ryan is doing great as the quarterback. Michael Turner got another 1st down for the Falcons. A 49er player is down on the field and of course we go to a commercial to see about him. One of the things I do not like about football is we seem to see the same commercials over and over again. The last commercial was about a GM truck. So was this commercial. The player was MichaeL Lewis he was on the side like but is being escorted off the field although he is walking which is good news. As a mother this is the worst thing about this game.

A flag has been thrown after the ball was caught by Atlanta. A face mask call was made against San Francisco. There was a 15 yard personal file on the player. I am going to tyr to explain this. The Falcons threw an interception. The person who intercepted the ball fumbled the ball and Atlanta got the football back after the fumble. After all of that the Falcons have the football still. The Falcons have another 1st down. Atlanta scores field goal sore 38 to 10.

I am stopping this article but I really enjoyed typing this while watching the game some how it made game much more interesting.


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