Shawn Michaels Return To WWE 2011

Shawn Michaels To Return To WWE In 2010

Could it be true? Is Shawn Michaels returning to WWE? Altough I know most of you are not as excited as me, the one and only HBK Shawn Michaels has indeed released a video announcing a long term agreement with the WWE which you can view below.

Shawn Michaels is one of the most successful superstars to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, and is considered by many (including myself) to be the best wrestler of all time. Shawn's career did have its ups and downs. Shawn battled with a drug addiction along with many injuries during his career. The most noted injury he suffered during a match with the undertaker in 1998 which put him out of wrestling for four years. He is known best for his role in the "Montreal Screwjob" where he and wwe chairman Vince Mcmahon forced Bret Hart to lose the wwe championship. Michaels is also widely known for forming the controversial stable degeneration x along with his real life best friend Triple H, which started the "attitude era" in wwe.

HBK officially retired earlier this year after wrestlemania 26. He had been planning to retire on that date, and was written off the show by losing a retirement match to The Undertaker. Take a look below to see the video Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker Wrestlemania 26.

Shawn made it very clear during the interview that he would keep his word to the wwe, fans, and the undertaker that he will not be returning as a wrestler. He also promised that he is a wwe guy and would only work there wrestling promotion. It is still unknown or at least untold as to what Michaels new role in wwe will be. He did say however that he is not the raw gm, however plans change very often inside wwe and really isn't decided until the shows are shot.

Altough he did not make a promise to return as a character on any of the shows, I expect that Shawn Michaels will return to wwe with a tv role in the very near future. There are many non wrestling characters in wrestling and the sky is the limit for possibilities.

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker Wrestlemania 26

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker Wrestlemania 26
Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker Wrestlemania 26

Shawn Michaels Speaks About WWE Return

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker Wrestlemania 26

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rohit 6 years ago

please shawn micheals please return in 2011 its not only me,all peoples want to see you in are my one of the favorite wrestler.

rahulmalpani 6 years ago

hey shawn i hav seen every match of u and my heart broke when u lst with undertaker but i promise i an indian will cum there as next shawn i promise u

samantha  6 years ago

Shawn i have watched you since i was five years old. You have always kept the crowed going. When i was pregnant with my second son and you returned to wwe in 2005 i was jumping up and down with a big belly lol. You are one of the last dying breed of the 80's. I know you cant be there forever but hey if flair can do it at his age so can you

JOLLY OMO 6 years ago


shaun q 6 years ago

i am 8 and a cryed when he went plese come back u r the best and my hero PLESE PLESE LPESE COME BACK

himanshu 6 years ago

undertaker is the best king WM-18-0

mit 6 years ago

please shawn michaels come back we like and love u.

RAUF 6 years ago


bertin justin  6 years ago

is it real the hbk is back on raw we missed him alot wat about jeff hardy when is he camin back jeff hardy pliz tel us we need 2 new about him

WAQAS 5 years ago


RAHMAN 5 years ago

shawn pls come back if you respect your fans including me

shumail 5 years ago

hey shawn.. How r u..???? i just want to say that if i ever think on the t.v screen i find u. And i plea u to come back and do what u do best.

Cris 5 years ago

i would rely like to see Shawn come back to wwe and break The Undertakers cerer

Shawn :) (its really me) 5 years ago

I Will Be Coming Back To WWE But Not As A Wrestler More Later.

The Show stopper

daniel 5 years ago

hey shawn its me danie i would realy like to see you come back on raw but if you don,t ill go wehn im older and ill hopefully do the same.

james 5 years ago

booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo misheals u need to relized ur done ur two loser

jackson 5 years ago

pls pls pls shawn come back to the wwe.we all luv u .i miss u very much more than anybody in this world miss u. u r so cute. and i m the biggest faaaaaaaaan of yors. definitely no replacement for that.pls come back.

Justin 5 years ago

Plz Shawn come back I really miss u sooo much y can't u come back and be DX agin that was the life I miss plzz come back

Navindra 5 years ago

SHAWN, u r the best in the world!!!! My lifetime hero and I'm expecting a near future return !!!! And the day u arrive by heart will break!!!!

MANOJ RAWAT 5 years ago


undertaker 5 years ago

SHAWN you re the best wrestler who gave me the best two matches in my career and it will be good for the company if you will come back we have unfinished business i want one more match at wrestlemania 28

sanki 5 years ago

hey shawn plz return back to the wwe it is so borred yo c wwe without the $SHOWSTOPPER$ $THE HEADLINER$ $THE MAINEVENT$ $THE ICON$ $THE HEART BREAK KID (HBK)$ $MR.WRESTLEMANIA$ and without hbk dx hhh there is no wwe.

Ritvik vipin 5 years ago

pls return shawn me 2 is an indian and i am one of ur best fan.....i really want u back on wwe

Dev 5 years ago

Triple H VS Undertaker (IRON MAN MATCH)at WrestleMania 28 & the spcl guest referee will b THE HEART BREAK KID (Shawn MIchaels).

Adam 5 years ago

Pls come back and ask for a rematch, the undertaker will accept wrestlemania 29 BE THERE PLEASE

eddie 5 years ago

shawn u can beat the undertaker u have before u can do it again. come back triple h needs u too

Ishtiaq farooq 5 years ago

Hi SHAWN i am a biggest fan in the world ..plz dont leave WWE

suraj raghav 5 years ago

i like wwe so much and my dream is to become wwe legend you are favourite and i will become like i promise you

Hunter (HHH) 5 years ago

shawn will be back soon, and that's my word

muthuraj hbk 5 years ago

plz shawn come to wwe wrestling and wrestlemania28

nixon 5 years ago

this year you need to be there................... I NEED TO SEE A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH UNDERTAKER VS TRIPLE H VS HBK WRESTLEMANIA 28.....THE STREAK WILL BE DONE 4 EVER....................

nixon 5 years ago

pls come back shawn you have still some work to do......... If any body can beat the deadman it's only you.......pls the world is begging 4 ur comeback.......PLS COME BACK.................

Joe 5 years ago

HBK, there's nobody like you! PLEASE come back. Only wrestle sometimes if you like, but please be on the show! You are not only the best wrestler of all time but the greatest entertainer too!! :-)

Eric 5 years ago

SHAWN MICHALE PLZ COME BACK! We want to see u in action

noman 5 years ago

plz come back shawn

WheresMyWeed 5 years ago

Okay, to most of you. If you really want Shawn back, learn hot to spell, what does "plz"mean?

satih(hbk) 5 years ago

hbk is my hero for my life

wwe fan 1 5 years ago

come on shawn please we all want you to come back you have been the best wrestler in the world you made what the wwe is now please come back PLEASE

dominic johnson 5 years ago

PLEASE shawn come back you are my role model ever since i've been watching wwe you were the first person i ever saw fight in the wwe if i ever live my dream i will deadicate my first match to you long live HBK!!!

jimmy 5 years ago

hey shawn why u are running live coward come on come in wwe and take the revenge with deadman you can do this you are my best player in play station i take shawn michles and beat the undertaker if i can do this you can also do this in real life so give one more time challenge to undetaker (carrer vs carrer) and beat him

for all indian children you are a hero

so please come bavk to wwe and beat undertaker

jesus 5 years ago

comeback plz

Vishnu muttath 5 years ago

Hai shawn.. iam an indian. i think iam the real fan of i dont have the interest to watch wwe. Plz comeback shawn & destroy the phenom. U will not rest in peace for anybody...

Vishnu muttath 5 years ago

Hai shawn.. iam an indian. i think iam the real fan of i dont have the interest to watch wwe. Plz comeback shawn & destroy the phenom. U will not rest in peace for anybody...

Vishnu muttath 5 years ago

Plz come back hbk & destroy the phenom. i cant live without u. That much i luv u shawn...

Vishnu muttath 5 years ago

Plz come back hbk & destroy the phenom. i cant live without u. That much i luv u shawn...

Ash 5 years ago

Plz come back hbk

shawn:) (its really me) 5 years ago

im back in the buisness

tolis 4 years ago

i don't think shawn micheals return.

and why he want to destroy the phenom?

are you crazy?

knslms profile image

knslms 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Im pretty sure this was wrote in 2010 and altough I didnt get the outcome right, im pretty sure I was damn close to what actually happened. "Am I crazy" no just pretty damn good at predicting what is going to happen in the wwe and since I was damn close, I will ask you ... are you a moron?

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