Simply The best Gun or Rifle Rest for the Shooting Range

Simply The best Gun Rest for the Shooting Range

 You can ask any rifle shooter, what the one item is, they simply will not go to the shooting range without, and rest assured they would tell you, a rock solid gun rest. The same is true for a turkey hunter, which is setting up a shotgun for turkey hunting. The teeth rattling recoil of today's hard hitting, extended range turkey guns, require the shooter to take careful aim, and not point the gun, as our grandfathers did back in the day. The whitetail deer hunter that uses a high-powered rifle or slug gun, target shooter, and turkey hunters, ammunition is quite expensive these days, and a shooter or hunter simply does not want to waste a single round of it. Look at it another way, simply the best gun rest for the shooting range saves a shooter, time, money, and the wear and tear on their body.

Simply The best Gun Rest for the Shooting Range

Going to the shooting range, for a lot of us, means it is time to sight in our deer hunting rifles, slug guns, muzzleloaders, and turkey hunting shotguns, where we use the shooting bench. What we need to bring with us, is the best gun rest we can find, that holds our rifles or shotguns steady while we shoot. The best gun rest will reduce the recoil we feel while shooting, high-powered rifles, muzzleloaders and shotguns, makes shooting more like fun, than misery. For the shooters that have spent the better part of a day trying to find a load their muzzleloader, shotgun or rifle likes, will appreciate.

I am reminded of the time, when a good friend of mine and I went to Red Brush, our favorite local shooting range. I had just become the prod owner of a new T/c Pro-Hunter 50 cal. Muzzleloader rifle. After talking with one of the guys from T/c, I learned a little trick on how to season the bore of my 50 cal. Muzzleloader to ensure optimum accuracy.

Seasoning the bore

Taking care to Load my 50-caliber T/C encore muzzleloader with 50 grains of 2f Pyrodex granulated powder, no pellets, and a 50 cal. Lead buffalo bullet lubricated with bore butter.

My friend and I took turns loading the black powder rifle, resting it in my Caldwell Lead Sled gun rest, and fire, dry patch the bore, reload and repeat the firing process, fifty plus times.

At first we held the rifle firmly too our shoulder out of habit, but the lead sled gun rest absorbed the recoil, making the load we were shooting feel like the recoil from a ,22 rim fire rifle. Therefore, before it was all over we just set the T/C pro-hunter in the lead sled and touched it off, where the rifle hardly moved.

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Simply The best Gun Rest for the Shooting Range

Before the day was done, we had my pro-hunter dialed in at 200 yards, shooting 110 grains of Pyrodex, which has a pretty good thump to it, the Caldwell lead sled gun rest worked great and tamed the recoil more than I would have believed it would. We went on to set-up eight other deer rifles, slug guns and shotguns set-up for fall turkey season that day using the Caldwell lead sled and went home without a bruise, sore neck or shoulder.

Oh by the way, we did make a few new friends that day at the shooting range; everyone that borrowed the Caldwell lead sled gun rest was impressed by the way, it worked.

Remember check your sights before your next hunt. Mike

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Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 6 years ago from Minnesota

Great article teddleton. I do not hunt but I found this really interesting anyway. I bet you made some friends that day. How nice not to go home sore and bruised.

Teddletonmr profile image

Teddletonmr 6 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Minnetonka Twim we did make several new friends that day, while using the Caldwell Lead Sled, quite a few folks put the lead sled through its paces. Young and old alike really enjoied the way it reduced the recoil they felt when shooting their slug guns and muzzleloading rifles.

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 6 years ago from Minnesota

I have to agree that this Caldwell Lead Sled will help bring younger people to the sport because it won't be so intimidating or painful. Awesome article-Thanks for educating me.

Teddletonmr profile image

Teddletonmr 6 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Minnetonka Twin, you are welcome. All shooters, young and older, shoot better using a high quality gun rest, such as the lead sled. When a shooter is not worried about the pain of recoil from a shotgun, rifle or muzzleloader, a shooter can work on learning their marksmanship skills.

Such as holding a gun properly, sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control.

Have fun and punch a few holes in the bulls eye. Mike

Joey Bennett 6 years ago

This is a very informative hub. Would you suggest that this is best for beginners or for everyone who shoots? Do you have any other suggestion for beginner shooters?

Teddletonmr profile image

Teddletonmr 6 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Joey I believe all shooters at the rifle or gun range benefit when they use a good gun or rifle rest like the Caldwell lead sled gun rest.

As for new shooters, always take the time to know your weapon. How it works, how to care for it and what its limitations are and work within them. Aim small, and hit small, happy and safe shooting. Mike

Jasnav profile image

Jasnav 2 years ago

Interesting article about the gun stand. While it would be definitely useful in the hunting gun scenario, with precision shooting taking the lead in the sporting environment, it could be useful there also. eg, to test the accuracy of the weapon by removing possible human errors.

Mike 2 years ago

I have this sled and it works. The downside is the extra weight you need to carry to the range with you. However, if you're looking for the "ultimate" in precision shooting there are other "better" shooting rests/sleds. The one I have in mind and have used is a hands free - precision sled by Hyskore that was simply awesome. The downside here is you need something to mount this sled on (picnic style bench?).

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