How To Ollie | Skateboarding Trick Tips for Beginner Skaters


Introduction to the Ollie

The Ollie is the most important trick in skateboarding.

So many other tricks can only happen if you know how to properly Ollie. For example, before you can land a kickflip, 50-50 grind, nosemanual, etc you have to first know how to Ollie.

In this hub, you're going to learn exactly how to Ollie, step-by-step.

How to Ollie | Trick Tip Video

How Many Decks Do You Wish You Could Ollie?

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How To Ollie - Trick Tip
How To Ollie - Trick Tip

How To OLLIE Step-by-Step

Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to Ollie on a skateboard.

  • Front foot in the middle of the board
  • Ball of your back foot in the center of the tail
  • Shoulders should be parallel with your skateboard
  • Stand up straight, crouch down and pop

Learning how to Ollie takes practice, but once you've got the right timing, it becomes a very easy skateboard trick.

80% of Skateboarding is Mental

For you to learn how to Ollie, you've got to believe in yourself and your ability to learn this trick. Countless others skateboarders have mastered this trick, so you can too.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Look forward, over your leading shoulder when Olling
  • This keeps your skateboard from landing sideways
  • Visualize yourself doing this trick in your mind perfectly
  • Then crouch down and jump up as you kick down on the tail
  • Slide your front foot up the board as you suck your knees to your chest
  • Level your board out and come down for landing and roll away

Go outside right now (or in your garage) and figure this trick out. Think it through all the way to the end, where you roll away like a pro. Then test some theories out and tweak the results until you land kickflips whenever you want.

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Comments 43 comments

skater 7 years ago

my back foot can't get up fast enough

theBanman profile image

theBanman 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

while your front foot slides up, try sucking up your back leg too.

Mike 7 years ago

Can't seem to get the front foot to slide up the board after the pop, usually end up dragging it and the board goes along with the foot, any tips?

theBanman profile image

theBanman 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

try standing in front of a table or fence and hold on while you try your OLLIES. This is a good way to learn kickflips too.

tom 7 years ago

i could barely ollie 1 out of 5 tries i get a drop off the ground , any advice?

cj 7 years ago

just can't slide my front foot, i keep trying but i wind up falling off or getting it 1 inch off the ground

morgan 7 years ago

every time i wanna ollie in the street i get nervous and never do the right thing, or when i do i mess up can you help me???

mogz 7 years ago

well where should my back foot go, you know the one on the tail that pops the board??? should my toes be in the middle of the very back of the board, or like the middle of my foot on the tail. also should my foot be closer to the end of the tail or more in the middle please help me!!!

theBanman profile image

theBanman 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Morgan: Get your Ollies down on the grass until you feel confident enough to try on the street.

Mogz: Back foot toes right in the center of the board, and front foot across the board in the middle, you got it!

It takes practice and patience to learn tricks. Just have fun and be mellow if you can't land it right away. Sooner than later you'll get the trick, and you'll be stoked!

morgan again 7 years ago

thanks for the helpful comments but i have 1 more question.i am ollieing in the grass and video taping it with my camera i am always getting a good amount of air but i think when i slide my foot up my back foot is always in the way and the board doesn't level out, so when i land i always fall on my but beacause the board wasn't leveled. please help me i am becoming very frusterated

theBanman profile image

theBanman 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

When you Ollie and you're sliding your front foot up the board, suck your back leg up, so that the board can level out. Try jumping a little forward when you Ollie too, that might help.

Whatever you do keep cool, don't let yourself get frustrated, and just HAVE FUN figuring it out. It's not a hard as it seems. You got this! Believe it.

skatehahaha:) 7 years ago

hey wats up i just heard of this site so yeah pretty cool. hey man what do you skate, do you have any recommendations for begginners, i am trying to get a plan b are they good

theBanman profile image

theBanman 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

I'm riding a Chocolate right now.

I've never riden a Plan B, but I don't see why they wouldn't be any good. It doesn't really matter what kind of board you buy as a beginner, as long as it comes from your local skateshop you're fine.

You don't need to buy a pro deck though, if you don't have the money. There's really good blank decks you can buy too (at your local skateshop)for half the price.

Then again there's also cheap pro decks you can buy online if you know where to find them.

:(  7 years ago

i have been trying to ollie for 1 yeah and so now i give up. you were wrong not everyone can ollie, and it is a hard trick to learn. i really don't think you should say in your videos that everyone can, i know a lot of people who can't who have been trying for a long time. cuz when you say everyone can but you can't it makes you feel really dumb , and when you say it is a super easy trick to learn other people feel really not smart and feel like they will never be able to do it. please don't ever say that, and i think that is why i couldn't learn cuz you said it was easy and everyone can do it. you really shouldn't every say that unless you can go over to that person and physicaly help them :( :( :( :( :( :(

:( 7 years ago

i meant one YEAR

Billy 7 years ago

You can tell yourself it's hard and you can believe that or you can tell yourself it's easy and that you're going to figure it out, it's your choice.

Ollies ARE easy. It's all in your head. Stop making it out to be this super complicated trick.

You couldn't learn because I said it was easy and everyone can do it? That's a joke. It's nobody's fault but your own. It is easy and every CAN do it, if they don't give up.

Skateboarding is a about persistence, progression, and patience. You've got to put in the work, be determined, and never give up if you want to be a good skateboarder.

You can Ollie. I know you can. Stop telling yourself you can't and go outside and figure it out. Just make sure it's fun or else don't do it.

Raphael.G 7 years ago

Hi Im Raphael 12 years old and Thank You!!! I followed the instructions and after 5 tryes i did my highets OLLIE ever like 20 cm ! Can you tell me how to ollie higher ? :)

theBanman profile image

theBanman 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Hey Raphael, nice work! Higher Ollies come with time when your calf muscles and leg muscles get stronger. Keep practicing though, and it'll happen.

Steve 7 years ago

I really want to be skater,not to go pro but just becuz i love everything about it. I been skater for 3months and still can't land a kickflip.I can oillie,shovet,and pop shovet but NOT WHILE MOVING!I spent 150 on my Element board Venture trucks plus other parts but I'm startin to think I waste my money.

theBanman profile image

theBanman 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Just have fun with it. Too many new skaters feel like they have to learn these certain tricks to become a skateboarder, but it's not at all like that. You should be out there just having fun and making up your own tricks. Get creative.

ThePurificators 6 years ago

Hi online friends call me Puri

Anyways i've tried ollieing like really badly. One time i went to the park(not skatepark) and i saw a guy. I walked up to him and asked him. he made me lose my nervousy and i got inspired cause he could do a lot of tricks. I already knew how to ollie but not pull it off. Now i can ollie about 1 inch high buT I CAN DO IT W000T and ill get better u people watch me the thing is don't give up

gilles 6 years ago

I can ollie almost perfect while standing still, but when I do it while I move, It won't succeed. I always land with one foot on the board( my front foot)

Pete 6 years ago

gilles, i don't know if this is right, but this is how i learned to do it, when your standing still do an ollie, and see how your board lands, try to make it land exactly the same spot as where you started, so the board has not turned any not 90 degrees or anything. then after doing this its all about confidence... First, start slow very slow, probably one push, (just so you don't get the herky-jerky motion or stop when you hit a rock) and try to jump over a small line or crack, keep practicing and just force yourslef not to move your feet off the board unless your falling... i had this same problem, hope this helps!

gilles 6 years ago

Hi, thanx for the tips, but when I move, I now land with both my feet on the board, but I get unbalanced and fall.

shaune 6 years ago

hey i just figured out how to do an OLLIE and i can do it while moving slowly but when i try to OLLIE over a crack in the sidewalk i get nervous and just jump off the board

pls help

Ben Arulogun 6 years ago

Shaune, like he has said to everyone its all in your head. You gotta think your the best, be cocky to an extent, it really works for me.

bob 6 years ago


cj 6 years ago

i hav questions about thesecretsofskateboarding is there any way i can contact you?

Ash 6 years ago

i have been trying to ollie for ages, but i can't land it. i can't do it rolling. and i can do it stationary SOMETIMES. im doing the actions all right, i don't know if its in my head, or Im doing something wrong. please help

James 6 years ago

Hey im James, and im 14 years old. I Got my first skateboard when i was 9 or so, but could barely ride. I recently began to skateboard again, learning some basic tricks. I can do various ones, but my biggest weakness is the height on my ollies while moving. Stationary i can get up to the height of my knees while standing on the board, which is about 2' 6". However as soon as i push, and try to ollie while moving, i can't even get 6 inches. Do you have any tips for ollies while in motion?

skater 6 years ago

when I Ollie the tail wont lift up in the air if I lifts I only 1 inch!

mani 6 years ago

i can ollie high,but can't get a kickflip or heel..........and about that ollie,i kinda can do it while moving.......i did a kickflip and heel once but i hit the ground before the board? any ideas cause i want to go professonal

P3TR0$ 6 years ago

i learned the ollie but i can't get the ollie high enough

Jakey! :D 6 years ago

Well. I tried to ollie, and I came close several times. I find it easier to do moving. I still can't do it, but I will get it soon. This 'mental' stuff inspired me, lol. Now I'm trying jumping off ledges and doing cavemans. Thanks again!

jarrod 6 years ago

This sucks I've been skateboarding for a while and still can't ollie I do all the steps but can't get in the air and if I do it not even and inch please help

Manuel 6 years ago

I've been practicing the steps for the ollie but for ONE YEAR i can't get it right because my front foot doesn't reach the board when i am supposed to drag my foot up.please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tyler 5 years ago

you pop the board then after that you lift up your back foot after that at the same time you lift up your front foot in the air then you slide in the air people has been trying to keep a secret so they can't internet lies i talk to a skateboard company online

jeroentjeh 5 years ago

even when you are at te point of landing them clean, don't forget to keep popping them ollies. I always had them on lock, but because I like pop-shove it's more, I just forgotten how keep my ollies high and clean. my popshoves are twice as high as my ollies, or maybe even higher.

so keep up your ollies.

How do you skateboard 4 years ago

Mike V is awesome. Thanks for the video. I made some tricks tip to here to learn how to Ollie if anyone want to have a different perspective.


Sk8r girl 4 years ago

Ive been trying the Ollie in grass. I know I will learn it soon, I know it.

Sk8r girl 4 years ago

Ive been trying the Ollie in grass. I know I will learn it soon, I know it.

Sk8 nd d3st70¥ 3 years ago

I learned how to ollie stationary now can't do it moving what do i do

Ivan 21 months ago

I try to Ollie without the crack but when my Backfoot pushes down it also pushes out and i end up falling off

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