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Extreme Skydiving

I am one of among those people who constantly yearn for adventure. Skydiving has always fascinated me, as this sport is capable enough of providing an adventurous experience. Skydiving was on top of my resolution's list this year and I promised to myself that I would someday enjoy the thrill of Skydiving. Recently my dream come true and I feel completely recharged after my first Skydive which also let me discover what actually it means to fly.

Basics of Skydiving

Being a new Skydiver, I first decided to make an Accelerated Freefall with the assistance of experienced instructors. At the initial stage I learned about parachute activation and how to keep stable body position while Skydiving. My instructors skilled me about altitude awareness and radio assisted landing. When I learn to turn and jump then my instructor motivate me for dive exit without any radio assistance. I savor breathtaking views during this great lifetime experience with a feel of liberty and gained self confidence.

Here are some Skydiving destinations for the thrill seekers who wish to endure the same excitement of free fall as I experienced:

Ideal Locations for Skydiving

Following are ideal location for  Skydiving

  • Monterey Bay, California: You will explore the best view of the Pacific in the world while you fly above Monterey Bay, Salinas Valley and the Santa Cruz area.
  • Wasilla, Alaska: Glaciers, mountains and green valley lakes in Wasilla make it a destination point for Skydiving.
  • Newport, Rhode Island: This New beach town offers clear visibility to jagged coastline of Narragansett Bay and let you enjoy the scenes of sailboats and choppy waves.
  • Mission Beach, Cairns: Skydiving on Mission Beach gives you an opportunity to observe from the clouds the magnificent beaches and rainforests.
  • Interlaken, Switzerland: Interlaken is the world’s top adventure-sports destinations which let you observe the peaks of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau from completely new heights.
  • Zion National Park, Utah: You can fly over the Zion National park and clearly observe Burnt Mountain, the Kolob Terrace, the Left and Right Forks of the North Creek, The East and West Temples and major formations in Zion.
  • Taupo, New Zealand: Being a geographical masterpiece, Taupo is a perfect place for the Skydiving adventure.
  • Rocky Mountains, Colorado: Skydiving from the wide western sky will make you catch a glimpse of Longs Peak and the entire Rocky Mountain range for hard to believe geographic diversity.
  • Plettenberg Bay, South Africa: Plettenberg Bay is an ideal Skydiving spot. You can easily spot hundreds of dolphins and whales from the sky.

Dont Try following During Skydiving

  • naked skydiving
  • topless skydiving
  • skydiving sex

Try following

  • Indoor Skydiving
  • charity skydiving

Amazing Indoor Skydiving

As a skydiver, when I fall, I encounter the force of air resistance. I accelerate downwards, gaining speed with each second. I strongly recommend you, to take a ride with the assistance of proper equipment; modern facilities and instructors jumping alongside you who can guide you throughout the ride.

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Sumampow80 6 years ago

This was a very good Hub. Thanks for the info. I found some cool skydiving videos at this website

MPG Narratives profile image

MPG Narratives 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

I think I would enjoy skydiving, it's on my list of 'must-do' things. I have a bit of an adventurous spirit but haven't had the opportunity to do it yet. Thanks for the tips Peter.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

@Sumampow80 -thanks for sharing such nice videos

@MPG Narratives - Try it ...I wish ,You will get opportunity soon.....

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