Skydiving in the Philippines

Skydiving (image with Attribution License)
Skydiving (image with Attribution License) | Source

Skydiving, an extreme adventure sport is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Interestingly, it occupies a spot in a few people's bucket list. As a sport, skydiving is characterized by daredevils who make no qualms about jumping off a plane 10,000 to 13,000 feet off the ground and freefalling for just seconds. It is a highly risky and indeed a very expensive sport. Although the experience lasts only in minutes, but it is one unforgettable event.

Not surprisingly, skydiving as a sport is still new in the Philippines. Only a few skydiving spots can be found in the country. Noted skydiving drop zones often mentioned are located in Subic (Pampanga), Cebu and Tanauan in Batangas. And yet, there is a growing interest in this sport and it would be great if this extreme sport is regulated to make it safe for everyone.

Skydiving packages

The Philippine Tourism department, in its drive to promote 'It's More Fun" in the Philippines campaign, came up with diving packages to make skydiving within the reach of everyone interested. Skydiving packages have been offered in the Subic area freefall Tandem skydiving and static-line. Tandem skydiving entails skydiving while being harnessed to an instructor. This is ideal for first timers inexperienced in the sport but would love to give it try. On one hand, static-line skydiving means one will jump off the plane solo and will automaticall open up the parachute after plane exit. This is recommended for those who want to start a career as licensed skydivers.

Original photo from E-Philippines
Original photo from E-Philippines | Source

Skydiving is not yet a very popular sport here but who knows, if the DOT program and Subic packages make a big turn out, perhaps it would be a great encouragement for skydiving schools to make their presence in the country.

As with any sport, skydiving is not for everyone. People who suffer certain conditions are not allowed to participate in the sport. Those with hypertension, heart disease and people who easily faint are not allowed to engage in this sport. But then, if you are interested and do not have any of the mentioned conditions, then it is your chance to try to skydive at least once. Just make sure to practice safety and listen carefully to the skydive training and orientation before the initial jump and never forget what you learned. Panicking is also a definite no-no.

It is better to try things that are out of the ordinary, skydiving being one of them. It has its own risks but it draws a definite set of people who are find the thrill of this sport worth it.

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skydivezambales 2 years ago

If you want to try skydiving in the Philippines there is one located at Iba Zambales but they only offer ststic line or solo jump. 1st Jump rate costs 12,500php. For more info call 09277788294 and look for Raymond Lumabad.

gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 3 years ago from Pilipinas Author

Hi Scott, this rate is only for the last quarter of 2012. I am not sure if skydiving rates are still the same at this time. Thanks

gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 3 years ago from Pilipinas Author

Hi Kevin, sorry for the delay in replying. This is not all year round.

gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 3 years ago from Pilipinas Author

Hi Lee. I found this number +63 (43) 7785592 or +63 (43) 7781902, which is the local government of Tanauan, Batangas. You may inquire from there about the skydiving center in the area. Hope this helps. Thanks!

lee 3 years ago

hi! would you happen to now where and how to contact the drop zone in batangas? been searching for hours already but still no luck.

Scott 3 years ago

Hi. Is the rate in the subic still the same? thanks

Kevin 4 years ago

is available all year round?

gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 4 years ago from Pilipinas Author

Hi, it seems you have an interest in height defying activities. Good luck on your next adventure! Is skydiving part of your plans then?

bryanbaldwin profile image

bryanbaldwin 4 years ago from Los Angeles

I went bungee jumping when I was 13, I look forward to this. Thanks for sharing!

gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 4 years ago from Pilipinas Author

Thanks Brett! Credits to the original owners of the photos who has shared it under creative commons. Skydiving is just for a few. Its nice to write about it because I really want to try skydiving when I have the chance! Have a great day!

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 4 years ago from Thailand

Great hub and photos. It is not something that I have tried, or particularly have the urge to try, but admire!

Shared, up and awesome.

gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 4 years ago from Pilipinas Author

Hi Noel! Yes, it is definitely not for everybody, but age is not a factor, as I've seen a lot older people go into skydiving. I myself would like to give it a try one day. Thanks for reading!

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