Soccer World Cup

Soccer World Cup
Soccer World Cup

Soccer World Cup

The “Race Horse” of 21st Century took baby steps in the early 20th Century. It all began in 1930. The credit goes to Jules Rimet who set up the World Football Federation in 1926 and his efforts eventually led to the beginning of a great era in World Sports.

The first world cup was held in South America, although many European nations preferred to stay home to avoid traveling inconveniences. England was too busy in establishing “British Colonies” world over so that their “Empire” never sees the Sunset and therefore they kept “sleeping” while other nations were on the field.

FIFA & Soccer

The governing body of the sport is known as FIFA and i.e. Federation Internationale de Football Association. The championship has been awarded every four years since the first tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when they spared their time for guns during World War II.

The FIFA World Cup tournament takes about a month to complete in which 32 countries fight for the title. Qualification phase takes place over the preceding three years to determine the teams that are good enough to compete at the world level though the Host Nation is given direct entry in the top 32 teams.

World Cup Titles Records

Seven nations have held the title in a total of 18 tournaments. Uruguay won the inaugural tournament. Italy is the current Champion but Brazil has emerged as a best performer having won the title 5 times.

Brazil: 5 times

Italy: 4 times

Germany: 3 times

Uruguay: 2 times

Argentina: 2 times

England: 1 time

France: 1 time

First World Cup Winning Team of Uruguay
First World Cup Winning Team of Uruguay

The First Soccer World Cup - 1930

93000 thousand people became the part of the History as the final of The First Soccer World Cup went underway in Estadio Centenario. The first world cup was held in Urugay as mark of celebration of completing 100 years of their Independence. It was indeed a costly trip for most of the European Nations across the Atlantic Ocean and therefore most of the Nations refused to participate. So, in a way The First World Cup had “humble beginnings”.

The first two matches of the tournament were held between France and Mexico and USA and Belgium simultaneously on 18th July 1930. France and USA won their respective matches beating the other two sides 4-1 and 3-0 respectively.

The First Goal was scored by Lucien Laurent of France.

URUGUAY celebrated their Centenary Celebrations in grand style as they won THE FIRST WORLD CUP by defeating Argentina 4-2.

The Football - First World Cup
The Football - First World Cup

First Football World Cup Soccer Ball

The Ball played its own part in the first world cup. Two balls were used during the final match as both the participating teams couldn’t decide on which ball to use. Argentina didn’t want to play with Uruguay Ball and Uruguay players didn’t want to play with Argentina Ball and therefore they decided to play with there own balls.

In the First Half the match was played with the Argentina Ball and they were ahead by 2-1.

In the Second Half the match was played by the Uruguay Ball and Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2 to pick up the World Cup Title!

Pele : The Soccer King
Pele : The Soccer King
Maradona : The Soccer Master
Maradona : The Soccer Master

All Time Best Players of Soccer Worldcups

Soccer World Cup has seen one of the finest able men in the history.

If Pele doesn’t come first may be we are talking about something else. The word extraordinary for once seems to be ordinary after the world witnessed the exploits of this great Brazilian KING. The World Cup moments that had just flowed steadily with the time till the mid 50’s, got bumped into the great master who took the sport by the scruff of the neck. It took him just 17 Years to show up the brilliance of his abilities at world stage.

How on earth you would have ever managed to see that unstoppable dribbling and visionary passing, powerful shot, and an exceptional heading ability if it wasn’t the KING, but above all he was an exceptionally prolific goal scorer.

Statistics of the KING
Pele arrived in the FIFA World Cup in 1958. He played as “Inside Forward” and “Striker”. In a total of 4 Soccer World Cup appearances he won the title 3 times for his country. He played 1363 games and scored 1281 goals which is still a Brazilian Record.

Diego Maradona
Who’s the best, is it Pele or Maradona?! Well, for some loyal, the argument still continues. If not the best, certainly the second best of all times. The Argentinean Great raised the level of the game to new heights.

Statistics of the MASTER
Diego Maradona won the 1986 FIFA World Cup for his country and took the team to the Finals of the 1990 World Cup. He was the player of the tournament in the 1986 World Cup.

The Hand of God
It was the First Goal he scored against England in the 1986 World Cup Quarter Finals and the Britons always had nightmares about this one.

The Cosmic Kite
The Cosmic Kite as the Argentineans call it was the second goal by Maradona against England in the 1986 World Cup Quarter Finals which was a spectacular 60-meter weave through six England players straight into the hopes of the English Players of making into the semi-final. This goal has been voted as The Goal of the Century in a poll of users.

Maradona won various other trophies with Boca Juniors, FC Barcelona and SSC Napoli over the course of his career. The International Career of the master player stretched through 91 Matches and 34 goals.

He was tested positive for banned substances during the 1994 World Cup and was thrown out of the competition. Drug Addiction and a controversial life style led to the downfall of the great master.
“It was a journey of falling from Grace to Disgrace.”

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Yes thats some information I already know about.. Hope you add something more interesting next time... Nice Job BTW :)

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Thats nice... I really didn't know this at all. Thanks for providing this useful information.

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The world is gearing up for soccer frenzy and rooting for South Africa to host an excellent World Cup 2010!

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Wow, I never knew that my USA (not among the most successful World Cup sides, although I am ever-hopeful) won one of the first two matches in Uruguay '30. Thank you for the useful information, and I am counting down the months to South Africa 2010!

P.S. - The fact that Pele played on 3 World Cup champions is the kind of thing that may hay only happen once per century (if that).

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Pourquoir deupui 1930 que la coupe du monde a ete Cree l'afric na jamain participe aux mondial avec 7 team et c'est en 2010 et pourten l'afric particip ???

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