Spain The Most Boring Team In Football?


Spain Football Team Boring?

Spain football team boring? After watching the Spain football game against France in the Euro's I thought Spain's football was boring too. The most exciting thing about it was the penalty shoot out. I wasn't surprised to hear the debate being opened, in the lead up to the final with Italy, by the commentary team of the particular coverage I watched. One of the main reasons for Spain being so boring was a result of them playing with six midfielder and two defenders. The style of play that Spain used is what is called Tika-Taka Football. The idea being that you keep the ball constantly wearing down your opponents, as they try to constantly and hopefully unsuccessfully get possession of the ball. Then when a telling opening presents itself you deliver the killer blow.

The problem with this style of football is that if your opponent are clued up and don't want to chase the ball and simply sit and defend then you are going to have a lot of trouble breaking down your opponents. As was the case with France. I don't think anyone could suggest that the final was boring. Italy fancied their chances after a great victory against England and they came out to take on the Spanish. This played into Spain's hands whom were fresher after a longer rest period between matches and were definitely not boring scoring Four brilliant goals to which Italy had no reply to.

But the question still remains Is the Spain football team boring to watch? Well my opinion is they sure can be when teams don't know how to counter them and play the boring defensive game themselves. Spain have developed their Tika-Taka style of play into an art form, showing exceptional skill. Many other teams simply don't have the skill or the players to play this style of football and have great difficulty playing against it. Maybe soon will come the time when some teams will try playing with six defenders and no strikers to counter Spain. I really hope not but I can see it coming. I think Spain are an exceptional football team and many great teams and individuals have been labelled boring in the past. I think when we see the same team winning constantly it can get boring, maybe this is the main reason some are getting bored with the Spanish style of Football.

Spain Football Team Boring? A Conclusion

My opinion is history will look back on Spain's football dominance more kindly, winning three tournaments consecutively has never been done and sure the manner in which they won the most recent final shows they are not boring. We often do not appreciate great teams and talent until many years after they have been and gone. I personally blame Spain's opponents and the rest of the footballing world when Spain appear boring it must be just as frustrating for them to see teams they play against resign themselves to just defending. Hoping not to be embarrassed too much on world wide television. I don't blame Spain for not giving the ball away cheaply, possession is a sure fire way to victory the majority of times. I think it's up to the rest of the footballing nations to catch up to Spain and be a bit more imaginative and courageous when playing against them. So In my humble opinion I say definitely no to Spain and their football team being boring.

Spain Football Team Boring?

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CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England

Its not SPAIN that are the boring ones to watch, it'd be fairer to say the 'X' team that faces Spain; are the most boring team in Football. If anything the Spanish game is attractive and attacking, its the way teams respond as you identified, that makes the game boring, Spain push their full defensive line up to the half way line for long durations of the game, thats hardly a negative approach.

Good question tho, Voted up & Shared via Hubpages

carefreecorey profile image

carefreecorey 4 years ago from USA.

I do believe that they're boring. Two defensive-minded midfielders in Busquets and Xabi Alonso, with Xavi being the "pass master" who generally sits deep. More passes horizontally or backwards than forward, and their success is completely built from the back. Grinding out 1-0 or 2-0 wins, with obvious exceptions. They're much more boring than other classic teams like the French or Brazilians.

WhydThatHappen 4 years ago

I definitely agree with CC- and Spain kicked into overdrive for the big game while other teams backed off. Like Germany over-mechanizing to the point that if there is one chink in their defense they fall apart. And Italy starts depending on the ref to make the game go eir way. Props to Spain even though they're not my team, a good reminder to the other nations to learn how to step up and play with passion, not trepidation.

WhydThatHappen 4 years ago

Carefreecorey- that's because brazil is more visually exciting to watch- their style is kind of playful. I disagree that they're boring as a team- they have their style of play and do it effectively, just like brazil and France have done. It's just a different approach to the game- they all have their own managers with their own preferences- the overall style of play says less about the players than it says about the manager

carefreecorey profile image

carefreecorey 4 years ago from USA.

Brazil is more visually appealing. More so than the Spanish. I think some teams have possession to attack (say Arsenal) and some use to for defensive purposes (Spain). They should be lauded for their success but to say that they're anything but boring, from a neutral perspective, is a bit of a stretch.

Angelme566 profile image

Angelme566 4 years ago

Football can never be boring , i love football than any other game , the moves , the kicks , rolling and running , it is a great sport.

A great hub you got! Voted up !

Deep Metaphysical profile image

Deep Metaphysical 4 years ago from India

Why do people leave such generic comments? (The previous doesn't have much to do with the hub now innit?) :P

Angelme566 profile image

Angelme566 4 years ago

Still she talks about football...whatever ! July 4th a freedom day right ?

RSamuel92 profile image

RSamuel92 4 years ago from Greece

They may be boring, but, their style is effective... after all they did win. I miss the Spain of 2010 though. They had a bit of spark in them.

Really? 4 years ago

I realise that they are a great team but I think they take all the spirit out of the game. It's like watching a bunch of robots. Nobody is perfect yet they seem to be. I mean what is the point of watching a game if you know who is going to win?? Football should be tense and exciting but you just don't get that when you watch Spain play.

wadestar profile image

wadestar 4 years ago from uk-lincolnshire Author

That's a fair point.

jdmanista profile image

jdmanista 4 years ago from Ladera Ranch, CA

I have to agree with the majority of the people here at Spain that is most definitely not a boring team. They are an extremely talented team which is exciting to watch if you truly enjoy football as a sport. I know that they are different teams in many different ways but I would use Barcelona as an example of how another team makes the game boring. If you look at the second leg of the Champions League semifinals Chelsea had 10 defenders behind the ball the entire game as they attempted to play to a 0-0 tie because they had the lead in away goals. So, I would argue again as has already been stated here that it is not this style that Spain plays that may be conceived as boring, but the way that other teams attempt to combat that title.

jdmanista profile image

jdmanista 4 years ago from Ladera Ranch, CA

Also, to go into your question even further I would suggest that Ireland was by far the most boring team in the Euro championship this year they lost their three games by a combined 9-1 tally and the only thing they had going for them was there rowdy, committed fans. I don't know how you can argue that Spain, the team that won the tournament and destroyed Italy in the final, is anywhere near the most boring team in the soccer.

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