Spear Hunting

Spear hunting is a sport going back to the Stone Age when it wasn’t a sport at all, but an advanced tool for survival and protection if need be.  Today the tradition continues among hunters dedicated to spear hunting as an alternative to using guns or bows.

To supply modern hunters, there are many options available on the market today.  Though the spearheads may be made of technologically advanced materials, the basic concept of the spear is still the same.   A bladed spear tip made of steel or another strong metal is attached to a throwing pole or shaft.  There are more evolved models available however.  For example the Spear Chunker is a four-bladed, all steel spear.  This spear is meant to be used from above the target, with the aid of gravity to bring down the animal being hunted.  The four bladed shaft ensures the spear will be stuck in the animal, and the strong half inch steel won’t be broken off.

This particular model has detailed instructions on its use, and will bring down the largest of animals. The cost for this spear is only $275 dollars including shipping and handling.

Cheaper spears and comparable models are available, but the four-bladed spear is one of the deadliest. Other models for throwing straight on at a greater distance feature long spaded blades mounted on longer shafts. To do a proper job and make a clean kill, a spear needs to be made of superior materials. Replicas and homemade spears, unless created by an expert, are more likely to wound the animal, or worse, do nothing at all.

Many people may wonder why spear hunting is done by anyone in our modern age. After all, with the advances in hunting rifles, why put yourself through so much hassle? To hunt with a spear is an ancient and outdated technique. Not to mention, it couldn’t possibly be more effective than a gun or a powerful compound bow, could it?

Actually, with a skilled spear hunter, and a well made spear, the kill can be acquired just as with a bow. As far as the draw to spear hunting, like any type of hunting, it is the excitement of the challenge. Hunters that have become expert at killing with a gun and bow my not find the hunt worthwhile or challenging enough any longer, and take up hunting with spears to test their physical and mental limits in the most primitive manner of hunting.


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