Specialized Allez - The ULTIMATE Review

Specialized Allez - the bike range for all budgets.

If you are on the market for a new road bike, odds are you fall into one of two groups of people; Those that can comfortably spend north of $1000, and those who need a little more bang for their buck. The Allez range of bicycles by Specialized speak for themselves, in that they are seemingly the only road bike praised by both elite road racers and frugal city slickers alike. Whether you'll favor the race-inspired Allez Elite, the ultra-tech S-Works Allez D12, or an Allez sport for its proven performance, Specialized continues to excel in their market with a combination of thoughtful packaging and master craftsmanship.

The classic Allez 'Elite'.
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The classic Allez 'Elite'.

We know it looks great, but how good is the hardware?

Let's have a look at the hardware Allez bikes are comprised of - A1 premium aluminum frames, with meticulously engineered tube shaping and welding for ideal aerodynamics. AXIS wheelsets deliver tight handling and do a good enough job of absorbing bumps on unkempt roads. For tires, Allez's standard Espoir brand are adept at hugging on corners and resist punctures with their additional blackbelt protection.

Allez bikes pick from a menu of always-reliable Shimano gearsets and brakesets, which many will tell you is the best for your money. The smooth sound and transition you get from shifting through gears is satisfying, and the level of responsiveness when braking is invaluable for downhill coasting or maneuvering traffic. In addition, Allez models come packaged with a compact chainset, enabling the rider to more easily conquer those steep hills or accelerate quickly.

Allez's stiff frame and 10-speed Tiagra transmission lends it the raw acceleration you need to burst through green lights, while its responsive 105 caliper Shimano braking will halt you in a pinch. Most models weighs around 20 pounds, which is slightly heavy for some but over-all manageable and decent. Allez bikes are fashioned to ride smooth and quiet, built without excess proportions at the seat and handlebars.

Will the Allez go fast? This video should answer that question.

Why the Specialized Allez gives you more 'bang for your buck' than other bikes.

One of the reasons for Specialized's ability to utilize quality specs while keeping its price tag down is that they manufacture much of their own hardware rather than outsourcing. Their own standard is respectably high, and through this method they have also been able to increase specification and uniqueness of brand. Indeed, within their niche in the cycling world the Allez range of bikes seemingly stands a head above its competition, having balanced the line of pairing a high end bike with a price tag that won't terrify you; Costs fluctuate from roughly $800 to $1200, depending on your preferences.

Allez sport compact
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Allez sport compact

Classically good looking.

So Allez bikes have the price, they have the hardware, but do they have the looks? Often it is the bike that stands out aesthetically that sticks in the buyers mind, and in this distinction Allez holds the trophy. No other bikes in its price range look as good, from its sharp proportions to its clean welds. Its build is more squared and compact, with seemingly immaculate proportions that make other bikes look too long or imbalanced.

The uniqueness of an Allez's appeal should really be underlined. When you disregard its quality, reputation of brand and variety of specification, you're still left with a bike that looks attractive and distinct. The thin, arching upper tube paired with a thicker, masculine lower tube gives it a professional appeal that appreciates it above other bikes in its class.

Specialized Allez comparison table

Allez S-Works
Shimano Di2
Shimano Dura-Ace
Allez Elite
Shimano Tiagra
Axis 1.0
Allez Sport
Shimano Sora
Axis 1.0
Allez 2015
Shimano Claris
Allez Race
Shimano 105
Shimano R561
These details change from year to year, so to get the latest specifications for all models please check the link at the foot of this page.

Which Allez is right for me?

There is also some interesting variation in the look and feel of Allez' different models, though all of them carry a comparable level of performance. The Elite is tight and compact, responds eagerly and has a slimmed-down, sleek appeal. The Allez sport fits in aesthetically with other road bikes, but you're still likely to stand out and zip by the rest with a few MPH to spare. The S-Works Allez D12 offers advances in performance technology with carbon forking and CLX 40 carbon wheels for control at top speeds, and it carries a "tankier" chrome appeal.

So, while the Allez may be an affordable road bike, one should not make the mistake of thinking it is for casual riders; Its specs are meant for sustained speeds of 10-15 MPH. The high, flat seat and low handlebars encourage the biker to "engage" the ride rather than sit back and coast, and many have commented on the comfort of riding for long periods.


In conclusion, Allez bikes stand firmly atop their own tier; Affordable and right at that fringe of top-end hardware and performance. Serious cycling city commuters can unite behind the myriad of possibilities that Specialized offers; Whether it's a daily commute or a relentless pace to push your limits, you're not likely to feel or look better on the roads than you will atop an Allez.

Find out more at www.allez.rocks

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