Spinner Bait: Different Styles for Different Fish

A spinnerbait is a fishing lure that has a blade or several blades that spin to mimic the movements of a small fish. The spinnerbait is the most commonly used lure and is available in many different types, each one specifically designed to be used in different fishing techniques and conditions.

There are two parts to a spinnerbait lure, the hook, the function of which is obvious, and the blade. There are several varieties of blades that each has varying spin speeds. As well as different shapes, there are also different sizes, colors and patterns.

Flash and vibration are the two main attributes of the spinnerbait lure. Flash refers to the amount of light reflected by the moving blades, while vibration is the rhythm created by the rotation of the blades.

The four most popular blades are the Colorado blade, the Willow Leaf blade, the Oklahoma blade and the Indiana blade.

The Colorado blade is spoon shaped and round. This wide blade creates the most vibration and can lure a fish from a long way off. Most fisherman will use this lure at times of low visibility such as nighttime or when fishing in murky water.

The Willow Leaf is a narrow blade, long like it’s namesake. It is used mainly in areas where the fish would be able to see it clearly, as it relies more on flash than vibration. The Willow Leaf blade is almost flat, makes small movements and is often used in the “safety pin” combination with the Colorado blade.

Similar to the Willow Leaf blade is the Oklahoma blade. It is shorter and rounder and produces more vibration. This blade is used to attract fish that are predatory in deeper water by use of sound.

The Indiana blade combines the qualities of the Willow Leaf and the Colorado blades. It is narrow like the Willow Leaf, but has the rounded shape of the Colorado blade. This blade is used mainly on in-line spinners.

The three most widely used spinnerbait combinations are the tail spinner, the safety pin and the in-line spinner.


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