Australia versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Sydney

Dilshan respected nobody

Sri Lankan opener Dilshan Tillakaratne has become a violent attacker
Sri Lankan opener Dilshan Tillakaratne has become a violent attacker | Source

Lanka lions tame the kangaroos

No Other Side Had Slaughtered the Aussies in Recent Times

What a breathtaking match it was! Australian batsman, one after the other, took the procession to the pavilion by turns. And then the Lanka lions massacred Lee & Company to not only win the match, but to win it in style and good time to earn a bonus point. Never an Australian side had been slaughtered in Australia by any team in the recent memory, as per my memory could remember.

Last Match Was a Thriller

The last duel between the two sides produced a tantalising finish. At one time it looked like a sure Aussie win with Sri Lanka having lost nine wickets and all their main batsmen back in the pavilion. But the versatile all rounder Angelo Mathews and Prasad engaged themselves in a last wicket partnership that threatened to snatch the victory from the Aussies. Finally, when Mathews was dismissed while trying to go for a big hit, the Aussie fans and players heaved a sigh of relief. Even if Sri Lanka had won that match, it would have been a victory marked with grit, determination and luck.

Thomson and Lillee Broke the Sri Lankans’ Head

But this match at Sydney was an authoritative win for Sri Lanka. I rejoiced for not only the Sri Lankan win, but also the Aussie defeat. Whenever Australia and Sri Lanka play, my mind always remembers the 1975 World Cup group match between the two sides. In that match, Jeff Thomson and Denis Lillee broke the heads of several Sri Lankan batsmen. But Sri Lanka gamely fought and lost only by a small margin. At that time, Sri Lanka was not even a test playing country and was not at all a strong side. Even then the Aussies headed by Ian Chappell resorted to breaking the Lankans’ heads instead of taking wickets. Having watched that match, I always tend to pray for a Sri Lankan victory when they meet Australia. In Lahore, Sri: Lanka lifted the World Cup by defeating Australia in the finals in 1996. I rejoiced their victory.

David Hussey

David Hussey is in good  nick
David Hussey is in good nick | Source

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Sri Lanka Massacres Australia

Even a Sick Lion Commands Respect in the Forest

I had earlier written that India had exposed the myth of the Aussie invincibility. Time and again, I have written that this present Australian side is not as strong as the side in the seventies led by Ian Chappell or in the eighties led by Alan Border. So far the teams had been afraid of Australia because of its strong brand image the same way as other animals are afraid of even a sick lion lying down in the forest, unable to move. During the match against Sri Lanka at Adelaide, the Aussie weakness was exposed to a certain extent. When India played Australia at the same venue, the Aussie myth cracked. But still the Indian win was by no means an authoritative one. Dhoni had lady luck also smiling at him.

Dilshan Respected Nobody

But the Sri Lankan victory now is truly phenomenal. Dilshan hit out at Lee from the beginning. He respected nobody. Sangakkara also hit some fine shots including a six off Doherty. Doherty was not given any respect this time by the Lankans. I was curious to know how the Lankans will fare against Doherty after they showed some weakness against Ravichandran Ashwin of India in their earlier match. But the Lankan top order batsmen never showed any respect or weakness against any Aussie bowler. Captain Jayawardene stayed put with 61 off 67 balls. Jaayawardene and Dinesh Chamdimal stayed together when the Lankans posted their victory.

David Hussey Is In Good Nick

What is the next in waiting? The Sri Lankans will confidently take on India in their next match. The Aussies will take India with nervousness and uncertainty notwithstanding the excellent form of David Hussey. India should plan and utilise this confusion in the Aussie camp to press for yet another victory.

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