Standard Operating Procedure - SOPs


MultiCam Man Uses an SOP to Catch Some Z's

Doing things the same way, or in the same order each time, may be boring, but it can help with organization - with sleep patterns - and with efficiencies in general.

Here are a few examples, with associated clichés:

Never lose your keys. Not sure if "lose your keys" is a cliché, but if not, it should be because this is probably the best example of how a routine can save your life (not literally, although maybe if you were in an emergency situation that required you to drive your own car). I keep my car and apartment keys stuck in the lock on the inside of my door from the minute I arrive home - otherwise they are on a small carabiner key ring hanging on a belt loop during the day. Of course, I have to remember to grab them as I walk out the door, but they are always there to "find." Restated: They are never lost. Similarly, my front pocket wallet is always placed in the same location on my nightstand at my place in Budapest at night. See what I mean? The moment that you violate the rule and put your keys or wallet on the counter, coffee table - is the moment you start looking for them.

Ditto on your toolshed. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place. With the general idea being that you can find a particular tool when you need it. Kids and immature adults are the biggest violators of a home policy such as this. Don't scream at them for being irresponsible when they don't do it. Just set a good example and always do it yourself (they'll eventually catch on, or not; people learn the best lessons from their own mistakes).

Filing cabinets and firesafe boxes. Filing cabinets are great paperwork consolidators (in Europe they often replace filing cabinets with shelves stacked with large binders, but that's another story). I keep my valuable paperwork in a fireproof box, and instruction manuals for electronics and beyond in a single drawer.

Go to bed at the same time every night. A portion of the routine you use to put yourself to sleep at night - to ensure that you are fully rested for the next day - is sticking to a pattern of nodding off at approximately the same time every night. The rest of the SOP, of course, is the small to-do list that relaxes your soul before you put on your pajamas: Hot bath or shower; toothbrush activity; check home security; read a book to bore yourself to sleep - stuff like that. (Healthy, wealthy, and wise - almost forgot the cliché.)

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