Successful Cricket predictions 94% accurate forecast

Successful Cricket predictions 94% accurate forecast

Successful Cricket predictions 94% accurate forecast

The predictions on Cricket World Cup 2011 are 94% accurate till today.

The predictions clearly indicate the major upset of this world cup….

  • The Ireland victory against England on 2nd March 2011.
  • The Bangladesh victory against England 0n 11th March 2011

Rudr feels that 26th February to 4th March, 11th and 12thMarch, 17th to 20th March is the dates on which upsets are likely, so this will be the time to watch out.

This was just FREE stuff so think what subscribers get.

The win South Africa on India also is their. The whole predictions also include New Zealand victory on Pakistan and Bangladesh victory on Ireland.

Match Result predictions are accurate 94% and forecast of Toss 58% accurate.

This is the power of Vedic Astrology……..

This is the one and only Predictive Science which can do this kind of forecast.

The major upsets (minor teams beat the big team) in cricket world cup predicted before world cup starts.

Know ready for Knockout stage of forecast Cricket World Cup and Predictions on Indian Premier League 2011 (IPL2011) 

Predictions Cricket World Cup 2011 Quarter Final Forecasts

The Schedules of Quarter Final and Semi Final of the cricket world cup 2011 might be change in the condition of the host country rule. Hosts India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will play their knock-out matches at home if they get past the preliminary rounds in the World Cup. But if two host countries draw each other, the team placed higher in the pre-tournament seeding will get preference. The host country rule will also apply for the semi-finals in Colombo on March 29 and Mohali on March 30.

So the predictions of quarter final matches and the semi final matches will be done after the final results of first stage and particular fix dates declaration.

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maulikbhatt profile image

maulikbhatt 5 years ago from Ahmedabad Author


Cricket world cup 2011 now in final stage.

For Cricket Team are there in semifinal of cricket world cup 2011.

1.Sri Lanka Cricket team

2.Pakistan Cricket team

3.New Zealand Cricket team

4.India Cricket team

Cosmic energy on semifinal’s days is good for all four teams. So semifinals will be very crucial. The final eleven and toss is important for semifinals. Semifinals are very much uncertain,

Cosmic energy on 2nd April 2011, the final of cricket world cup 2011 is most favorable for New Zealand cricket team and India Cricket team. On that date Sri Lanka cricket has normal cosmic energy and Pakistan cricket has not good cosmic energy.

So if Pakistan will play the final they have to work hard to win the world cup. Sri Lanka has good chance if they pick every opportunity perfectly. India and New Zealand have good cosmic energy and so get good supports. But if they play against each other than anyone can win the final.

Semifinals are very critical because every team has almost equal cosmic energy, Pakistan has genuine chance to beat India and New Zealand also can do something.

This is the scrutiny from my experience but not predictions.

Predictions will be done before match and subscribers get the best.


AMMAr 5 years ago

100% accurate forecast ! Pakistan and srilanka will play final and Pakistan will beat srilanka and Pakistan will be declared ICC champion for next four years.

Inshallah ! just remember me on 2nd April,11.


maulikbhatt profile image

maulikbhatt 5 years ago from Ahmedabad Author


Successful & Great Predictions of Cricket World Cup 2011 through Vedic Astrology

By Maulik Bhatt – Consultant Predictive Science

•The Match Results Predictions are more than 95%

•The Toss Results Predictions are more than 63%

We have done it very successfully once again,

46 out of 48 matches

We predict 10 matches that is remarkable includes


1.26th Feb Pakistan beat Sri Lanka Very close and every one talk about SL win this is first one

2.27th Feb The TIE match India VS England

3.2nd March Ireland beat England, very major upset

4.11th march Bangladesh Beat England, other major upset

5.12th March South Africa Beat India, very close and last over change upset

6.17th March England beat West Indies, England in knockout stage because of this

7.19th March Pakistan beat Australia, the big win of this tournaments

8.24th March, India Beat Australia, very uncertain and big match of CWC 2011

9.25th March, New Zeeland beat South Africa, The biggest upset of CWC 2011

10.30th March, India Beat Pakistan, final before the final CWC2011

Know ready for Predictions Indian Premier League 2011,

IPL 2011 Forecasts


maulikbhatt profile image

maulikbhatt 5 years ago from Ahmedabad Author


Predictions ICC cricket World Cup 2011 Final Forecasts

Kindly go to the link


Ranbir 5 years ago

101% sure.....i can bet anything for the win of Sri Lanka.....Lanka will take the trophy

Tushar Gupta 4 years ago

can u predict for the results of ipl season 5 matches??

amar 4 years ago

what about predictions of ipl 5 matches going on????????/

vikram 4 years ago

wht abt india vs england firest test match

asif 4 years ago

australia westindies 2013

J.B.ZALA 3 years ago

KKR v Daredevils at Kolkata

Apr 3, 2013


rahul 3 years ago

kkr vs delhi???


Suvra 3 years ago

Who will win today?

Kkr vs Rcb and

Pune vs Delhi ...

Raj 3 years ago

who will win today match csk vs dd 18/04/13

sef 3 years ago

rcb nd punjab

profile image

TARUN1620 3 years ago

who will win today's match

profile image

TARUN1620 3 years ago

who will win today's match delhi v/s kolkata and hyderabad v/s mumbai on 01/05/2013

suresh 3 years ago

who will today match csk vs kxi and RCB Vs PWI

kalyan 3 years ago

who will win in mi &sh match??

Hem Singh 2 years ago

Cricket match tips

a prakesh 2 years ago

T20world cup 2014 match result

sunny 2 years ago

Add Your Comment..who will win today rr or kxivp

asish das 2 years ago

Who will win today..ipl 2014..csk vs dd

swaroop 2 years ago

who will win csk vs dd

prajval 2 years ago

who will won the tommarow toss

prajval 2 years ago

who will won the tommarow toss

yugguuu 2 years ago

aaj kon jeetega re rcb or rr mein se ???

sunny 2 years ago

Aj kon jeeta ga

Dipton 2 years ago

Ipl sunrise vs munbai who win?

Kumar 2 years ago

Who will win today match

manish 2 years ago

Who will win today's match csk vs kkr

kunal 2 years ago

Who win today match Mumbai vs punjab

bhushan 2 years ago


ashok 2 years ago

Who will win today csk & rcb

utkarsh 2 years ago

who will win today DD or KIXP

Praveen 2 years ago

visit You will get match session and lambi contact in whatsapp lancashire won thrilly super prediction by ajay sir i am hats up for him

ajay yadav 23 months ago

today match toss

Md dalowar 23 months ago

tomorrow k jitbe

amar 22 months ago

Who will win today match DD vs RR

ravi sharma 22 months ago

Who will win today's first match

Ranjith 22 months ago

Who will win today's ipl match 2015

prashanth 22 months ago

Today r r win tha match

Arf ali 22 months ago

Rr vs csk

win match csk

Siddhartha nigam 22 months ago

Win match DD

akash 22 months ago

Ye sab galat hai

Bablu singh 22 months ago

Aaj kon jite ga ipl match m DD or Mi m

manav 22 months ago

Who will win today's ipl match on 29-5-15

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