Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl 43 2009

Super Bowl

Why: Because football rockz!

We always need a great reason to party!

This is it boyz & girlz!

My all time favorite Bud Commercial! So it's not a Super Bowl commercial but hey it's funny! Watch and enjoy! Send it on to all your friends!

break down of the starters for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers. Click on a player for analysis of how each will impact the game.

Excitement to come..

Are you exciteable?

Are you excited?

Are you excited?

Super Bowl XLIII is here!

As the event approaches and more people become aware that we are in the mist of yet another great wrap up to the football season the excitement is reaching an almost orgasmic capacity. Yes you heard me correctly the excitement levels in and around super bowl XLIII-43 is about to boil over. From the house on the corner to the actual white house we are all gearing up to have our Super Bowl Parties this year. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a party a case of beer and a bag of pretzels will suffice as long as the Super Bowl is on your tv no one will really care. Here we are waiting, anticipating we can't hardly wait for kick off. We are like an unquenchable thirst that only a bud can calm. Sorry Coors fans this is for me at least a Bud moment! Budweiser is definitely the king of my beers! Sorry other beer fans my loyalty lies with Bud, I even like the bud Lime oh la la baby! One thing is for sure of if you don't have a thrill running up your leg over Super Bowl 43 then you anint American just kidding don't get upset but if you are reading this you got your friends on speed dial waiting for the big day! Enjoy the game guys!

Super Bowl XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers VS Arizona Cardinals

Date February 1, 2009 Stadium Raymond James Stadium

CityTampa, Florida -The excitement is in Florida folks!

Favorite: Steelers by 7 yep by 7 I said!

National anthem Jennifer Hudson I love Jennifer Hudson she is awesome!

Coin toss Roger Craig, John Elway and Lynn Swann

Halftime show Bruce Springsteen ( I'm not so sure of this pick but what the hey, you can be sure we will not have an exciting wardrobe malfunction this year, DARN.) and the E Street Band

Attendance TV in the United States Network NBC Announcers Al Michaels (play-by-play), John Madden (color), Andrea Kremer and Alex Flanagan (sideline reporters)

Don't forget to enjoy the all famous Super Bowl Commercials! Wahoo who can forget them? We will most likely be talking about them for the next year.


Quick update* The game was awesome! STEELERS 27, CARDINALS 23

This is the 6th Super Bowl win for the Steelers Congrats guys for a great game!


Pittsburgh Steelers

Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl 2009

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Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 7 years ago

This sure is going to be an amazing game, I always get a kick out of the super bowel commercials.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

Me too lol they always crack me up.

it's gonna be an exciting game I can't wait.

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