Surfcasting: New Jersey

Surf Casting the Jersey Shore

When people think of New Jersey they think about the Sopranos, Snooki and the Jersey Shore, and our local football teams, the New York Giants and Jets. But for a surf fisherman, New Jersey provides some of the best on the entire east coast.

The New Jersey Shore offers a good amount of structure. With consistent autumn and winter storms, the shoreline from Sandy Hook to Cape May is always changing. Northeasters pick up enormous amounts of sand and dump it at different locations on the beach. This reshaping causes new troughs and structure for bait fish to hide.

You can catch a variety of fish in New Jersey especially in the late summer. But the big four that everyone fishes for are striped bass, fluke, bluefish, and weakfish. This is our grand slam of fishing as most of these fish, except the very oily bluefish, offer outstanding table fare.

For beginners, you can keep your gear relatively simple. All you need is a eight foot surf fishing rod and a variety of lures such as: metal lures, shallow diving swimmers, soft plastic baits, and an occasional hi-lo bait rig if you want to fish with bait.

There are plenty of bait and tackle shops around to give you more specific guidance, so come down for the day and enjoy the great fishing.

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Five One Cows profile image

Five One Cows 5 years ago from Moo Town

Love fishing and useful hub for the north. I'm voting your hub up.

surfcaster2010 profile image

surfcaster2010 5 years ago from Northeast USA Author

Thank you!

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