T-20 World Cup – Australia Vs West Indies Semi-Final

Indians Are Delighted At the Decimation of Aussies

Indians Are Delighted At the Decimation of Aussies
Indians Are Delighted At the Decimation of Aussies | Source

Australia Was Slaughtered By A Sub-Standard West Indies

Australia Crushed To Death

Australia was crushed to death by a sub-standard West Indies in the semi-final of the T-20 World Cup 2012 at Colombo. It was a hearty result and as an Indian, I rejoiced it. The whole of India with a population of more than thousand million people erupted in joy. Sweets were distributed and crackers were burst – not for the victory of West Indies but for the defeat of Australia.

Indians Are Delighted At the Decimation of Aussies

Why were the Indians so happy about Australia’s defeat? There is a strong and sound reason for it. Pakistan is India’s sworn enemy both in cricket field and away from it. During the super eight group match between Australia and Pakistan, Australia deliberately played slow and allowed Pakistan to win. This was with an intention to eliminate India from the T-20 tournament. Australia achieved in its aim and India was eliminated from the competition.

Australia Deliberately Lost To Pakistan

Australia played a subdued game against Pakistan and allowed Pakistan to score freely. They deliberately misfielded and allowed many boundaries for the Pakistan batsmen. Australia needed around 150 runs to win the match. But they batted slowly which was against their nature. They needed 112 runs to qualify for the semi-final. After reaching this target, Australia could have accelerated to at least try to win the match. But they played every ball defensively. What was the reason?

Indians’ Blood Boiled

If Australia accelerated, its total runs would have increased. That would have reduced the run rate for Pakistan. That would have favoured India. In other words, Australia not only wanted to qualify for the semi-final, but also to eliminate India and favour India’s arch enemy Pakistan to qualify for the semi-final. Millions of Indians were seething with rage at this Aussie attitude.

Australia Was Slaughtered By A Sub-Standard West Indies

Even before Australia took on West Indies, prayers were conducted in all the temples in India by the fans for the defeat of Australia. People prayed for not only the defeat of Australia but also for the complete decimation of the Australian team at the hands of the West Indies. Their prayers were positively answered by the almighty Lord Ganesha. Even though West Indies opened their innings on a subdued note, losing the wicket of Charles early, they started their domination from then on. Chris Gayle stayed till the end and scored a blistering 75 runs off 41 balls. Doherty was literally slaughtered by Kieron Pollock in the last over of the match which saw West Indies score shooting past the 200 mark. Sixes and boundaries were scored by the West Indies batsmen at their free will. Australia was massacred before the Colombo crowd. Australian team were made to look like a fifth division league team playing for a Chennai club in India.

Australia Suffered Humiliation

The Australian wickets fell not to the wiles and guiles of a master bowler like Sunil Narine but to other mediocre bowlers like RamPaul, Samuels etc. Had the Australian captain Bailey not scored a blistering sixty plus runs, Australia would have been bundled out for less than 100 runs. Even their captain’s knock could not save them from the ignominy of getting defeated by a wide margin of 74 runs which is a shameful performance in T-20 brand of cricket.

I Pray For an England Win In the Ashes Series

The Aussie route is complete. My heart is content. The Gods have answered the Indians’ prayer positively. I only wish that the Aussies should be massacred by their arch enemy England during the coming Ashes series. We all pray for an England win in both test cricket as well as in one day matches and T-20 games between England and Australia

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