T-20 World Cup – Australia Vs West Indies Semi-Final Preview

Gayle Can Decimate Any Attack

Gayle Can Decimate Any Attack
Gayle Can Decimate Any Attack | Source
Gayle Can Decimate Any Attack
Gayle Can Decimate Any Attack

Australia Indulged In Match Fixing

Clive Lloyd Hit A Superb Century in the World Cup Final at Lord’s

Australia and West Indies are clashing in the semi-final of the T-20 World Cup today. Three decades back, West Indies was an excellent match for Australia. In those days, Australia vs West Indies matches were very interesting with nail biting finishes. The first ever tied test at Brisbane in 1960 was played between Australia and West Indies captained by Frank Worrell. The first ever World Cup in cricket in 1975 saw Australia clashing with West Indies at Lords. It was a thriller. Clive Lloyd, the West Indies captain scored a century ably supported by Rohan Kanhai. Australia gallantly chased the target. In the end they lost the match only by 18 runs. Even the last wicket partnership between Jeff Thomson and Denis Lillee promised hope for Australia. Vivian Richards’ athletic fielding saw four or five run outs at Lord’s.

Australia Is Also Deprived of Great Players like Chappell Brothers

But after great players like Clive Lloyd, Alvin Kallicharran, Vivian Richards, Roy Fredericks, Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Joel Garner, Colin Croft and others retired, West Indies faded out. It could not regain the glory of the past. Today’s West Indies team captained by Dareen Sammy is no match to the match winning combination of yesteryears. But by the same token, Australia has also lost much charm. They do not have fast bowlers of the calibre of Jeff Thomson and Denis Lillee today. They do not have aggressive stroke players like Ian Chappell, Greg Chappell, Doug Walters, Ross Edwards, Ian Redpath etc. They have no wicket keeper like Rodney Marsh. Doherty is no match to Ashley Mallett.

Australia Indulged In Match Fixing

But one cannot be dwelling on the past for too long for it will be boring. Bygones are bygones. The glorious years of the past will never come back. We have to be satisfied with what it is today. Today’s Australia as well as West Indies teams are both sub-standard teams. On paper, Australia looks better balanced side than West Indies. Watson and Warner are in great form. Australia’s fast bowlers are distinctly superior compared to West Indies. Australia had trounced their opponents in the current tournament with great authority except against Pakistan which they lost because of match fixing.

Gayle Can Decimate Any Attack

But West Indies has Gayle. If a Gail storm erupts, it is difficult to face it. On his day, Gayle is capable of winning any match for his side against any opponent because of his big hitting. Pollard is also a big hitter and scored a fine century against Australia when the latter visited the Caribbean Islands for a test series recently. Dareen Sammy can also hit some great shots at the end to push the score. But even if all these players click and West Indies posts a good total, they do not have bowlers of calibre to bowl out or contain Australian batsmen, except perhaps Sunil Naraine. Naraine is difficult to hit and his four overs are crucial for West Indies. If he runs through the top order Australia batting in his opening spell, then Australia will find it difficult to recover. West Indies also has the advantage of an athletic fielding.

I Pray Lord Ganesha for a West Indies Win Today

I am an Indian and my heart is with the West Indies team. Australia indulged in a match fixing to favour Pakistan, India’s arch enemy. Enemy’s friend is also an enemy. If Australia crashes out of the T-20 match, I will feel elated as I felt elated when Pakistan crashed out yesterday. Whether this will happen is doubtful but I only pray my God Lord Ganesha to give the West Indies players the power and His blessings to crush Australia in today’s semi-final match

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Greenblood profile image

Greenblood 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Haa haa "Australia indulged in a match fixing to favour Pakistan, India’s arch enemy"

So it is Pakistan or Australia's fault that India is not in the semis?

How Can I count the excuses by Indian fans for their early exist ?

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to Greenblood:

It is not Pakistan's fault that India exited. Pakistan can in no way be blamed for it. But it was deliberate match fixing which is illegal in the game of cricket indulged by Australia that was responsible for India's exit. Had Australia played their normal game and lost, they cannot be blamed for it. For those who watched that match, it was plain clear that Australia was deliberately slowing down their innings with an intention to favour Pakistan. Therefore Australia is responsible for India's exit from the competition. However Pakistan cannot be blamed for this. They simply used the chance that came their way and advanced to the semifinal which is not an illegal or immoral act.

Greenblood profile image

Greenblood 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

So what would Australia have expected by getting Pakistan in semis instead of India ?

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to Greenblood

I do not know about Australia's expectations in getting Pakistan in semis instead of India. I cannot read what was in the minds of the Aussies. But one thing is quite sure. Without a motive, without an expectation, they would never have done this mean act. I can only guess what could have been their motive.

Gambling clubs in London and Dubai would have wanted Pakistan to win the match. Sensing that in the normal course of play it would be improbable if not impossible for Pakistan to beat Australia, they might have bribed the Australian cricket board officials to make their team deliberately lose to Pakistan. In other words, money, and that too millions of dollars could have been the motive.

Another motive could be that the Aussies could have considered India more dangerous than Pakistan and so preferred to oust India by losing to Pakistan.

Another motive could be plain jealousy. Indian cricket board is the richest in the world among the cricket playing nations. Money flows like river in the game of cricket in India. Many Australian players regularly play in the Indian Premier League and have seen the huge money flowing in the game in India. This could have arisen a sort of jealousy in their minds and could have motivated them to send India crashing out of T20 by deliberately losing to Pakistan. In other words, the motive could have been plain jealousy.

Another motive could have been taking revenge against India. India defeated Australia and sent it packing out of the World Cup 2011 in the quarter finals. The Aussies could have considered this as a golden opportunity to send India packing out of t20 world cup this time by deliberately losing to Pakistan. In other words, the motive could have been plain revenge.

Indian and Chinese economies are growing whereas the Western economies are either growing too slow or declining. This has made the Westerners to view India and China with aversion. This also could have been the reason for the Aussies' action.

India was playing well in the tournament and was poised to win the cup. If that happened, India could have become the only country to win the One day World Cup and T20 World Cup in succession. This could have produced jealousy in the minds of Aussies to deliberately lose to Pakistan and eliminate India from the competition.

I have only stated some of the possible motives for the Australian decision to deliberately lose to Pakistan. A combination of these motives mentioned above also could have been the reason. Or there may be motives that do not strike my mind but are responsible for the decision of the Aussies.

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