T-20 World Cup – Sri Lanka Vs West Indies Final – Review

Samuels Blasted Malinga

Samuels Blasted Malinga
Samuels Blasted Malinga | Source

A Batting Pitch Could Have Helped Sri Lanka

How Crowd Was Stunned

West Indies triumphed over Sri Lanka in the T-20 World Cup final held yesterday in Colombo at the Premadasa Stadium before a capacity Sri Lanka crowd which was stunned at the turn of events. West Indies began the innings on a sedate note after winning the toss and deciding to bat first. When West Indies started its innings, there was an expectation that this time also they may cross the 200 mark and give Sri Lanka a tough target to chase. This was because in their semi-final against Australia, West Indies put up a mammoth score of 205.

Sri Lanka Fielding Was Impressive

But nothing of the sort happened. West Indies were struggling to score. In the power play, they lost two wickets including the important wicket of Chris Gayle. They could score only around 25 runs in the 6 overs of power play. Wickets started falling regularly and Sri Lanka bowlers were right on top. Sri Lanka fielding also was impressive unlike in their match against Australia in the semi-final when they dropped many catches and misfielded. It seems Sri Lanka had deliberately prepared a minefield of a pitch to set a trap for the hard hitting West Indies. They succeeded in their aim.

Samuels Blasted Malinga

But at this stage, an unexpected event happened and upset the Sri Lanka calculations. Samuels started hitting the Sri Lanka chief bowler Lasith Malinga hard. He hit Malinga for several sixes and boundaries. Malinga was literally massacred and conceded more than fifty runs in his four overs of spell. Had Malinga bowled economically, Sri Lanka could have won the match. In the end, the blame has to fall on Malinga for letting the grip go. Thanks to Samuels’ blitzkrieg of seventy plus runs, West Indies not only crossed the hundred mark but put up a total of around 140.

Sri Lanka Fell In Its Own Trap

This target of around 140 was very modest by T-20 standards. But Sri Lanka had deliberately set up a minefield in which they fell now. In other words, their strategy boomeranged on them. The trap was set for West Indies. But West Indies came out of the trap thanks to Smauels and Sammy. But Sri Lanka fell in their own trap. Stroke making was difficult on this pitch. Sri Lanka wickets fell one after the other. Mahela Jeyawardene tried to arrest this trend to an extent, but ultimately he too fell holing out a catch to the deep. Kulasekara gave some hope with his big hitting. I remember Kulasekara almost won the match single handed against Australia during the triangular series last year when he hit 73. But this time he could score only 26 runs - the second highest after the captain Jeyawardene. By this time it was clear that West Indies had bagged the cup already. Ultimately they wrapped up the match by 32 runs.

A Batting Pitch Could Have Helped Sri Lanka

Had Sri Lanka prepared a batting pitch, they could have won the match. Dilshan would have provided a base by his aggressive hitting. But with an intention to restrict the West Indies batsmen, Sri Lanka fell in the trap it set up. This was the chief reason for their defeat. Malinga’s poor bowling is only a secondary reason.

I Pray God to Give Defeat to Australia in Every Major Competition

As an Indian, I am very pleased at the outcome of the match for two reasons. First Australia was massacred by the West Indies. Australia indulged in illegal match fixing to favour Pakistan, India’s arch enemy and deliberately lost that match to eliminate India. Indians were thrilled when West Indies massacred Australia in the semi-final. Australia plotted against India. But it was slaughtered by West Indies, a team which consisted of many players of Indian origin. Even the name West Indies resembles India. People of Indian origin live in sizeable numbers in many of the Caribbean Islands. One can call West Indies as second India. Australia illegally and immorally plotted against India to favour its arch enemy Pakistan. But the second India massacred and punished them for this act. Indians celebrated by distributing sweets and bursting crackers at the exit of the Aussies from the T-20 World Cup. The second reason why I am pleased at the result of the match is because West Indies are winning a cup after many years. Clive Lloyd’s West Indies won the World Cup in 1979. That was their last major success. I wish Dareen Sammy and the West Indies squad for more successes in the coming years. Sri Lanka is India’s friend. I am sorry that they came to the final only to lose the match. Better luck to them next time. I also wish and pray God to give defeat to Australia in all major competitions in the coming years

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vaidy 4 years ago

Congratulations for predicting the outcome of the finals. The author had predicted a west Indies win when most of us thought Sri Lanka would walk away with the cup.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Thank you Vaidy. Best wishes

chandrasekaran 4 years ago

A very well written report

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to chandrasekaran

Thank you for your appreciation. Best wishes to you

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