Tammy Pies - IFBB Pro Figure Competitor

Former IFBB Figure Competitor Tammy Pies

This lovely young lady is a former IFBB Figure Competitor, Cincinnati Ohio's Tammy Pies.
Tammy got her IFBB Pro Card at the 2005 Junior Nationals, where she took first place in B class.

(Okay I know that I throw a lot of these terms around without thinking in my articles, so let me clarify this for you this a bit in case you don't know. Getting your Pro Card means that you have won qualifying competitions as an amateur and have earned a "pro card" from the IFBB. And that is what makes you an IFBB Pro)

Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies

Now let's get back to Tammy.

Like a lot of other female fitness competitors and figure competitors that I have written about in the past, Tammy had to overcome illness to get to where she is today.
Back in 2001, she contracted a parasite that made her very ill for almost two years.
She went to MDs that couldn't figure out what was wrong, and she was finally correctly diagnosed and treated by a holistic healer.
After eight weeks, the herbs that the healer gave her cured her, and the illness she had for over a year and a half vanished.
After that Tammy plunged into fitness training, and that is what lead to her first competition.

That competition was the 2004 Ohio State Figure Championships where she won her class and overall.

Although Tammy no longer competes,she has started her own company TPies Enterprise LTD and she has developed a line of All Natural Tanning Products called Elite Tan.

Tammy's contest history:
2004 - Ohio State Figure Championships - Overall
2004 - Natural Northern USA Figure Championships - Overall
2005 - Junior USA Figure Championships - B Class 8th Place
2005 - Pittsburgh Figure Championships - Overall
2005 - Junior Nationals - B Class 1st Place - Earned Pro Card
2005 - New York Pro Figure Championships - 8th Place
2005 - North American Pro Figure Championships - 7th Place
2006 - Arnold Classic Figure International - 16th Place

Tammy is five foot three, has brown hair and blue-green eyes and her measurements are 36-24-35.

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Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
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Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies
Tammy Pies

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hypnodude profile image

hypnodude 6 years ago from Italy

She's the dark hair counterpart to Mindi Smith. :) Beside obviously the great pics I've found interesting that she's been healed by a holistic healer. Great hub Sabreblade.

Celebrity Smiling 5 years ago

Female Fitness And Beauties Body OK?

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

No Celebrity is not okay to totally copy someone's blogs word for word and republish them.

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