Tench British Record & Fishing for Big Tench Tips

4lb Tench
4lb Tench

Tench Fishing UK

Tench Fishing is becoming a more and more popular choice of angling in the UK - Mainly amongst anglers that like a challenge, a great fight, and like to fish for something different other than carp! Tench fishing really does test an anglers ability and can prove to be extremely rewarding.

Tench Facts

  • The British Record Tench currently stands at just over 15lb's in weight. This was a fantastic fish that is unlikely to be bettered any time soon.
  • Tench are a very shy species of fish.
  • Not many anglers ever catch a small tench (below 1lb). Have you?

Bigger tench tend to be found in gravel pits where the water goes deeper and the tench have more room to grow and to feed. Gravel pits are also good for spawning, and produce lots of weeds and under water plants to protect the small fish. In gravel pits you will also find plenty of shrimps, snails and slugs, which become a natural food source for the tench.

Most average size of the most comonly caught tench is around the 4-5lb mark. Not many lakes in the UK hold tench that go above 10lb. However there are 2 fantastic lakes that hold some big tench, and these are Horseshoe lakes, and The Warren Gravel Pits.

Simple tips to improve your chances of catching tench

  • Tench like simple baits such as maggots, worms, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, pellets. Fish with these baits for a better chance of attracting a tench.
  • Look out for Tench bubbles - this is a fantastic indication for tench, as they are generally bottom feeders and produce bubbles like no other fish when they are feed.
  • Keep mobile and keep moving, 5 minutes spent in right swim is better than 5 hours spent in the wrong swim.
  • Fish the bottom when fishing for tench as they love to hog the bottom.
  • Rake out a weedy swim and offer some free bait. Watch the tench come to investigate!

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