Tench Fishing Tips

 Tench Fishing can be one of the most rewarding types of fishing but at the same time one of the hardest types of fishing. The Tench are a veryshy species of fish and they can become almost unfindable and uncatchable at certain times of the year. You might find yourself asking "Is there even any tench in this lake?". The answer usually is yes. There are Tench in most lakes up and the country, some that never ever get caught.

Tench are different to the carp. They are much shyer, more timid and more fussy when it comes to feeding. The tench will not compete for food in the same way that carp do and therefore this makes them harder to catch. Tench prefer natural baits, that look natural. They can be caught on boilies and pellets, just like carp because in many lakes this is become a natural food source for the fish as anglers continue to use them. However if you are targettting tench then you would not use boilies nor pellets.

Baits to catch Tench - The best baits to catch tench on are anything that has a natural look to it. Worms, maggots, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and chickpeas are excellent baits. I discovered last year that chickpeas can catch awsome amounts of tench. I made up some chickpeas that i would be targetting carp with and baited up a lake for a few weeks. When i came to fish it the tench went absolutely mad for it, and were beating the carp to the bait, so its well worth giving it a go.

Fish Deep - You are always better of fishing deep for tench. As mentioned they are not as easy as other fish to catch and can sense when something does not look right. Therefore you are best fishing the bottom as most natyural baits that enter a river or lake will naturally sink to the bottom. It would be unlikely that you would catch a tench fishing 1 meter from the bottom on a pop up boilie, because quite frankly they are a little to intelligent for that.

Close in Keep Quiet - It is important that you keep quiet if you are fishing close in for tench because as soon as they hear you they will stop feeding if they sense that something is not quite right.  Usually tench can be found in close to the bank scooping up all the natural baits that slide into the water.

Look out for features - Most fish like features but in particular the tench love lilly pads. If you can find a spot with lilly pads then you have a great chance of catching a tench. They love anywhere that they can hide and feel safe, so keep this in mind.

Fish at the right time - You are best fishing for tench between July and October. This is because the tench are slightler slower to wake up from their winter sleep! Whereas carp and most other fish wake up around April -May time; the tench will not start feeding properly untill July.  Therefore if you are the type of angler that fishes for different fish throughout the year then make sure that you save some time inbetween these months to fish for tench.

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