The Best Prince Tennis Bags

Anyone who plays tennis knows the importance of a good tennis racquet bag. It`s the home of the racquet's, the shoes, the sweat-bands, the `extra' tennis balls. It keeps things organized and clean; something, for a tennis player, that is mostly uncommon. In a game that's just as mental as physical, having a good tennis racquet bag - although may seem trivial - is actually a fundamental part of your game. It's all mental, of course - but that's half the battle. And prince tennis bags are one of the best solutions.

Imagine if you didn't have a tennis bag. As you walk on court, carrying an array of items, your mind isn't focusing on the match but, instead, is going through a list of things you need for a match.

Tennis shoes: Yes.

Sweatbands: Yes.

Gaterade: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Lucky Coin: Yes.

Tennis Racquets: !

If you had had a prince tennis bag you wouldn't have forgotten the most essential thing; in fact, you would have been thinking about how you were going to ace your opponent on the first point.


What To Look For in a Tennis Racquet Bag

Like all things materialistic in this world, it's important to know what you are spending money on before you buy it. Most of us care about the quality of what we have and not just the quantity - and, for tennis racquet bags, this is especially important.

Some of the features you should consider:

  • Durability: Will the tennis bag be able to handle any kind of weather and conditions. If you lose your temper in a match - don't laugh - will it be able to handle a deadly throw of your racquet. This may seem trivial, but vital for your tennis bag's longevity.
  • Space: How much can you fit in your prince tennis bag? Can it hold two or three racquet's, your tennis shoes, extra shirts, etc? This is very important on keeping everything organized and reducing stress when walking on to the court.
  • Comfort: How does it feel when you carry it? Do the straps hurt your back, or is it comfortable and easy to handle. You want to make sure your tennis racquet bag does not affect you physically in any way.
  • Style: Although this is subjective, style is a very important factor in the life of a tennis player. How does it look in existence with the rest of you? Does it suit you? Does it flow? It may not be important to you, but if you're going to invest a lot of money into a bag, you might as well pick one whose appearance you like.


The Top Prince Tennis Bags

Now that you know the different aspects of a tennis bag you need to look at it, it's time I show you some of the top prince tennis bags out there on the market. All these bags have at least the highest quality in one of the above mentioned features. Before you look through the bags write down which features you think are most important for you; this way - because you are probably indecisive like me - you can easily deduce which bag is most suitable for you.


Prince Sharapova Collection

Price: Around $50

Who Uses it On Tour: Maria Sharapova

This prince tennis bag is designed for female tennis players. It has a main compartment which easily fits three tennis racquet's, as well as a side compartment that can fit other tennis gear. Its main selling point is that has an accessory pocket where one can put there makeup, purse, and cell phone. Not ideal for the serious, all 'focus', tennis player, but a good tennis bag if you're someone who wants to always look good on the court.

The one downside of this extra accessory pocket is that it takes away space from the other spaces. It's kind of like a catch 22.




  • Fits three racquets.
  • Has extra accessory pocket.
  • Looks good and comes in many different colors.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Cheap


  • A bag designed only for female players.
  • Not ideal for some players.
  • Not spacious enough.

Overall Grade: B




  • Can hold 12 racquets, shoes, food and water.
  • Very durable.
  • Cheap for the quality it brings. 
  • Difficult to carry.
  • Too much room for the casual player.
Overall Grade: A-

Prince Tour Team 2010 12 Pack Bag

Price: $100

Who Uses it On Tour:  Monfils

The ultimate bag for a prince tennis fan.  The biggest and most spacious of prince tennis bags, the tour team 2010 can fit up to 12 racquets.  Even after you fill the bag with 12 - if you even have that much - there is still much room to work with.  In the middle there is a special, sealed, compartment where you can put drinks and food.  There is also a pocket specifically designed for shoes, and a removable pocket that can used for additional storage.   It can handle any weather - it has a rain cover if needed - and is very durable.

The biggest downside is also its biggest upside.  If full it can be very difficult and very heavy to carry.  That's what an assistant is for, right?


Prince Volley 3 Pack

Price: $30

Who Uses it On Tour: ---

This is the prince tennis bag for all you casual players. It's the cheapest of prince tennis bags, as well as the easiest to carry and use. Not very big, but uses its space very well, the prince volley 3 pack can hold up to three racquets easily. Additionally it has a large accessory pocket that can hold shoes, an additional racquet, and other tennis goods. Comes in three colors, red, blue and black, and has three straps that can be taken on and off.

The downside is that it's only for the casual and is obsolete for any tournament level player.




  • Great for a casual tennis player.
  • Holds three racquets, as well as has extra space.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Very cheap.


  • Not very durable.
  • Can be a pain if you have many tennis accessories - not very organized.

Overall Grade: B+




  • Convenient and cheap.
  • Looks cool.
  • For its size can hold a lot.


  • At times not very piratical.
  • Not very effective in the rain.

Overall Grade: B

Prince Racquet Backpack Bags

Price: $30

Who Use it On Tour: ---

This is a unique prince tennis bag. Not exactly a bag, but more of a backpack, the prince racquet backpack bags are ideal for a constantly travelling tennis player. Designed very efficiently, it can hold up to two racquets, as well as shoes, and other tennis gear. Fits nicely and easily on our back.

Not really a racquet bag and therefore not ideally good for a high performance player. Great for travelling, though.


Prince EXO3 Backpack Grey/Red/Silver

Price: $50

Who Uses It On Tour: ---

Similar to the Prince Racquet Bag, as seen above, but with a few more features. The longer shoulder straps allow for a convenience not seen in other backpack bags, and the extra padding ensures that your back and arms will never feel uncomfortable; this is especially good if you have to carry your tennis gear a fair distance. The Prince EXO3 backpack also includes embedded rubber logos, something which further improves overall durability of the bag.

A bit more expensive than other backpack bags, but you are paying for more quality.




  • Longer straps for people of all heights.
  • Improved padding.
  • Embedded logos - improved durability.


  • More expensive.
  • Can only fit two racquets.
  • Not suitable for a high performance player.
Overall Grade:  B+




  • Gold lining.
  • Spacious for all sorts of accessories.
  • Durable.


  • Doesn't look very 'professional'.
  • Doesn't have room for tennis shoes.
  • Straps are a bit tiresome.\

Overall Grade: B-

Prince Sharapova Gold 3 Pack Bag

Prince:  $30

Who Uses it on Tour:  Sharapova

Says Sharapova, "First, they are supreme quality tennis bags and totes designed specifically to meet the needs of players. Second, they are gold and who doesn't love gold? It is always in style and these bags look fantastic when they are over the shoulder or in your hand."  This prince tennis bag is everything a tennis player who loves style could ask for.  Spacious enough to easily hold 3 racquets, with additional pockets on both the inside and outside - for cell phones, mp3s and even tennis balls.  The gold lining is an additional plus that won't just look good on you, but will intimidate your opponent as well. 

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dreamreachout 6 years ago

The concept of this hub is very good because if I forget even my sweat bands one day it would be a bad day on the courts!! However, I use an Adidas racquet bag and find it very suitable!! A racquet bag is a must but the brand depends on personal choice!!

Kudos to you for a good hub for tennis lovers!! Cheers!!

vanchen profile image

vanchen 6 years ago from British Columbia Author

Thanks for the comment dreamreach!

Ray 2 years ago

I actually agree with you enilerty, and have always based my business a bit more on that premise. I usually learn the basics of what the clients are going to need (location, length of time, general feeling for the events taking place) and then create my quote for them. Instead of offering package A, B, C, Gold Package, or Silver Package, I generally offer them one price for the photography, and the only question is, Would you like an album with that? Sure, I may not book every wedding that inquires, and possibly it's because of my lack of options but at the same time, I think my clients trust me, they know that I am committed to their satisfaction, and they might even appreciate that out of all the decisions they have to make in planning a wedding that I made this one a bit simpler for them.Thanks for your post, a great illustration!

Nate 2 years ago

Very interesting pscrpeetive-I completely agree. Time is so valuable and there are so many choices. We had a similar experience buying a vacuum this week based on the recommendation of a customer in the store. We are 100% happy with our purchase, and the best part is, I don't keep second guessing the decision because of TMI(which would only waste more time );I just get to enjoy the super clean floors.Speaking from the consumer experience, weddings take so much time to plan, it is nice to turn over whatever you can to an expert someone you trust to do a fabulous job. For wedding photography, when you are confident in what you are talking about and your photographic work is congruent with that level of confidence,it helps to build the trust that puts clients at ease.

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