The 5th Quarter an Inspirational Film about John Abbata

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College football is an exciting sport and from now to New Years, the college season is in full swing. Tailgate parties and a lot of bragging and yelling for our favorite teams. Two of my son's played high school football and our middle son son who is visually impaired became a manager for all the sporting events in his school. For almost 10 years, every Friday night during football season, I loaded up my fan seat and grabbed a jacket for those cool evenings to cheer for our boys. Ours were average players and it was never their intent to play beyond those exciting high school years. They had a lot of fun, burned off a lot of energy, made unforgettable memories, and above all each learned more than how to play the game of football but life lessons which continue to reap benefits to this day.

Our youngest was the best player of our three playing linebacker, and tackle. He worked hard at practice and even scored one defensive touchdown during his career. Josh loved the movie Rudy, a college football player who put his whole body and life on the line in practices and never got to play in but one game at Notre Dame University. His work ethic and enthusiam became an inspiration to the team and a movie was made of his career and his dedication as a player. Josh still watches this movie every now and again.

As for me, I still enjoy high school football and with a nephew playing on our local high school team who is a very gifted athlete, Friday nights always involve a trip to the stadium or at least pulling up a live stream of the game on lour local radio station. I am also a big fan of Wake Forest University football. Wake is an ACC team and the competition is always tough. Several years ago the team had a linebacker named Jon Abbata. Jon was a player who had above average ability but his size would prevent any big offers from NFL teams. Upon graduation he did find a spot in arena football but it is his story that captivates my heart.

During the later part of his Wake Forest career, an automobile accident left Jon's younger brother, Luke, brain dead. The impact on Jon and his family was very emotional but the family agreed to honor Luke's decision made a short time before his accident to become an organ donor. According to the movie 5 individuals received life giving organs form Luke. Still finding it difficult through the wise counsel of a coach, Luke's memory would be preserved at each game. Jon would stand and turn to the stands to see his family and raise his hand into the air. The five fingers represented Luke's jersey number. The family returned his sign and soon this caught on not only with the family but fans and team members.

The Wake Forest team in Jon's final year won the ACC conference championship and even opposing teams respected the 5th quarter honoring Jon's brother Luke by sometimes raising their hands as the fourth quarter began. The movie is now available and is one that represents what family and love is all about. I already had a high regard for this family and the coaching staff at Wake Forest under Jim Grobe and watching this movie only elevated my esteem. I would recommend this movie because it is inspiring and motivational to everyone.

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drbj profile image

drbj 5 years ago from south Florida

This seems to be a very inspirational, heartwarming film, Cuz Fudd, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the newsflash.

Cousin Fudd profile image

Cousin Fudd 5 years ago from From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina Author

Thanks drbj, it was for me.

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