The Art of Choosing a Camping Shower Enclosure

The Tepee Shower & Outhouse with Fiberglass Poles

The Tepee Shower & Outhouse with Fiberglass Poles
The Tepee Shower & Outhouse with Fiberglass Poles
The Stearns SunShower Enclosure
The Stearns SunShower Enclosure

The days of smelling for 3 or 4 days, bacteria ridden shower houses, and cleaning in the lake are over. The invention of camp showers has brought a little bit of home to the outdoors. People now have the ability to stay clean and fresh while enjoying the beauty of the great wide open. Enclosures can also be used as privacy for a portable toilet and are convenient in more places than a campground. These enclosures can be set up quickly and eliminate the worry of privacy or searching for a restroom. There are a lot of choices when purchasing a camp shower enclosure and a few things to be aware when choosing which one is right for you. Price and quality varies greatly in a camping shower enclosure.

Free-standing Enclosures are the luxury line and often come with a hefty price tag ($49.99-$199.99). These models are easy to assemble, generally light weight, and offer a variety of dimensions. The materials are generally Polyester, but there are some Polyethylene products available. A cheap model could last a long time, if taken care of, but the more durable models can guarantee long-lasting camping comfort.

Hanging Model Enclosures are generally a cheaper route (19.99-$59.99). While these models are generally constructed out of the same material, they are a little harder to assemble. One must find something to hang the model from. This could be difficult depending on where you are camping. The price is nice if you don't mind searching for a shower location. If you are camping in a heavily wooded area, there should be no problem with a hanging model.

With today's technology, camping luxury is no longer something dreamed of. You can find a good enclosure for a good price and not have to worry about who can see you washing up or what kind of fungus comes with the public shower you are about to enter. Don't forget to stake down all enclosures to keep from wind damage and all enclosures can be damaged by the sun, just like the tent you climb in after you've cleaned up. Research the products before you buy, take care of your purchase, and you should have a camping shower enclosure that will last a lifetime.


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