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Addicted to Fishing

For the many of us that have become addicted to fishing and continue to want to learn, and improve - Here are some fantastic fishing sites that could really help to improve your game, and get you catching some fantastic fish! If you are new to fishing and have never fished before, then you need to choose what type of fishing you would like to do, and what type of fish you want to catch! Once you have worked that out, you can visit any of the below sites for some really top tips to get you started. There are simple, basic tips as well some more advanced ones. Learn from guenuine anglers that share their experiences and their own learnings. If you have anything to add to any of the pages then you can do so by simply inputting into the comment columns. If you are looking for a specific fishing lake to fish for a certain specimen of fish then you will find recommendations on the pages provided.

Top Fishing Websites - Tips and Recommendations

  • Carp Fishing Tips and Secrets  The most popular fish in the UK is the Carp. Whilst these are heavily fished for you still need to know what you are doing! And if you are after big carp then you should seriously consider visiting this page. A look at the baits and techniques...

Smaller Fish- Perch

Not many fishermen these days seem to focus their fishing attention towards catching some of the smaller species of fish, such as the perch. The perch is a unique fresh water fish, in the fact that it is a predator but considerably smaller than the average pike. It has unique scalings and a sharp fin that can cut and even kill other fish. You will know if you have caught a perch that it is important to be carefully when handling one to avoid being cut by the top fin. The perch can be found in fresh water lake venues and also in rivers up and down the country.

The current Perch Record in the UK stands at 5lb's and 9 ounches. For those who live in Essex you are lucky to have some excellent waters that hold big perch that are not too far off the British Record

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