The Fall Classic and my San Francisco Giants

Pics of 'when I was there' 2001 thru 2006

Me and my favorite Park Employee, Tony
Me and my favorite Park Employee, Tony
Shawon Dunston and son
Shawon Dunston and son
"Ray Ray" Durham
"Ray Ray" Durham
Opening Day, 2006
Opening Day, 2006
Omar Vizquel...our , no, THE Greatest Shortstop! & 3rd base
Omar Vizquel...our , no, THE Greatest Shortstop! & 3rd base
Celebrating Willie Mays' 75th birthday on the he is walking out to his huge cake with Barry Bonds
Celebrating Willie Mays' 75th birthday on the he is walking out to his huge cake with Barry Bonds
Another day, another picture of me and Tony
Another day, another picture of me and Tony
Willie's cake # 75
Willie's cake # 75
Opening Day Jets  What a Thrill!
Opening Day Jets What a Thrill!
Matt Cain, shortly after he was called up
Matt Cain, shortly after he was called up
Orlando Cepeda...can be seen around the park along with Willie McCovey and Willie Mays
Orlando Cepeda...can be seen around the park along with Willie McCovey and Willie Mays

Game I of the World Series


Well, Game I of the 2010 World Series is in the record books and my San Francisco Giants won…BIG TIME! I won’t say it was the ‘cleanest,’ or ‘best pitched’ game I’ve ever seen but, hell, who cares? The Giants won and that’s all that matters to me. It doesn’t hurt, however, that our players did a fantastic job, despite the errors and shakiness on the mound; overall, the team played well! More total runs than has been scored in a post season game in a very long time! And, only one home run was hit…by none other than our own Juan Uribe! We won the game playing Small Ball! That’s what it’s called!

Watching from my ‘transplanted’ home 2000 miles away, my friend Al and I sat with eyes glued to the screen, cheering every unbelievable play our guys made and every error the Rangers made! It’s hard to be so far away. Last time, we were there for every post season home game. So thrilling that the memory and ‘rush’ of feeling will never be forgotten. When the camera scans the fans, I see Steve, who always sat in the seat next to mine. Steve has been a Giants fan his entire life and has the greatest Season Tickets…3 seats! He NEVER misses a game. His seat and my former seat are easily seen in most shots of the batter, specially when the camera pulls back just a little. 5 rows from the A and AA seating; ours were, 8 rows back from home plate. Scanning the fans behind first plate is FC 107 where my friend Buffy has 4 seats which belong to her company. Buffy never misses a game when our team is in the play offs…and she is often seen behind the left handed hitters - just over their right shoulder when the camera zones in on his face. There are others I miss, too; friendly, helpful ushers, other friends whom I met during my 5 ½ years of regular attendance of home games.

The 2001 - 2006 teams were comprised of an older group of veterans with just a few rookies and younger players either from our farm team or picked up when on waivers or released from other teams. This year’s team is far different.

This year, manager Bruce Bochy is doing a fine job with this young group of individuals! Commentators are greatly impressed with his style, choice of pitching, batting order and calls from the Dugout! Referred to as one of “the least recognized managers in baseball,” announcers speculate that this will no longer be the case as they describe Bochy’s decisions to pull/send in pitchers, his ‘radical’ choice to omit the highest paid player/pitcher, Barry Zito, from the post season rotation, his placement of outfielders and infielders and utility players; all done with excellent and intrinsic understanding of the game and the abilities of his crazy crew.

What a crazy bunch of guys! “Misfits,” as manager Bruce Bochy calls them…’outcasts’ and players who thought their season was over when they were released from former teams with no prospects…Pat Burrell comes to mind. What a great addition to the team…making up a well rounded group of happy campers! And, of course, Cody Ross! And Freddy Sanchez…Aubrey Huff…outfielder Andres Torres and, "The Panda" Pablo Sandoval! I should add, the amazing catcher extroidinaire! MVP Candidate...BUSTER POSEY (has there EVER been such a great baseball name?!) What a team! Pitching could not be better and, for the most part, was unequalled by any other team in Major League Baseball. This year, the San Francisco Giants and their fans have REALLY lucked out!

I can't leave out Edgar Renteria...our outstanding in fielder who is "celebrating" well over a decade in the Majors. An established veteran, his cat like ability to grab the ball and make the play is still as sharp as when he played in the post season previously. He has made some major contributions to this team now, when we need him most!

Tim Lincecum…our ace and a two time Cy Young winner…while with the Giants who nurtured his career form minor league & up; Matt Cain, another Giants farm product, a big, strong right hander, Jeremy Affeldt, who has been nothing short of stellar this post season, young Madison Bumgarner, Javier Lopez, Jonathan Sanchez and more…all doing a fine job (well, except for game 6 of the NLCS!) to  move this team towards the major league title !

And who could ask for a better closer than our fabulous Brian Wilson! WOW! What a guy! Commentators ask him if he is “angry” when he pitches; his eyes are fierce, his body language strong and his pitching superb…but torturous! Kind of reminds me of Robb Nen. We’d watch him close game after game but it was rarely a ‘sure thing.’ He always got it done…300 Saves over his career but, the ninth inning rarely was “3 up, 3 down!”

This is the second time I’ve seen the Giants in the Fall Classic and the third time I’ve seen them in post season. 2003 didn’t last very long for my team but, 2002 was a hand wringer. WE WERE THERE! IN THE BALL PARK! FOR ALL THE HOME GAMES! All the way to Game Anaheim - because the National League had, once again, lost home field advantage during the All Star Game. THAT year was exciting and full of hope only to be crushed in Game 7...oh, woe were we…avid and loyal Giants fans.

Now, our crazy young team is in it again. I have very high hopes and a strong belief that this bunch of mad men will make it this time…they are just that good!, that great as a team! and that deserving.

Although the Texas Rangers have a compelling story with Josh Hamilton and his return to America’s Pass Time, and very successfully so. And the fact that the Rangers have never made it to the Fall Classic, giving them a strong reason to win it all….but…

Here’s a hope and a prayer that my favorite sports team will prevail and become World Champions.



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epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

...simply amazing is this hub and the pictures are so candid and engrossing whether one is a sports fan or not - and most importantly win or lose - you are a winner with this hub and a team like the Giants is lucky to have someone as loyal as you on their side .......

JY3502 profile image

JY3502 6 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

I'm not a sports fan, but Epigram is right. Good story and written very well. Plus, the photo's were very good.

nifty@50 profile image

nifty@50 5 years ago

Great hub Luck Cats! I always thought of the Giants as the "bad" guys, having grown up in California a Dodger's fan in the 60's. They had Willy Mays, Willy McCovey and Bobby Bonds and tremendous pitching by the likes of Juan Marichal as well.

Lucky Cats profile image

Lucky Cats 5 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California Author

Hi Nifty...I don't know if I should be 'seen' talking to you....being a Dodgers fan and all! Well, I'll make an exception this time! thank you so much for visiting and I have a feeling that the wonderful and effusive Epigramman is the reason why! (Thank you, Eman!!)

Well, you are absolutely correct! the Giants have had some fabulous players over their storied history. Will Clark (Will the Thrill), the Alou brothers and, later, Felipe Alou as manager; Dave Dravekey,

BTW, did you know that the Dodgers were once known as "The Bridegrooms?" My Giants were known as the New York Gothams! Wild! And, later, the Giants were given their GIANTS name due to a manager (can't remember whom) referred to them as his 'big men...giants...' (I have this somewhat skewed but...)..the Dodgers have also had their time in the sun and are respectible adversaries...and, right now, they're helping my Giants stay in 1st place in the NLW Division by trouncing on the Diamondbacks last night(go Dodgers!!....opps...did anyone see that? Don't tell!!)

Lots of fabled and colored history in Baseball land...and, now, my team is on top, again although..right now they're playing like A minor leaguers...but, they'll pull out of it. I wonder about the latest aquisitions and how that effects/reflects upon and about the team which had been enjoying a great winning streak being as much as 5 games up on Arizona. Now, they are faltering and I can't help but think that they feel as if their abilities have not been recognized...not consciously, mind you..but, I surely would be sporting a bit of self doubt should something like that happen to glad you stopped by and, please read my other Giants stories...I could write dozens and, maybe, sometime I will.

A.A. Zavala profile image

A.A. Zavala 4 years ago from Texas

I think you like the Giants. Correction, LOVE THE GIANTS. They are pretty good. I think they're the best team in baseball if you tell me they are. I'm sure you know best. AWesome pics and hub!

profile image

Sunnie Day 4 years ago

Love this hub Kathy..I saw the SF Giants play a few years ago and it was my first professional baseball game. Now they are my team. I got so excited when I saw Barry Bonds. I loved the excitement that fills the air..You took wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing.



Lucky Cats profile image

Lucky Cats 4 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California Author

Hy my two Dears, Augustine and Sunnie...I can't wait to return to the "yard" and cheer on my guys! So far, not enough time in the day but; hopefully...soon. Right now, they're 1/2 game up over the awful, hated, bad boy L.A. Dodgers....and, of course, two years ago.....WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!! I have so many stories I could tell...I met so many players, lots of 'deer in the headlights' surprises, and I have at least 50 game balls from players....I know...I know...grow up! NO! I will NOT! LOL

Love you and am so pleased that you visited this and like the SF Giants (SUNNIE!) Augustine...step up...those Rangers and the Astros are, well...let's just say....

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