Klitschko Vs Haye

David Haye is a hell of a fighter. He is quick on his feet. He's got fast and very powerful hands. The Hayemaker, however, didn't have enough of these in order to topple the heavyweight king from Ukraine they call the Steelhammer. In their highly anticipated bout at the Imtech Arena in Hamburg Germany, Wladimir Klitshcko left-jabbed and right-straighted the cocky Englishman all night long. Haye got dominated. He lost . Big time.

Klitschko pushed the fight during its whole duration with Haye always moving backwards. Not too many punches were thrown by both fighters. Not too many punches were landed either. Being the aggressor and the one who landed the more shots, Klitshcko deserved the win.

It was a good fight but not a very entertaining one. It was Pacquiao-Mosley all over again. One fighter pushing forward. One fighter backtracking, unwilling to engage.

The fight had it's own share of drama. Klitschko was deducted a point for allegedly pushing Haye down into the canvas but it was clear the Englishman was to blame. The Ukrainian's trainer, Emmanuel Steward got angry and threw some words towards the referee during a round break. Klitschko also scored a controversial knockdown that wasn't a knockdown. It was more of a push. Everybody could see that.

Dr. Steelhammer outclassed and outboxed the Hayemaker. Period. Haye started making excuses for the loss after the fight blabbering about a toe broken three weeks prior to the fight. The pain is excruciating on his toe he was saying in a post-fight interview. It was excruciating watching and listening to him say that. It's pathetic really. Haye promised he will execute Klitschko. He promised he'll send him to the hospital. He said he'll decapitate the Ukrainian. He didn't even come close. Hell, he didn't even try. How are you supposed to execute a guy when you are running all night from him?

Haye has stated even before the fight that this could be his last outing inside the ring. If he does retire, it would really be a shame because he brings excitement to the heavyweight division. He is brash and cocky. He talks trash. No class whatsoever when hyping the sport. It's very difficult not to hate him. But he is a great fighter and an exciting one when he puts his skills on the table. It would hurt boxing if Haye does retire.

As for Klitschko, it's hard to think of a fighter in the heavyweight roster who could come close to beating him. He and his brother Vitali have all the major belts now. For one of them to unify all the belts, they will have to fight each other but that is very unlikely.

Vitali Klitschko versus Tomaz Adamek is next this coming September. Watch out for it. But I think the older Klitschko will do to Adamek what Wladimir did to Haye. It will probably even worse. A brutal knockout wouldn't surprise me.

The Klitschko brothers are dominating the heavyweight division in a rather easy fashion. Them fighting each other is the biggest heavyweight bout out there but as we stated earlier, this is very unlikely to ever happen.

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doit fluid 5 years ago

Haye lost but was not beat. If the man Klitschko is so bad and dominant, why couldn't he administer a beat down to this brash trash talking smaller 30 pounds lighter opponent with a broken toe? Why didn't Haye look beat-up after the fight -- because he wasn't. Remember when big bad Terrell refused to call Ali by his new name (youngsters you'll have to google/youtube)? Ali said he would give Terrell a 15 round beating and he did. Klitstscko promised a beating and couldn't give it to a smaller man with a broken toe. A unanimous decison (in Germany) where most of the rounds were 10-9 is hardly dominating. Haye can go back and review the tape, realize that Klitschko cannot land his bombs, cannot really whip him. It will be easy for Haye to get back into contention because there is no one out there that can 'beat' him. I really doubt that Klitschko will give him a rematch (another reason they are not like old school fighters- Ali fought Frazier 3x, Norton 3x); he will site all of the erroneous reasons. It will just amount to another artful dodge (sorta like why no one can explain to me why neither K brother fought Holyfield when he still had some of the 'real deal' left in him). This is why Ali is the GOAT. I'm not trying to discredit the Klitschko brothers; just keep them in proper perspective. They are just in most cases better (sometimes marginally) than everyone in their era that they (or their handlers) choose to fight. This again is why I don't see a rematch for Haye, because the K's handlers know that it would be a risky dangerous fight (ala what a fight with real deal holyfield would've been), hence the dodge (they'll simply say because of his behavior he doesn't deserve it and the public will buy it).

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