The Ka-Bar Fighting Knife - A Marine's Best Friend

The Ka-bar fighting knife was a fighting weapon first designed for it the US troops during World War II. Designed especially for the United States Marine Corps, this knife has been a part of the historic combat history of the Marines for the last 50 years. It is a high-quality nice that can be depended on. It has a 1095 carbon steel blades and a stacked leather handle. The epoxy powder coated blade resists rusting if taking care of properly. The blade is 7 inches long and can be used in a slicing are stabbing motion. The overall length of the knife is 11 7/8" and only weighs .68 pounds.

The military issued knife had the honorable history just as honorable as the Marine itself. After the war was extended the Ka-bar company submitted a weapon with a general interest that it would be picked up by the USMC. The company worked in conjunction with the Marine Quartermaster and Department and after the design was okayed production was underway. As the war continued the demand for the weapon became so overwhelming that the knife company could not keep up. The government subcontracted out the weapons production to several other companies that were to manufacture the knife in the company's name. Today no matter who makes the Ka-bar knife, the knife pattern is the one that is associated with the name.

The weapon is still used today in United States Marine Corps. Used as a utility tool and a fighting instrument the Marine who wears this knife on his utility belt, wears a piece of history.


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