The Lightening Bolt Sensation

Lightening Bolt Strikes

The Lightening Bolt Sensation

The world heard of Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, and of Michael Johnson of Christie, Gaye, and Quarry among a list of fast runners, and they were record breakers in their time. Until the lightening that is Usain Bolt struck at the Beijing Olympics last summer and this week at the World championships in Berlin. He came on the scene as if with a vengeance smashing records left right and centre, leaving many to ponder if there is more than meets the eye to this quiet gentle giant? Some commentators even query whether this man is on something other than raw human energy and talent. Some openly concluded they won’t celebrate yet as they have been burned to many times in the past by revelation of cheating. British sprinter Dwain Chambers one of the latest to serve extended expulsions after being found guilty of taking performance enhancement substance.

The phenomenon which is Bolt celebrated his 23rd birthday on Friday August 21st; he himself admitted was shocked to be holding a second world record in just five days at the World Championships in Germany. Bolt hailed from the tiny Island of Jamaica, and the parish of Trelawney on the north coast halfway between tourism hotspots of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios with their miles of white sandy shorelines and deep blue seas. Jamaica is famed for many things more, Blue Mountain Coffee, White Rum, Jerk Chicken, and yes you guessed it, great cricketers. Yet that’s not all, greats like Dan Quarry, Merlene Ottey, Osafa Powel all hailed from this tiny unassuming Island, 145 miles long by 65 miles wide, the Island is called paradise by its of 2.5 million people inhabitants, and confirmed by all visitors.

At the Olympics of summer 2008 in Beijing when he first hit the records, a brief clip on Network Television showed traffic came to a standstill, and I was reliably informed Bosses allowed workers time off to watch the record breaking event unfold. Who would have guessed the feat would have been repeated this week at the world championships. The build up to the event was a little nerve racking for Bolt supporters, as the news came through that his rival American sprinter Tyson Gaye ran the fastest 100m this year. Could he do it or would Gaye rail him in a little? The time came, the commentators could barely contain themselves, there was a buzz in the stadium, and everybody rose to their feet in anticipation of a great contest. The starter sets them on their mark, the sound of the starting pistol rang out and Bolt normally a slow starter, was off.

His movements graceful, with little effort his long lanky legs double the strides of his opponents. Gaye his much vaunted competitor was playing catch up and before you winked the race was over. In a blistering 9.58 seconds, a new world record set and the name Bolt became engraved on the consciousness of a global audience, a name which now sends shivers down the spine of sprinters, yet the best was yet to come. Five days later just before the start of the 200m, commentators queried whether he was set to break his own records set in Beijing. As ever the modest Bolt replied he was “not too sure, as he was little tired”. However, 19.19 seconds later and a new world record Bolt slashed an amazing 0.11 off the time he set at the Beijing Olympics, what a man.

If Usain Bolt was from America or Britain there would already be clambering to make him Sir Usain. But because he is the son of tiny impoverish nation, the jealousy and accusations will continue. To his critics, who believe, there is no smoke without fire, which now is so steeped in suspicion and distrust and willing despite all the evidence, hoping Bolt will be caught, for drug taking hands off you bullies. We all know the sport have been tarnished with drugs revelations, but a lot are speculation and allegations. There are many decent hardworking people out there who deserve what they’ve got and they get to where they are through blood sweat and tears. Until we see evidence of cheating, until we are convinced otherwise of his innocence, then this is the time for us to put up or shut up. Cast your cynicisms aside and hail the man for what he has accomplished. All Hail the king of track and field sprint double, remember it, his name is Bolt, Usain Bolt that is.

Usain Bolt for Real? 12 comments

Kenny MG profile image

Kenny MG 7 years ago from A Child of the Universe Author

Couldn't agree more

Susette R 7 years ago

He truly is the greatest, no one can touch him at the moment. Lets hope he remain clean for the good of the sport.

Kenny MG profile image

Kenny MG 7 years ago from A Child of the Universe Author

I wholeheartedly agree Thomas, thanks for expressing these sentiments

Thomas Royale 7 years ago

Great guy, from a great nation, and a great credit to his country and the sport

Kenny MG profile image

Kenny MG 7 years ago from A Child of the Universe Author

Hello, to you too hello hello, Thanks for the comments. Bolt records will be there for a while but I agree it's certain to be broken one day.

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for your interesting and well written article. I really enjoyed it. I agree with you, whenever there is somebody exceptional there is straight-away a smier campaign. All those greats, one day records will be broken it is only natural and acceptable.

Audry Demsey 7 years ago

The main man, he is my man, I wish to meet him just to see if he is real.

Samantha Drake 7 years ago

I just love him, he makes it looks so easy

George Mitchell 7 years ago

It will take some time seem to complaine lately about tiredness, but still beat all. If his manager handles him well he will be around for some time

Lester Goody 7 years ago

He truly is amazing and it would seem he has the potential to go even faster, well done

Angela Byles 7 years ago

The man is truly out of this world, breaking records is one thing setting new records is raising the bar. Setting new records, now that is greatness

Steven Lloyd 7 years ago

This man is a miracle if he is clean from drugs. Many thinks his accomplishment is beyond human effort, that he have help. My own feelings are that he brings a breath of fresh air to a sport much maligned.

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