The Most Effective Martial Art

Most Effective Martial art?

What is today's most effective martial art to use in real life?

Would it be Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai or another form of martial arts?

Aikido is seen as the ultimate grappling martial art for self defence purposes as long as one finds a good dojo. A lot of criticism has gone into the fact that Aikido is not taught the way it was used to and that a lot of it's effectiveness has gone astray due to this lack of experience in the art. Aikido also takes a relatively long time to develop. It might look easy but when it comes to applying the technique's a whole new game. After mastering the art a bit though..between 2-4 years one can really start to see results of hard work. Aikido has no attacks and contains only defensive techniques. It is a system of fighting developed for a multiple opponent atmosphere...compliments of O-Sensei

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling art designed and developed by the famous Gracie brothers. This method of fighting is proven for it's effectiveness everyday. It is therefore seen as one of the most effective martial arts in an one-on-one match. The problem is also that though, since it losses somewhat of it's effectiveness when the opponents are more then one.

Muay Thai is a fighting form developed in Thailand and although it cannot, in the real sense, be put into the kickboxing category, it is probably the best description. Muay Thai focus only on striking and kicking. What makes this art so exceptionaly effective though is it's use of elbows and knees. Muay Thai fighters are seen as the toughest fighters in the world, being able to take a powerhouse beating and not even showing any signs of going down. The combination of these elements makes it a deadly art if used correctly. Muay Thai has some weaknesses as well though. Since it has no advanced form of grappling, fighting against an experienced grappler might be a bit of a problem

Then there is the Fear No Man:Fear No Man type martial arts that is apparently "UNBEATABLE". If you have a sense of humour go check out their site. The link is a google ad.

Which form is however the most effective?

Although all these arts are effective, each has their own weaknesses, therefore my advice is to combine them into a mixed martial art, cancelling out the weaknesses to form the ultimate art. Specializing in ground, grappling as also striking situations. a Martial art is only as effective as it's weakness...eliminate the weakness and one will have a devestatingly powerful martial art.

Please take a look at the different parts of this hub for more detail on each martial art specificly for more info. Part 1:Aikido is availible.

If you are looking for the most effective martial art for the street and self defence where guns, knives and multiple opponents usually are present, have a look at my article : The Most Effective Martial Art for Self Defence and the Street. I have highlighted the 5 best arts for these situations in my opinion as also the reasons why.

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Martial Artist 9 years ago Author

I welcome any opinion regarding these martial arts.Speak your mind on what you think

Rauri Barron 9 years ago

Personally i believe there is no ultimate martial art, i believe it depends how you've trained and probably Who trained under. Although some martial arts i believe are great are: Shaolin Kung-fu, wushu, Hapkido, Muay thai.

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Martial Artist 9 years ago Author

I agree,it's not the martial art but the practitioner that makes the art effective.Some martial arts still has weaknesses though.Even if you are a master,it will always be a challenge to overcome your art's weaknesses if your sensei doesn't teach what to do in a certain situation

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Jun Fan 9 years ago

Jeet Kune Do is the most effective style of fighting. No fixed positions, no fixed style, ultimate speed and power. Jeet Kune Do is "simply to simplify", "USING NO WAY AS WAY, HAVING NO LIMITATION AS LIMITATION". That's what it's all about. Be like water my friend.

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AndrewNadler 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

If I had to pick only one, I'd go with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This became pretty clear when the UFC first started and Royce Gracie tapped out everyone that they put in front of him (Even a guy that trained in Ninjitsu).  I think that training in martial arts and actually applying the martial art in a real fight scenario are very different.  If someone wants a fight to go to the ground, it takes a very experienced fighter to keep it from going there.  Once on the ground, and experienced jiu jitsu fighter can end it rather matter the opponents size.  If I had to have one skill that's the one I want, but I think that Mixed Martial Arts is certainly the proven style of the future.

Biladari 8 years ago


Shehan 8 years ago

No matter how long/much you train, in which ever art you train, never forget there is always someone out there that is better than you are. All martial arts are deadly if used against someone who has no background or training in martial arts.

Want to know what martial art is dangerous art when it comes to facing one to many opponents than look no further "SILAT" is your answer.

Peace to all the martial artist.

The best fight is the fight where it ends before it starts!

Hibari 8 years ago

How about the Koo Self Defense?

Sean 8 years ago

The notion that there is an ultimate art is silly. There is no ultimate art. Rather, a better way to think about it is that the person takes the arts and makes himself the best. There is rather an ultimate practitioner.

Levi 8 years ago

I think it depends on how much training the practitioner receives, but personally I believe Krav Maga is the most effective fighting style, having been developed for use by the Israeli military, it focuses on techiniques that work in real life. Perhaps other fighting styles are more sport orientated.

flbk8597 8 years ago

The best marital art is one that addresses the most common self-defence scenarios in the most efficient manner in any given eviromnent. Environment is a key factor to consider if the question 'What is the best style' is to be answered properly. I don't think any single style addresses all scenerios, sorry; if you what to learn to defend yourself properly, you will definite need to learn a few systems. In the UK I feel it is Krav Maga with a solid backgorund in JKD or MMA. This is because use of knives and firearms for self-defence is illegal in the UK. (If it was the USA, I would go for Krav Maga, knife fighting and combat shooting, since blades and handguns are permited for self defence.) This however doesn't stop criminals from using such weapons against law abiding UK citizens. Therefore the defender is at a severe disadvantage, all you are allow to defend yourself with are unarmed techniques or incidental weapons. Krav Maga is an important system to learn in the UK since it concentrates heavily on armed assaults with a weapon and close range and defences against firearms in the case of being robbed or threatened at gun point.

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Charles E Davis 8 years ago from New England

Good Morning all

The most effective martial art is DIM POP. Effective maiming and killing range is approx 50 yards with one Finger. It's my .40 caliber 13 round S & W. All kidding aside, studying any martial art is a worthwile effort in controling mind and body and developing spirit. All martial arts have somewhere is its foundation fighting skills. Even Tai Chi has fighting skills in its history somewhere. . Defensive street fighting is a whole new arena however. As skillful  and conditioned as the MMA fighters are, They are training for a pre determined match against one similarly skilled oponent in a controlled ring with some rules. The average citizen must try to prepare himself for potentialy  multiple attackers in a street envorment. Check out for some ideas for the average guy.

Nighthawk 8 years ago

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, yeah, its real great when you have more than one opponent, which is the reality most of the time outside a UFC ring! Also, try using it in a bar. Don't forget the Gracie's were experts in all ranges of combat but specialized in grappling. Anyone remarking that one perspective has it all... obviously has a lot of growing up to do and needs to take their eyes off the TV and try a dose of real combat. Currently I believe the UFC has 20 plus rules of what you can't do... all of which are the first thing you would do in a real time combat situation. Long answer for hard training, open mindedness, and a cultivation of what is most true to you. As soon as someone gives you an answer... it ceases to be the answer. There's no best art.

Martial Art Info 8 years ago

I'd say the best martial art would be the one you are comfortable to train with, and the one that suits your body type. IMHO, learning a lot martial arts, mastering them and trying to cancel their weaknessess would too time consuming. For me, it'd be better to stick to one that suits you, and master them.

David 8 years ago

it's all about a training time to gain best results IMHO. In boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, tae kwan do you can reach very good condition (as a fighter) in much shortest time than in karate, kung fu, aikido. 1 year in boxing and you can easily beat 1year karate guy, because karateka has to learn much more things and how to apply them. Same with aikido and kung fu. In boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, tae kwan do you can reach your top in a few years and your progress stops there or goes down, unless you will start to train much harder. In karate, kung fu, aikido you can't reach your top - theres more and more new moves, techniques and ways. It's the way (dojo) of (all) your life. It's just my opinion and i'm talking from my experience point. Sorry for my english.

Paul 8 years ago

There is no ulitmate martial art. It comes down to the trainer, the student and hard work. All martials are deadly and effective. Regardless of what ever boxer, kick boxer or grappler says. To slag off another style is both stupid and ignorant and shows lack of confidence in your own style.

Paul 8 years ago

And before any idiot says...what does he know". I am 4th dan in Karate, 5 dan in Judo and have trained in boxing since I was young. All martial arts are effective!!!

bic 8 years ago

learn shaolin kung fu and you would beat fedor couture gsp silva and penn

Shadow Warrior 8 years ago

Martial Arts is like a Religion in it self!

As one would respect other religions than one should also respect different type of arts.

As you would have faith in God, Than have faith in yourself and you will train well.

6 Articles a martial artist should follow:


Scott 8 years ago

Anyone ever heard of Ninpo? They teach it to special forces world wide for its proven combat effectiveness. Those other arts would probably get beat down by Ninpo....its the only art in the world that cant have a competition because of its proclivity for violence.

Fraaz786 8 years ago

all martial arts experts should respect other forms. there is no best martial arts style out there. it depends on what u looking for. i practice wing chun which is what bruce lee learnt and mastered before he developed jeet kune do. wing chun has emphasis on speed, accuracy and technique rather than brute strength, and for me that's ideal. but there are many other styles of kung fu n martial arts that are effective such as jujitsu which are also effective

Trip Don Leo Taylor McNally 8 years ago

Last i checked theres a lot of martial art forms.... very few of which teach their trainees how to take a good punch... you show me a man who can take a shot on the button.... i'll show you a man that can probably outlast most in the "real" world.....

Ryan McCormick 8 years ago

i believe that the best martial art is the one that suites you and helps you in any fighting situation,whether getting on the offensive or saying this sounds a little impulsive,but i guarantee you that a short,stalky man would be better at boxing than at judo.......if the skills match your abilities and your needs,then it is suited for you...for example,i wrestle,do judo,and im about to start up muay thai after wrestling...but im gonna stop judo so i can do muay thai..why?because,a few days ago,some idiot in the restroom thought it would be funny to start pushing me around with his dirty hands that he just peed with.....i could have taken a low outisde sweep and he wouldn't have seen it coming,but tere was pee on the ground,and i would hit my head on the wrestling is MY SPORT,and i only did judo to help with my balance and some throws (did crap for me though),but muay thai will help me one of those situations when i need to get on the defensive....the main point is,there is no "best martial art",the one that is the best is the one that works for how aggressive and how you are physically built.

Anonymous 8 years ago

The best martial arts is the one that best suits you. Here's an example: theres one guy who's huge, say 250 pounds. Then theres another guy who kinda has a small fram,e say around 130 pounds. Now the big guy can effecively train in a style where he can use his weight and size to hsi advantage. I can't think of one off the top of my head but you get the idea. The small guy can learn a martial arts that uses his small frame and speed, such as Wing Chun. Reverse the styles and you won't get any effective fighters. But it also depends on the discipline of the students and the validity of the teacher. A crappy teacher creates a crappy student.I personally see the UFC as not even fighting. It has too many rules. In a real fight, yea you would gouge the guy's eyes out, yea you would hit him in the throat. In the UFC i mainly see guys hugging each other, yea i wouldn't wanna hug a guy whos trying to kill me.As to your idea of mixing. I see that as a bad idea. You're just mixing styles together, which dilutes them in a sense. It's better to master one or two styles.I remember a saying my Sifu said before, i think it went something like "I fear not the man who knows 1000 kicks, but i fear the man who has practiced one kick 1000 times"

mike 8 years ago

You need a ground game and a striking game. Only learning one will put you at a disadvantage. My personal favorite is Muay thai + some form of wresetling/judo/jujitsu also known as shoestring fighting. Also weapons knowledge would be good, something like Kali. Most martial arts in the high ranks have weapons training though. In my old karate class the black belts start by learning the bo, and then move on to other weapons. You just need to be well rounded and know how to use your opponents weakness or strengths against him.

hershel aka boone  8 years ago

i myself choose ninjutsu fuck the gracies all the mma ufcs and the love tiptap love holds playing with eachother in the ring don't forget rules and tyme out go to your sensei ring bullshit that's the real reason ninjutsu lost its not made to be watterd down as sport think about it i been in gracie jujitsu and i got bored not to mention kung fu karate and taekwndo and aikido it all is missing something ninjutsu covers all ranges of combat if not watterd down do your history work

Parhatsathid 7 years ago

Under the condition of natural survival combat. You have to realize they are not subject to any rules. There are also no rings to take advantage of. The conditions of fighting that i have seen in a street fighting is not even one to one either. It can be one to many. Given all the rules, the best form of martial arts ever, here are based on natural selection: 1) Speed in runnig away. 2) Ability to surprise an attack from hidden area 3) ability to fight standing style to push away the would be attacker (muay thai) Under conditions of Jiu Jitsu, it works best on one to one, but in a standing style plus kicking you can do one to many. The only way I can be for sure is under no rules free ifghting styles under one to one and one to many, without a limited ring, but in a natural sending can we be really sure. I'm sure this is not the answer everyone is looking for. In any event all I know is under freestyle fighting, muay thai wins over karate, kung fu, and taekwondo. Wrestling or Jiu Jitsu is not a fight under the street fighting if you were actually engaged in that kind of fight. In fact there are quite a number of woman killed after using Jiu Jitsu on a criminal even without weapons. And given a mixed martial arts I have seen under street fighting conditions, the mixed martial arts actually lost. The reason is very simple, but disappointing to a mixed martial arts fan like me is that a mixed martial arts are large, heavy, strong, but slow. In a given street fighting conditions I have seen, none of the mixed martial arts professional actually won. Their speed were slow, and reaction were slow. Speed seems to matter the most even without a weapon. Since it's not performed under "scientifically" controlled condition. I really don't know. But boxing and UFC rules and other rules, just simply don't work in a real natural conditions.

Parhatsathid 7 years ago

One more thing about weakness of Mixed Martial Arts coming from a mixed martial arts fan: Speed are slow and endurance is low. In street fighting conditions there is no time limit. There was also an issue of attack under surprise conditions being the most significant. So it's speed, surprise and constant movement. A slow heavy strong Mixed martial arts are lost that way. There was a major street fight in my local area and it involved over 10 members from each over personal matters. The MMA all lost. Something's definitely wrong with these fighting rules. In war, the same principles apply. Speed, surprise and movement is the type or style of martial arts we look for. So what else is new? And one rules I like the ring to apply: one to many. Often in a survival condition it's rarely one to one. Trust me street fighting rules don't dictate one to one. They are always outnumbered.

Parhatsathid 7 years ago

Here is a more natural settings. I send two guys to an island. Like a reality show. Their assignments is to kill each other. Given that condition brute force may not an ultimate requirement. He can use any means whatsoever to kill. If I want to win a fight under a ring condition, I can just get a tiger to fight off a jiu jitsu and he would lost. The reason is simple: a tiger's sharp teeth will sink into your flesh. Now, under ring rules there's no biting no gouging and no groin. Given a large island Man has advantage of a tiger: his ability to make traps or his ability. If he has the brains to create bombs on any professional using natural resources he will loose anyway. In my flawed theory, I would imagine Ninja to be the best form, given the surprise, speed, and movement, but he also must have safari ability making traps and weapons.

zoolander 7 years ago

I carry a gun.

DV 7 years ago

In my opinion the most effective martial arts is boxing because It is the most simpliest among the martial arts. In real street fighting situation there is no room for francy martial arts movement, just keep it simple give a punch to your enemy and hope it is a knock down punch, quickly run away from the scene.

FastBlade 7 years ago

The most effective MA is the FMA (Filipino Martial Arts). Other MA (Martial Arts) are used for competitions. In UFC (MMA..etc), you may be the king of the ring because there are rules. You cannot bite, scratch, etc and has a time limit. Outside the streets, there are no rules. Anything goes. It is used by the Military Special Forces here and abroad. Even used in the movies like Jason Bourne and even Batman.

Try to research:

"Kali, Arnis, Escrima"

FMA is the deadliest Martial Arts.

"We are not trained to win.....we are trained to kill and survive"

Ginkung 7 years ago

I wanna tell to all man in this site. Action Better than talk.

For me everything can happen in fighting. No one of martial arts Master tell his fighting stly is strongest.

Gary 7 years ago

I've recently started training in Judo. I find it effective because I have confidence knowing that no matter how large, muscular, fast or intimidating my assailant is, i can use their own force against them by setting up points of leverage. I leave the rest up to the laws of physics and gravity.

nicolas 7 years ago

i have read most of these comments and from the jist of it i find that the MA i would have most use for is Muay thai. From what i heard it has the street fighting skills i would use, judo and such would just be a wrestling match to me but on the ground you can just slam the opponents head into the ground or push him off and standup unless you know a ground fight would be a loss you could totally backup and avoid being takin down, but this is just my mind running different scenarios, but the people here already know whats what >.<

ONE day i will become a skilled fighter ^_-

Bryan 7 years ago

To be a master of an art is a great thing, but it is even more to be master over one's self.

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SamMerkel 7 years ago

No there is no "Ultimate" art... but there are arts that can easily be used more effectively and efficiently than others. One such example being muay thai.

Jeet kun do is also another training process that is very effective because instead of focusing on only throws kicks or punches individually, it foucuses on overall style down to each basic move.

jarrett 7 years ago

i do several martial arts including Tea Kwon Do, Jui-jitsu, and Ninjutsu. as for the styles ive don't i would say Ninjutsu is possibly the most effective as it is the anciant art of deception and silent killing. its also can be used as almost an ancient version of today's street fighting as it has knife, gun, and unarmed defenses/offense. it also is very finicky about technique so when u achieve a high status you know you are very good at it as well and that you truly have earned your rank. it is also very good if you enjoy history as it is very strong in that sense as well. the fact that it is also very unconventional makes it hard to really get a grasp of what's going to be coming at you next and that can be a major advantage for the defender.

Crazytops 7 years ago

I think karate is affective you can really hurt someone if you try. It is all about how powerful your punches are not how fast you can move or punch (even though that helps...) but it is better off to knock your opponent down while you still live. It hurts them (and it hurts you, (from past experiences)), but there are lots of other martial arts you can do which are just as affective; you need to find one which suits you and you're comfortable with.

HunBountyHunter 7 years ago

Wow.. i read all these comments :D

Whele, yea i don't know where to start off.. I did shotokan karate inside this mostly kumite, which contains fast moves. ( i did it for 10 years) but i got tired of it, mostly becouse of the traditional part. So i took up MMA Karate (Fullcontact karate- daido juku kudo) which contains a LOT of other martial arts such as judo,karate,muay thai, wretling,street fighting.

I am doing well and i must thank a lot to shotokan karate. It is one of the best way to gain speed.. i mean SPEEEEED >< However everyone has to find his own styleS, if someone would say " hey its impossible to stick to 200 styles" i say that at least then go and spectate them.. try it out try ninjutsu, judo, taekwondo, and as much as you can.. at least you may see moves what to expect, if you cannot do it.

Barbaric 7 years ago

Sorry, but I had to post this...

SUMO is obviously the best martial art. Even cats know this.

Barbaric 7 years ago

Seriously, though...

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to those of you who posted their experiences here.

Over the years, I've trained in Kung Fu, Ishin Ryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Judo. I've also trained for a few years in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu, mostly because of the onset of MMA...and I treated that training as a sport, not as a martial art.

During those years, I was exposed to the vagaries of each style. For instance, while training in Kung Fu, another school was invited to spar with our school while Master Wong visited from China. Our newer students were beaten soundly by the other school's beginners while our black sashes beat the other school's instructors. I guess that's why, traditionally, one isn't even considered a student until one reaches black sash (or belt).

It is my experience that there is no one martial art that is effective at every situation, at least at the beginner and intermediate levels. For instance, if a beginner in Jujitsu is faced with multiple opponents on the street, it would be better to throw a trash can and run than try to "tap out" one opponent while the other smashes your melon with a baseball bat.

It is only when one has reached some level of mastery that the practice becomes an art and not a series of moves intended to deal with one specific situation. That level of mastery is predicated on two things, your dedication to the art and your instructor's level of competency.

It is for this reason that I think the youtube videos pitting Karate vs. Kung Fu or Aikido vs. Jujitsu are a bit silly. He who has trained harder and had better training will always triumph. The "winner" will always be the one who has developed his warrior spirit further.

Thank you for reading. I humbly ask for your opinions on this matter.


Barbaric 7 years ago

One last thought. There is no such thing as a fair fight.



Martial Artist profile image

Martial Artist 7 years ago Author

Havent posted here in a while. I agree. Training is what make the fighter, rarely the art. I do however have a bit of a differation on your view. If you lets say put 2 guys of equal talent or lets say 2 clones in tai chi(no offence tai chi practioners since you guys practice it for inner peace ect.) and muay thai and train then intensively for 6 months in my opinion the muay thai fighter wil dominate,not because he's a better fighter but because muay thai utilizes body fighting mechanisms alot more proffecient and effective. But yes guys if you don't practice diligently don't even bother mentioning you do martial art

Will 7 years ago

Surely kenjitsu. Check out 0.39 of Yoseikan Iaido for instance.

Sliced you before you even begin to kick.

Mark 7 years ago

read: "Bruce lee's fighting method basic training" and you will know that speed and power will give you the secret formula of winning any kind of fight. So this formula can be found just in Jeet Kune Do.

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Asian Thunder 7 years ago

I train in Aikido and I recommend it highly. All martial arts have weaknesses and strengths. But boxing is not a martial art. Also you are right that Aikido is not taught the way it was in the olden days. In the olden days, the sensei would dislocate your right shoulder so you would use the left hand as the power hand when using sword. This is frowned upon in today's culture.

mstab 7 years ago

what is all this rubbish about which style is the best.

most martial arts teach a combination of striking, blocking, kicking, chin na, and so forth.

When will people realize it is not about technique and style but about mentality.

how many times has one heard about a black belt who loses it in a street fight; why because it is mentality.

It is very different sparring with someone in the dojo and with someone who wants to cause you serious harm.

Quite often in dojo one is shown a technique that is supposed to incapacitate your opponent.

but in a real live situation on needs to apply multiple techniques to one or more oppenents who may be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or just adrenaline.

Most marttial arts teach techniques taht are destructive

but do not teach the student how to keep on fighting when broken mentally and physically. question every martial artist has to ask themselves is can they keep on going when in pain, because when you are lying in the gutter having the crap kicked into you your only way out of it is to ignore the pain and keep getting up and fighting back until you have hurt your oppenents or they they have given up.

Martial arts is about minimising your injuries and neutralising your oppenents as quick as possible.

this haven't even taken into account if blades are brought into play.

AL 7 years ago

mstab is absolutely correct. I study Krav Maga and the winner is the guy who can go from 0-60 in the fastest time, regardless of style. Strike first, strike fast, strike hard. I know this is counter to Mr. Miyagi's teachings in Karate Kid, but if you're surrounded by thugs on the street who are talking smack, the sooner you take them out and run before they can react, the less injury you'll take.

Anonymous 7 years ago

I'd say there isn't a best martial art... But a combination of BJJ and Muay Thai would definitely be deadly.

Tekuru 7 years ago

ook.. you guys are discussin about which martial art is most effective one.. well all of them are effective if you know how to use it.

In my opinion Boxing isn't usefull in street/real life/etc. because you only use hands(1vs2 and you have been beaten up in 15 seconds.)which makes it uneffective since there are no rules in street.

Krav Maga seems to be very usefull but I don't have any experience with it so, no comment.

Muay Thai is my favorite martial art which has really powerfull techniques which makes it really deadly art but If your up against someone who knows how to fight you might get in trouble.

Aikido has only defensive techniques so it wont be good against many person but 1vs1 it would be one of the most effective style.

BJJ is awesome but Im not sure if its usefull in streets because if you fight on ground you will get your head kicked.

Kick Boxing.. well there is no defensive stance/style in Kick Boxing which would make it usefull. Its more suited for smashing things up.

BUT REMEMBER! these are my opinions and arent accurate. (because of my lack of knowledge about martial arts.)

Best thing to do is "tactical retreat"(running away) if its possible to run away. If that isn't possible theres two tactics I have used.

1vs1(unarmed) You can try to counter or throw him to ground, depends on opponent though.

1vs1(armed)I HAVE NOT FOUGHT ANYONE WHOS ARMED!!!11!one!! IMO you should avoid getting hit by hitting him first (if your fast enough and your punches are effective) or try to counter by arm lock or trying to make him unavaible to do anything.

1vs2(unarmed) If you don't know how to fight ur f'd up.

dropping both down is best way to end the fight without getting hurt (RUNNING IS BETTER OPTION THOUGH)

1vs3or more I haven't been in situtation like this. If opponent looks weak you could try fighting but I suggest running away if you are able to.






Peter 6 years ago


With some rules inbetween ropes or in a cage, it has been proven that Muay Thai and BJJ are the most effective styles. Even fighters who have e.g. kickboxing or wrestling to their name as primary styles, learned how to kick knee, elbow, and work with joints on the ground. So lets call it something like Muay Thai + BJJ. There is no pure style - look at a fight under Muay Thai rules, some use more hands, some kick more, some use low kick predominantly. Find your onw style which suit you.

On the street, it depends on the situation, but a surprise effect (hitting first and unexpectedly, or looking like a doll but being an aikido specialist) comes much more into the play. There is no real surprise in a ring, you know your opponent and you know his style. Hard to tell the best style for the street - there are too many possible situations. But being stroger, faster and better trained always helps. :-) And if not, you still can be vicous. Some traditional Chinese Martial Art, which would be beaten in the ring easily, have attacks not allowed by normal rules. On the street, it is better not to fight, you never know who stands in front of you and what he is going to use. If attacked, be effective and/or vicous with your first hit and run, unless you are sure you have a clear dominance.

cvertlick 6 years ago

I think the best and mos effective martial arts is the Drunken Master. Use by Jacky Chan. All you need is wine.

CobraClutch 6 years ago

Krav Maga.


nobody 6 years ago


thundercloud 6 years ago

no question. CHAI LATTE. hands down.

noman 6 years ago

When I fight I do it quickly. Be first if theatened. One on one-hit a weak spot, take to the ground then stomp on, kick or punch til attacker imobilized. multiple then use speed attack vitals and run. so learn to strike fast & effectively end it quick. does not matter what art.

Benjo 6 years ago

Has anyone thought about Arakan i hear good things about it

user1 6 years ago

Clearly jujitsu, wrestling and Muay Thai are effective as proven in the MMA events. Would it work in a street fight situation? Yes it would, because if you train any of these, you would be physically fit with good stamina and know effective combat techniques. Training and practice is better than no practice at all. Hitting on soft spots, biting, eye gouging etc. are also effective... the only problem is you can not really practice these things on a real opponent on a regular you can not really become good at these things. Nonetheless in a street fight anything bite if you must.

The problem with comparing 'sports' and comparing real life combat techniques is that with sports we know who wins...we know if a BJJ/Sambo/Muay Thai/Wrestling/Boxing guy wins or loses an event. But with real combat do we have any data? Do we know how many Krav Maga guys neutralised an opponent in a real combat situation? Do we know if a Marine Corps Martial Arts Program guy is better than a Russian Systema guy? Usually we do not. Police or military records usually do not state the combat techniques used in a a fight.

So we must rely in the closest thing to real combat i.e. mma as a general guidance to which technique/arts are most effective. Of course the comments made previously about speed, surprise and running away are very accurate in real life. And also the main difference being outnumbered in real life or the possibility of unarmed vs an armed attacker.

I would prefer someone who does not get in a fight, but if in a fight, hits first, hits hard and then runs away.

Dr.G 6 years ago


i practiced for a long time (10 years black belt)judo and i also trained in boxing...i have many friends who are into kick boxing and karate...i think given all conditions the same, same level of skills (it must be high skills) ame fighting spirit and same strenght etc... when fighting one on one a judoka will almost beat every time a striker such as a karateka or kickboxer for the simple reason that avoiding a strike is somewhat easy but once you are caught by a judoka then it is over quickly. however in one against many oponents striking would be more effective.

Jon 6 years ago

The most effective martial art begins within your mind. The strongest fighter might win but the smartest fighter will always have the best chance. You don't need to know "how to fight" you just need to overpower you're opponent in terms of thinking. Now researching some things such as how to escape a choke hold, or the ideas behind reversals, it leaves you formless and with an unexpected weapon. Much like the ideas of Jeet Kune Do.

StylewithStyle 6 years ago

Agree that there is no one best martials arts that works in all situations. I will discount Jeet Kune Do (JKD) because it is not a style, or fighting system. It's a fight philosophy and there is much controversy on what/how JKD should be defined. Its founder is long dead, and the so-called JKD experts even argue amongst themselves on a style and approach that, according to its founder, should not be defined or categorized. So if you can't define, or categorize it, how this "style of no style" be taught?

However, that said, the current cream of the crop are:

- Brazilian jiu jitsu for ground fighting. If I had to pick only one martial art this would be it. Although, you will be highly disadvantaged in a multiple attack the fact is that for the average person, most attacks will be against a single attacker like a mugger, or a road rage incident. BJJ is also easy to learn in fact that one can start applying the moves in a real self-defence situation without years of training. If you can't find BJJ in your area then judo, or wrestling would also be good alternatives.

- If the "ground game" just isn't your thing then muay thai and kickboxing are the best striking arts because they are simple but effective. They rely on a few techniques that work in real situations. Why spend 20 years to learn 108 techniques when you can learn a few techniques that work really well in a fraction of the time?

- Kali/arnis/escrima is still probably the best stick and knife fighting art. Like the above, they focus on non-complex moves that work well with concepts like trapping, and close quarter combat.

The above martial arts are the current choices for hand-to-hand combat for the U.S. military and you can bet that they researched the best methods and chose the above.

Finally, martial arts are more about being deadly. If you want to be deadly, you can carry gun -- legally of course or else you're just a cowardly punk. But as Mr. Braithwaite said in ENTER THE DRAGON, "Any bloody fool can pull a trigger."

Me 6 years ago

Brazillian ju jitsu is pb the best ma of all in one on one situation (in dojo or ring). but if ur on the street u cannot take that guy to the ground and fight him there cause u take care of one guy and others kill you. also i don't think it's true you have to have a lot of stamina cause a street fight you don't know how long it will take. if a street fight is longer than 10-20 sec the most than ur a dead man. cause if u fight those guys one minute others might surprise you. a street fight should be like a lightning: short, the escape move extremely powerfull and with terrible damage and speed. u got to strike ur opponent like a thunder and get lost. simple and efficient. and you should also be very aggressive and vicious and ruthless. if you're outnumbered this might put your opponents on the run...

Me 6 years ago

How ever if i come to think about it the best ma of all is athletics... if you are good at that you can escape unharmed and untouched no riscs of injury or losing ;))

miked246 6 years ago

One of the most effective and deadly no-nonsense martial arts is the Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu style, mixed with Dim Mak/pressure point fighting. It cannot be used in the ring, and it's techniques are lethal. (example, See Master Gin Foon Mark). Bruce Lee trained this art in New York, when he could not use his Wing Chun effectively against Gin Foon Mark's students. Bruce then studied this art to help him perfect his Jeet Kune Do. If you get a chance to practice SPM from a real master. DO IT !!

Neat 6 years ago

Makes sense. Some people should stop watching so many movies and playing video games. There is no "deadliest" or "most effective" anything. The best approach is to combine different styles.

Juan 6 years ago

ive been taking wing chun tho it feels like everythings a set way of moving, i was wondering your thoughts on it many ppl hype it up and recommend it im not sure its for me tho, i simply want a way to defend myself after reading this im almost sold on krav Maga. some say jeet kune do would be better because it aparently is more real time? idk our sifu also teaches in praying mantis this is his actual page what are your thoughts

MT 6 years ago

Muay thai for striking and BJJ for grappling.

Martial Artist profile image

Martial Artist 6 years ago Author

Hey Juan,

If Self defence is your aim then Krav Maga in my opinion. If you want to do a sport aswell then Muay Thai or BJJ. Depends on what you are looking for. All the best

Martial Artist profile image

Martial Artist 6 years ago Author

Hey Juan,

If Self defence is your aim then Krav Maga in my opinion. If you want to do a sport aswell then Muay Thai or BJJ. Depends on what you are looking for. All the best

Juan 6 years ago

yes it is i just want to know if im ever in a situation ware i have to fight i can thank you

Martial Artist profile image

Martial Artist 6 years ago Author

Hey Juan,

If its a life threatning situation krav maga will definitely be the best, especially where guns and knives are present however since it also does the most damage it might not be suited for a bar brawl since krav maga concentrates to completely neutralizing or killing the attacker. In a bar brawl muay thai might be more suitable. All the best

Dalton  6 years ago

Ive been training brazillian jiu jitsu and mma for a number of years now and in my opinion brazillian jiu jitsu it the most effective from a sport and self defence aspect.

FRANCO 6 years ago

well in my opinion fma is the most effective

it's not flashy but it's really effective

like a comment above

"we are not trained to win.... but we are trained to survive"

FRANCO 6 years ago

well in my opinion fma is the most effective

it's not flashy but it's really effective

like a comment above

"we are not trained to win.... but we are trained to survive"

tom 6 years ago

i think learning parkour would be benifitial

pinoy ako 6 years ago

I'm used to streetfighting since in my elementary years. And at High school my father though me bushido where I train hard (And banana tree was used to be my heavy bag) because in our school there is likely called underground fight during lunch time and recess and the rules are (30 secs. all action fight, no striking to the eye, groin adn throat.) And I find my style effective. I'm brown belt judo, purple in jiu jitsu, and blue in shotokan. And me and my couzin start to create our own martial arts... :*

Sensei Lewis 6 years ago

Hi My name is Sensei Roy Lewis and i am a fully learned expert in karate and teach karate with sum other martial arts. I believe the only way to bring your personal

fighting with martial arts is to truly have self discipline an respect for you opponent and never to underestimate or degrade you opponent by thinking you are better than him when in reality it is not the martial arts that are at fault in some cases but it is the user of the art. You should never allow yourself to build a bigger than life ego and that is the first thing i install in my students and that karate and mixed pressure point and weaponry combat is not for deliberate harm but for reasonable and defensive purpose in the name of defense rather than offense but don't get me wrong all of my students and myself are strictly trained and i also trained in the arts of preying mantis and also the tiger two extremely strong forms of original martial arts mixed with karate to create a deadly andalso at times inpenitrable defence and offence. The agression and power of a tiger and the patience and lightning fast reactions of the mantis are a perfect combination in both strength and agility therefore i believe that a true mix up of the arts is in some cases unbetable but as to the user who admires UFC which is cage fighting mixed martial arts these are peoplethat combine grapples and kick bxong and boxing an use them below the potential that is fitting of these forms and is not a real, in my opinion martial art i have fought and beaten opponents like Mo teague i trained under Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki and also sensei butch white in the England Sankukai squad i currently hold a 5th Dan Renshi in Wado Ryu Karate please google me under sensei roy lewis and click the clockworkmouse link at the first option to see for yourself.

quaresma 6 years ago

any style is great as long as you can use it in the right way.

but this is what anyone should do

1. finish him as fast as possible.

2. don't be a hero and run as fast as you can if you are outnumbered

3. look for help.

because this is a matter of life and death,, not a competition

Dan 6 years ago

Aikido is terrible!

Me :) 6 years ago

Hello everybody. I've been practising Aikido and I can say that it's useless. Enemies will NEVER come to you with hands extended for you to grab them, and executing those extremely difficult thecniques requires most times the collaboration of the enemy, WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE IN REAL FIGHTS. Aikido is a way of life... call it philosophy, but not a martial art. You can see that there aren't any Aikido championships, and at Aikido Demonstrations enemies take an absurd behaviour and act without violence and waiting for the Aikido fighter to look at them and prepare before they attack him. I gave up in Aikido months ago. I feel bad cause I made friends there, but is extremely hard to play those extrange "choreographies" knowing that is totally useless.

For me the best martial arts, the most effective are those created for the war. Ninjutsu, Krav Maga, Karate, etc.

Muay thai and those craps (sorry) are just peasant stuff. They have no thecnique and soul, what is valuable in a martial art. I know Ninjutsu is algo a "peasant" martial art, originated in Japanese peasants, but it was just it beggining, after that and with years and decades it become an extremely precise art.


lemonhead 6 years ago

That's easy- Gracie JuJitsu. Why you ask? The Gracies STARTED the UFC back in the early 90s to prove a point- whatever skill or martial art you wanna bring- bring it and lets see which is best. And there were no weight limits, no time limits, and hands down, the Gracies beat down EVERYONE. Even opponents weighing 50-100 pounds more. Yeah, I study it, and I'm a little biased, but the reason I CHOSE to train in it was because I did my homework first and knew what it could do. I also like it because I have control over the amount of force I will apply and therefore- the outcome. So you can inflict a little pain to send a message, or, break an arm or tear a shoulder out of a socket.....

Atomisk 6 years ago

Systema........Russian systema and RKC training seems to be among the elite fighting systems. As are Ba Gua, Tai Chi, and Hsing I. Soft power seems to be more efficient. Look up "principles of power" on amazon/books as it explains the science of softer martial arts. I think Ba Gua is the most realistic and complete. Shaolin, thai and karate have great resilience techniques like that of hard qigong and kicking through baseball bats. There is a video on youtube of a shoilin monk throwing a needle into glass......and its real. Mas oyama killed bulls with his bare hands. jack dempsey knocked out a bull with a punch. Being a ninja and setting a trap while observing from a far is also very efficient. training to shoot a gun really really fast and accurately is also highly suggested as this is the most advanced handheld weapon available now. I would say that shooting is as much a martial art as learning any other weapon. Real ability take a lot of time and effort, and includes relaxing techniques with breathing and everything! Learn gun martial arts. Use bruce lees ideas but know that there is no ultimate technique. If you read his work he clearly states that jeet kune do is not the ultimate martial arts. he just wanted people to free their minds and learn for themselves rather than let someone else learn for you and make yourself a stale copy of other humans work. learn from others but don't try to be others. ALSO I think for the fastest results as far as fighting skill boxing is the best as it puts student in actual sparring/fights from the get go. the best way to learn is to FIGHT.... Legally as close to the real thing as possible. You can't learn to swim outside of the water.

Sorry I'm not editing this ramble to make it make any sense..... the above is on the spot idea storming.

Grafight 6 years ago

A lot of interesting comments on a subject open to many possibilities. Today there are complete martial arts which combine striking, blocks, locks, throws and many other techniques, such as Kempo, Tang Soo Do and Ninjitsu. I would not consider MMA, UFC or any regulated sport a good gauge to determine the efficiency of a martial art on the street. Quite the contrary, Some of the least used MA in MMA, like Taekwondo, can be efficient on the street. In TKD you learn to strike and to strike fast. You learn to kick and recoil fast to avoid your leg getting grabbed. A well placed-fast kick may be all you need to stun the attacker and get out. To me FMA looks just like Kempo or Hapkido, except when they take the weapon they stab the attacker multiple times. If that's what you want, Just take your regular MA and add murder.

raheel 6 years ago

I think eskrima because?you learn how to defend sharp weapon like knife or of blade weapon,and you learned how to armlock,breaking bones,grappling techniques in eskrima empty hands.

Jake 6 years ago

i may be speaking out of line, but in my opinion bruce lee is the baddest man to ever walk the planet. and he created a form of martial arts known as jeet kune do.. and i believe if used correctly it would be the most powerful form of martial arts to learn

TRACY 6 years ago

In my opinion I think Kempo, Ninjutsu/Ninpo and Jeet Kune Do would be the most dangerous martial arts. All three of these arts can be used on multiple attackers or one on one attacks. They teach how to use weapons and how to handle an armed attacker. The also incorporate ground fighting techniques as well. This has you more well rounded for most sitautions on the streets. Jujitsu is good for one attacker and hopefully one without weapons. Eveybody is so hung up on BJJ (jujitsu) b/c of UFC but this was used for one on one competition. Try to think outside the ring. Also, I think the name Jujitsu should be the only word that refers to this art. It was brought to Brazil and taught to the Gracies by a Japanese man and was modified to fit to Grandfather Gracies short stature. Jujitsu is a Japanese word and putting Brazilian in front of it to me is just disgraceful. I also do not see anywhere in Royce Gracies mathces where he defeated a guy trained in Ninjutsu and even if he did at some point I can guarantee you in a street fight the outcome would be much different. Gracie would be defeated!

smg 6 years ago

Go-ju-ryu is an excellent martial art it really does combine all of those kinds of things explained in the article! no fancy stuff tho! this martial art is meant for serious self defense!!!(knives, guns, multiple people, etc...)its very strict but if you stick with it you'll love it! the higher you go in rank the more you learn. im fifteen and i already have a second degree black belt in this martial art! ive been doin it sinse i was five and haven't stopped!(btw the 2nd degree thing is actually a big deal considering the age requirements and old fashioned rules and/or training!) try it out its fun! :D

lemonhead 6 years ago

Unfortunately, the UFC really is about the best modern day proving ground for all of these martial arts. And if you watch it, you'll find that most matches end either via good old American boxing with a punch to the head, or a BJJ submission, or less frequently- with a Muay Thai knee or elbow to the head. So there you have it. I don't see any Ninjutsu guys, or any of these other disciplines doing any damage in there. Lyoto Machida is supposedly a Karate guy, and he's good, but my Karate friends tell me that even he has had to modify his style so much that it really doesn't resemble Karate anymore.

So again, I like and train in Gracie jiu Jitsu.....

manofpeace 6 years ago

although many have jkd about guns on this page I have to say if you're gonna include weapons "the way of the gun" is a valid MARTIAL ART(martial as combat not sport) and most gun guys i know practice shooting more than the "martial artist" practice their arts . And a well placed shot is gonna kill you (unless it's a banger's .25auto ) years of training, "superior" martial arts ,body conditioning none of these will help you in the end if you don't fully commit to the fight when there is no other choice I've picked up a few "tricks" from different MA over the years and enjoy the UFc fights like everyone else on here but know that in the end many people don't have the mental conditioning to permanently hurt,incapacitate,or kill their opponent .My favorite example was a guy who conditioned three times a week ,attended a MMA gym , and boasted several belts in MAs and was put in the hospital by a 120lb mentally disabled person he was supporting who decided he wanted to kill his staff thankfully enough cops were on scene (4 with tasers) to subdue the disabled gent before he could make good on his promise . (BTW for those who know about mant and the rules for MHRT work that stuff went out the window when this guy attacked he's one of the only people in our state that is allowed to have takedowns preformed) the words of my Drill Sergent will always ring true it's you or them not a tickle fight hurt him sissy

Spikethe2nd 6 years ago

As an official martial art, I would recommend Lethwei (Burmese Boxing) as I think that the use of stuff like headbutts and raking fist strikes are incredibly practical. However, the British Special Forces CQC (Close Quarters Combat) program is an excellent self-defence system. However, although I've been practicing Lethwei for 8 years now, before that I got into a lot of fights and from that, I've learned that really the best way to fight is hit anything, with anything. Also to remember that the idea is not to win points, but to stop the other guy hitting you.

just my 2 cents

arnis boy profile image

arnis boy 6 years ago

Arnis of the Philippines is the most effective known as Eskrima or Kali because you learned how to defend edged weapons like knives and blades.And you learned how to fight using sticks,knives and hand to hand combat,The mano y Mano or the empty hands concentraiting in striking,locking,and throwing techniques effective in street figthing like other martial arts,But filipino martial arts concentrating in weapons.Now i love the art of my country the Philippines.

VFORCESFC 6 years ago

I do NOT agree with Aikido, Mauy Thai or even Brazilian Jiujitsu being the MOST effective art, its arrogant to say. Every SINGLE martial arts has a super star(s) in them. It comes down to what Martial Arts can replicate that HIGHER NUMBER. Basically meaning, the ratio of good fighters in real situations against all versatile types of attacks.

MMA has brought 3 of the most effective fighting methods into one combines art. Now the only thing that would make it better is what I did with it. Added a few more Martial Arts into it and made it street realistic. Kind of what the first UFC was all about. I train my students in everything I have been trained in and it actually even goes further to deal with mindset and aggression.

The question should have been, What martial arts produces the most amount of individuals who can handle them in many street scenarios against multiple attackers, bigger,stronger and faster and so on.

Personally, any martial arts that spars/fights or competes against the same fighting style is inferior.

There MUST be cross training. So I agree with your ending statement.

Flowerundertheleaf 6 years ago

If your art is complete you would have all of this components. Look at any real traditional school of kung fu (any style)the all have kicking, striking, locks, holds, throws, etc. The problem that arises today is that many schools have teachers who left their masters to early so the never gained the full system. For example most people say that Brazilian jujitsu is the best at locks. Not true they just emphasis it more. In fact Jujitsu comes out of Japan and means to seize and control. Chinese martial arts have the exact same concept its just called chi-na. Therefore by the proposed definition all arts are in a sense mixed if they are complete because the methods are not supposed to be you kick, punch, lock, or bludgeon. It’s whatever the situation calls for or more realistically what’s available based on distance and body. Finally, NO style is every really more or less superior it is only the individual practitioners experience and refined skill that sets them apart

Brian K 6 years ago

Definitely Muay Thai and Systema. I've never seen such an efficient style as Systema. And the strengthening of your bones through Muay Thai can gives you an unbelievable advantage.

amateurmartialartist 6 years ago

I'm an amateur martial artist in Shotokan Karate and it would be much appreciated if an expert would give me a word of advice...for instance, I'm extremely skinny and not muscular at all; what then is the point if I can't grab someone and pull them down or toward me properly? Just one of the MANY questions I would like to ask. I would ask my instructor, but you know...I'm learning.

Ka Pow 6 years ago

You will learn in time to be very effective with whatever body you have. One of the smallest boniest black belts in my class who also practices Aikido is so fast with such perfect timing he can tie most anyone in a pretzel or strike them before their eyes reopen from a blink. I do recommend you practice multiple styles and try multiple instructors in each style. As a fellow Shotokan karateka I highly recommend you and all others read "Shotokan's Secret" by Bruce Clayton.

Essentially it analyzes Shotokan in it's historical and cultural context. The primary thesis is that all of what are now considered separate Japanese martial arts such as Shotokan, Aikido, Judo, Kendo, Jujutsu, etc were one and the same at one time. The men and women who developed these arts practiced a MARTIAL (aka military) means of deadly force. He examines the Bunkai of the Heian kata to show that they are not just blocks, punches, kicks, and strikes, but also contain grappling, throwing, and techniques to disarm an opponent to use his weapon against him. The most effective techniques of all the arts are the most basic ones -if properly taught. Per another gentlemen's advice study JKD (developed by Bruce Lee). Bruce nailed it by breaking the mold of rote learning that had been passed down by multiple generations that had lost knowledge of the practical applications of the arts. Be creative and imagine fighting in your mind especially when doing kata. Read and practice on your own. Always respect your Sensei and fellow karateka. Practice safely and with control. It takes a lot of time and dedication, but you will be rewarded in ways you cannot imagine.

Nora 6 years ago

Everyone is going to believe that their own martial art is the best. I believe that the most effective would need to be able to change in any situation. It would need to follow simple physics, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line etc. Any martial art where there are rules, like not hitting in certain places are ineffective because another group will take advantage of that. A good martial art should never go down on the ground because if your fighting multiple opponents you'll be majorly disadvantaged. An effective martial art should teach the two hands to one rule. meaning that your opponent never has a free hand to hit with. My choice of martial art is Ving Tsun. Not only do you train your body but you train your mind as well.

oscar 5 years ago

krav maga because it takes 4-6 months for a good teacher to teach you everything regardless of physical condition.

And possibly keysi fighting method. also western boxing is a good candinate for the simple fact that one punch can easily take out a guy. one punch needed. a good boxer can take out a guy with a freaking sword before he can even realise what's going on because THAT'S WHAT HE FUCKING DOES TWO HOURS A DAY.

manofpeace 5 years ago

I reiterate Martial=war ,modern warfare is most often by small arms, therefore most effective martial art would be the one in use ,soldiers, REAL martial men shoot each other not charge each other

manofpeace 5 years ago

correction. or martial women

profile image

daveydoka 5 years ago

Hands up all those martial arts practitioners that go around picking fights. In the modern world where the undisciplined and untrained thug whom may choose to use a knife or a gun is the most likely suspect to attack another human being for no good reason I would say that any martial art or self defense system would be suitable provided the practitioner feels comfortable with the style they choose. I would recommend that every martial arts practitioner train hard so that your art becomes natural to you. That way you won't have to think when attacked. I am an Aikidoka and would happily recommend other arts if anyone were to ask my advice on an alternative to their current art. At the end of the day, all arts find their roots in arts that were developed with the intention to defend from those with weapons. Ju-jutsu - used by samurai to defend their Masters (Evolved into jujitsu, aikido, judo etc). Ninjitsu - used to assasinate others (would occasionally involve face to face combat against weapons or hand to hand). Karate - developed in Okinawa when weapons were banned from the island but settlers had to defend themselves from law breakers. These are just a few but all share a common philosophy, to be able to fight someone whether they are armed or unarmed.

MARV 5 years ago

testing testing 12 3

MARV 5 years ago

Timing and footwork will beat punching, kicking, grappling, etc. Those who referred to state of mind, give yourself a hand. Gracie shmacie - if you are fighting three or four foes, grappling for 2 or 3 seconds is useful. Grappling for 30 seconds is your funeral. A Mr. Miyagi will most likely whup 3 or 4 foes. Use what works,learn many moves yet simplicity rules. Be like water. Practice practice practice! JKD (a CONCEPT- NOT a STYLE!)

MARV 5 years ago

You know the artist in his prime who can leap over cars and destroy others - a.k.a. a bully. My crippled self would shift slightly at the last moment and put superman to sleep. Adrenaline and a refusal to lose makes me temporarily uncrippled. At my age I assume all fights are to the death. For 60 seconds I am the ghost of Bruce Lee on steroids- controlled berserker power and accuracy. Avoid and defuse potential violence. When forced to fight or flight, do just that. If there was an ultimate belt for wisdom, it would be above ALL black belts in all styles. I remember being afraid of tai kwan do kicks. Later, I remember smiling at how easy those kicks were to control or avoid.I remember the fact that I would never reach into a man's belly, reach up and pull his heart out. I remember the fact that one could punch thru a breast plate and explode a heart. A one minute fight is a LONG fight. My days of tossing around linebackers like rag dolls are over. My days of a knockout bonebreaking jab or uppercut in 0.1 seconds are just upon me. An intercepting fist IS a form of defense.A hit is a hit; a miss is a miss ...

malay silat practitioner  5 years ago

in my opinion, there is no such thing as 'the most effective martial arts'... it depends on the the practitioners and how they train... regards

legend 5 years ago

A true master can accomplices all skills no matter the task, the art of style is only one half of the coin the other half is the person wielding the ability to do so.

LEEfan33 5 years ago

While there is truly no single most effective style there a handful which can be considered to stand above the others. Among them include Muay Thai which involves KILLER KICKS, and makes the body hard as steel. Then there is the lesser known art of Kali, a flowing style in which if the Kali fighter finds anything knife or pole like the other fighter has already lost. And of course Jeet Kune Do which incorporates the style of no style making a highly unpredictable fighter.

Lmao@Filipinos 5 years ago

FML Filipino martial arts is the funniest shit ive ever seen. Those jokers couldn't hurt themselves if they tried. Anyone who thinks FML is useful take a look at all those special force filipino bumstuffers who were pissing their pants when that bus got hijacked. Those pussy fart flippers are jokes. The only really useful martial arts today are taught in american/canadian/british military boot camps. Real applications for real violence.

Anonymous 5 years ago

I think that Krav Maga is the best martial art in a self-defence situation because its so effective for us in the IDF.

Eternal springtime 5 years ago

Traditional Wing Chun is the most effective.. It's good to learn any martial art but If u really wanna learn how tO defend your self try and find a traditional wing Chun school if u can! Ther are only so meny schools in the country.

Drake silver 5 years ago

Overall i think ninjitsu would be a good choice to practice but it all acords to the situation. Thinking there is a "universal fighting style" is a sure way to deaviate from sanity. The more variaty of fightting styles you learn the better but extensive pratice in 1 is a good choice to.

Alessio 5 years ago

Wrestling combined with boxing and karate is enough. I've seen state champion HS wrestlers easily defeat supposedly advanced grapplers of other forms (e.g., BJJ). Karate adds the kicking element and boxing provides the punching element, and the ability to take a punch. The rest of this stuff is not really that effective, except in very rare cases where someone is so dedicated that they truly do become an expert. In summary, wrestling is the most superior martial art, as is evidenced by the number of wrestlers who win in MMA competitions vs. other practitioners.

Nightcrawler 5 years ago

There is no ultimate martial art for each martial art contains its own techniques, forms, arts and weaknesses.

Muay Thai, Karate, Boxing, Wushu, Wresting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Savate, Capoeira, Judo and other martial arts are all effective and lethal.

I'm a Shotokan Karateka myself. I took down my opponents who trained many years in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Taekwondo and Krav Maga, and I can notice that it's not the art, it's the user.

I used techniques that would counter their techniques, and they also used techniques that would counter my techniques, and I can see the wonder of each martial art. Each is so unique and jaw-dropping.

This means that there are no ultimate martial arts. Respect each martial art. You can compare, but one is never better than other and the other never better than the one.

Jak Blimmonds 5 years ago

As usual people look at the aggressive and grappling martial arts and self defensive arts are usually overlooked. Defence is far stronger than attack; for any physical move can be countered by full spacial awareness, perfect technique and homed reflexes. All listed techniques are taught in the slow, thoughtful and deadly art of Tai chi where attack follows defence and not in the wrong order! Tai chi is under estimated and should be considered and taken seriously.

Samuel 5 years ago

the most effective submissive martial art is MMA/BJJ

there is no comparison between MMA and other martial arts people say the rules ruin its effectivness but in the street you're no going to particullary use rules are you Yes akido is effective but it could'nt beat MMA my suggestion is just to incorporate akido with mma on youtube look up bbj vs all those chinese gay martial arts and you will see who wins.

lemonhead 5 years ago

I think some of you guys have drifted off the point.

I think the point of the question is, if you had to choose ONLY ONE art to study in- because that's what most people would be forced to do (we don't have unlimited funds or time after all), which would be the best choice. Hate to give a wimpy answer- but you have to decide what the most likely scenario is for which you'll want to use it.

For instance, if you want protection against life-and-death situations (late night parking lot encounters, or weapons being brandished), then I'd recommend Krav Maga, as they spend a great deal of time training to handle exactly that. I know because I trained in it for awhile and it's very good.

So why wouldn't it be the best period? Well, because if you really want to just be able to defeat a bigger bully, or handle yourself in the typical drunken barroom brawl, many of the techniques could be a little extreme and cause permanent damage (think eye gouges and throat strikes). This is where I feel BJJ (particularly Gracie JJ- which is much more reality/street focused), is the best choice. It will allow you to defeat the larger opponent, and give you more control over the outcome, as you can decide whether to inflict a little pain, or, snap an arm, or rip a shoulder out of a socket, or choke an opponent out......that's why I prefer and train in GJJ (currently a blue belt)..

reallife 5 years ago

I find it rather incredible that a topic like this is being seriously discussed. I say this because in reality, ALL arts are ultimately deadly, and its the practitioner who it depends on ,to make his situation a win or lose scenario.

For example, imagine yourself in a street fight situation, where one guy, rather big and tough looking, a cig in his mouth, half wasted from drink or drugs, tries to rough you up. Now, if like me, your into muay thai, then if your properly dedicated to the art such as mt, then u would have been running daily for miles, you undertake such high capacity high output cardio/bag/mitts/punchbag/speedball/ring craft training, that most of our so called streetlife would take a fucking heart attack doing even a fraction of this training. Your average bitch, hit with a devastating thigh kick from one of my shins, I can assure u ill break that asshloes leg in two. His stamina, cardio output would have no chance in keeping up with me. This is why we all train long and hard, so we r one step ahead, compared with our opponents.

reallife 5 years ago

I find it rather incredible that a topic like this is being seriously discussed. I say this because in reality, ALL arts are ultimately deadly, and its the practitioner who it depends on ,to make his situation a win or lose scenario.

For example, imagine yourself in a street fight situation, where one guy, rather big and tough looking, a cig in his mouth, half wasted from drink or drugs, tries to rough you up. Now, if like me, your into muay thai, then if your properly dedicated to the art such as mt, then u would have been running daily for miles, you undertake such high capacity high output cardio/bag/mitts/punchbag/speedball/ring craft training, that most of our so called streetlife would take a fucking heart attack doing even a fraction of this training. Your average bitch, hit with a devastating thigh kick from one of my shins, I can assure u ill break that asshloes leg in two. His stamina, cardio output would have no chance in keeping up with me. This is why we all train long and hard, so we r one step ahead, compared with our opponents.

leslie tafadzwa muguti faffydee 5 years ago

i lyc a combination of all martial arts styles i practise that myself thus the best

Dave 5 years ago

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Try to argue.

jamesw 5 years ago

BJJ is a grappling art, and u need to be up close in the correct position. Many got whacked before they could get in position. It is preferred in MMA simply because it is the best way to subdue an opponent.. w/o killing or breaking his limbs.

El_Greco 5 years ago

The most lethal martial art is called "Pankration" used by ancient Greek soldiers. This is not for self defense, but for killing enemy soldiers in combat. A very "lighter" version is today a ring sport

Koo Koo Barra 5 years ago

I would just keep a gun - and use it without any hesitation. Then lets see which is faster the trigger finger or the foot and hand. I think that is the best form of self-defense.

Gop 5 years ago

The best martial art is the one that wins. For unarmed combat, you would have to consider those developed for war such as Krav Maga, Sytema, Ninjitsu. BJJ and others may be popular and good at what it does, but I'd rather run than clinch in a street fight.

Physical: Are you fit and have you drilled in the basic techniques so that you can do them quickly and with little thought? Is your body conditioned to deliver effective techniques, last through a fight, and maybe take a few hits?

Mental: Can you recognise a life/death situation is coming? Are you willing to poke out eyes, bite throats, or do any other technique that may kill without hesitation?

Common sense: Use your surroundings. Turn off your ego and run away if possible. They may have a knife or gun. They may be better than you, or have more mates present, or just be luckier at the time. Recognise danger and avoid it. Yes Mr Miyagi, you are correct. "Best defence, no be there!"

7 star 5 years ago

Its not the style its you!

wrestling 5 years ago

Where is wrestling in all of this...

ip man 5 years ago

hello..well for me i would go for wing chun..wing chun is a close combat and also ul b taught to not only see the attacks but feel before and opponent punch or kick, u already know what to do in jst split of a sec..but it al depends on the student..nt the martial art..adios woooooowahhhhhhhh

paul liversidge 5 years ago

I love the way everyone says this art or that art -

it is what suits you're lifestyle & bodytype and what's available at the time.

There is no one art that is best! Lets get that clear from the start !!!

It is down to the person who makes the art work! Regardless - then again a punch thrown & connects, no matter what art you do or whatever grade you are, be it a 17th dan gold belt, if that punch is a good connection you are going to go down ! Now I'm not saying that the art you train in is no good - every art has something to offer - so choose the one that suits you and if works for you then great - THAT IS THE BEST ART

Jackson 5 years ago

Akido and Tai-chi both teaches you to relax, most martial arts tense your muscles and restrain the flow of energy, energy is power (chi or ki) , power comes from balance and we are more firm and balanced when our bodies are relaxed. It doesn't matter even if you can defeat 10 guys at a same time, you can't find joy in violence but you can find joy in peace and love and Aikido teaches that.

ClfNinjaHtx 5 years ago

Muay thai beats kung fu,karate, look i hate tkd but i seen tkd fighters beat the fuck out of muay thai guys, karate sometimes but kung fu u must not know real kung fu my style of kung fu is the only style that went to thailand and beat the shit out of the muay thai guys ur obvousl a closed minded martial artist n i would love to prove u wrong

azmi 5 years ago

just read mac young book. boxing,wing chun,silat,aitkido ,muay thai concepts. Improvised weapons. Avoid grappling ground game if possible

Richard 5 years ago

The best martial art is the ones you don't hear about. also on topic the best martial art to use in a bar brawl is drunken fist even if you have multiple opponets it is the best to me. ( MY OPINION) you can email me your thoughts on that at

Lee Paxton 5 years ago

It's not the style, but the man, and there is where exactly, for years, prize fighters or pro boxing, produces men that in or out of the ring, are capable of taking & inflicting sever punishment, i.e., in a real fight anywhere, they would not have problems with grapplers; especially, they would not encounter a problems with the so-called martial arts.

Jit 5 years ago

Any martial art is effective if done properly.

Tory 5 years ago

Most posters on here seem to over think things, form opinions with no merit, and really don't know shit

Nobody 5 years ago

There are several deadly styles of fighting!!

With that said there are there are two points to all types of Combat hand to hand or weapons combat

("keep it simple stupid")

1, Defending

2, Attacking

With that said strategy now becomes important!

1. Awareness (Know your enviroment threats etc...)

2. Know the weeknesses of the human body and or weapon you are using (There are several week areas on our fragile bodies btw) this is key for strategy for both points of fighting know what to defend and know what to attack!

3. Know the natural strength of the human body and the strength of the weapon you are using! Again this is key for both points of fighting.

4. Don't waste time! Time is vital no need to say more!

(Simple example: if your running a race? If your smart you would run from point A to B and not waste time going from A to B to C right? So with that said throwing hooks etc... to me are pointless and costly!)

I will stop with that unless anyone wants to read more!

With all that said I would say any style of combat that teaches you the basics and doesn't waste time and energy on looking cool is a good start the rest is up to you.

I also would like to add if you can run/avoid the situation that is your best option.

What you see on TV is a sport not real life. The styles you see are good and also you don't see the full fighting style due to rules of the sport and it is not life or death situation! Real deadly situations there are no rules besides to survive! There are several fighters in this world that wont compete in these events due to beliefs, morals etc....

One more thing keep an open mind closed minds don't learn and real tuff guys don't pick fights they finish them if is a must!!!!

EIRC 5 years ago

Hm hello all I have read through a few comments and have seen the though of MMA being best, muay thai, BJJ, JKD, etc. Well my own personal opinion is that one BJJ isn't good enough do to the more than one person would be to difficult, muay thai if they get you on the ground its basicly game, JDK is basicly the same as muay thai in that position. I've never seen a JDK fighter go with ground game it is good yes but not ground game from what I've seen. I've had a friend that's done it and he said there is no ground game for it. And as for. MMA I believe that there are 2 forms of it. MMA in the ring and MMA in real combat situations. If one were to learn all of these styles or atleast abit of each like I have my self with over 6 styles you will gain truly the greatest martal art what stumps me is that noone dissided to take the stuff from all the martial arts they learn and mix them. Not bound by MMA rules but rather combind them and tweek them to make a new style with its own flag to represent. My personal list that I beleave is all that would be needed for the greatest fighter is Akido for dodgeing, BJJ for throws and ground game, muay thai for striking, karate for stance, disaplen and more striking, TKD for the variety of kicks,and Kung FU for the unpredictablity of a fight (I say this due to the fact that in true kung Fu they have basicly no rules at all even if people try to clean that up they do nut shots and eye shots so they might as well hit everwere else along with the fact that they have such a varriety of styles that they would basicly know every angle and way people would try to fight in). That's my personal opinion on this cuz I've basicly done everything but akido sadly can't find a teacher, dojo, and doing it from home and reading only goes so far sadly. V.V...oh well I hope you all enjoyed my little rant and such and enjoy your day see ya.

Josh 5 years ago

Its not the style its the warrior.

Josh 5 years ago

Nobody I think you have some very good points in your post.

franzhwoarang 5 years ago

@nightcrawler... Boy please... I was a yellow tip when i took on an 8th dan shotokan master... I kicked his ass in every aspect of the word... If you're stupid enough to think that karate can compare to itf taekwon-do then there is no hope for Ýou my boy...dumbass


Corey 5 years ago

Honestly a mix but I would go with a solid wrestling or bjj game every. Fight starts standing and usually ends on the floor

Mister Q 4 years ago

Soon, there will be a martial art that no average human being could ever learn. No great muscles or knowledge will be able to beat this new martial art. Only those who understand themselves could learn this martial art. Pity, it will be the only ultimate martial art and only few could learn it. I myself is still unable to learn it. This martial art will be called Pure Soul. You all are going to witness it's true power soon.

Rob 4 years ago

WING CHUN great system

Pekit Tirsia!- filipino martial art taught to ilipino special forces

(warning, these arts are for KILLING, not playing in a cage)

if u want to learn to fight, learn navy seal hand to hand (Rapid Assault Tactics) fomr PAUL VUNAK in california

4 years ago

In a street fight people would want to use BJJ? Grappling on concrete is not fun. Taking a shot at someone's legs or writhing on the ground for control would hurt on concrete. Throwing and striking arts would be the best for a street fight.

Roddie Lumsden 4 years ago

if you look at history one of the most deadliest of fighters and unbeaten is rocky marciano so in my opinion in a street fight or pub brawl boxing is the most effective system as all pre arranged fighting is useless i myself have a 2nd dan TKD and also done shotokan and judo but after boxing the best martial art i have come across is Go Ju Ryu karate a really underestimated style cause it's not flashy like TKD

Colin Knox 4 years ago

All martial art systems are good and effective. The thing that everybody needs to realize is that there is no ultimate and invincible martial art. (Simply put, there is no martial art that is the best.) no matter how much you train and how much devotion you put into the art and who you learn from, there is always going to be someone who is better than you and will be able to beat you. Therefore, it is pointless to try and promote a style of fighting to be better than another because they all have their strenghts and weaknesses.

ipsot 4 years ago

wing chun is more effective for real self defense situation

marcus marcus 4 years ago

what do you think of shootfighting,is it effective in the real world? and what about catch wrestling?

which do you think is the best street effective grappling art- sambo,bjj,catch,shootfighting or greco-roman?

And what do you think of japanese jujitsu,i always thought that was the best art out there,but everyone ignores even mentioning it.


Matthew 4 years ago

DIM MAK, nuff said

Rezac. 4 years ago

I was in ShodoKahn for a few years and I really enjoyed it. I thought it had many practacal movements and it is always very effective for me. I will honestly say thought that everybody should just start by thinking that your body is just like any other leatheal weapon. You need to understand how to use it. Like a gun. Nobody can fire a gun without ammo. Consider being in shape and alert as ammo. You must also know where the trigger is. Consider your aggression and will to attack your attacker as your body's trigger. Not everybody has a very crisp trigger if you catch my point but everybody has one. Finally you need to know how to aim a gun. You also need to know where to hit, grab, wrap, kick, or gouge your target with your body. I also like to think that you can upgrade your body just like a gun as well. If a gun doesn't have a magizine with enough rounds you may not survive long enough to reload. Same with your body, but your ammo is stamina. If a gun isn't comfortable or doesn't seem practical to the user they may dislike it and never want to use it. Think of your martial arts style as you type of gun model. I am in no way a blackbelt, a sensi, or a certified fighter but I can sure as hell seem like one when sh*t goes down.

Cody Cerkines 4 years ago

okay well this is gunna sound a little stupupid compared to all these amazing quotes before me but, i was wondering if you can join a martial arts class soley on wanting to correctly weild and utilize the weopons. i was kinda hoping to be something like a weopons specialist and just want to learn how to weild as much weopons as possible, i somewhat know how to shoot and that wont be as fun as learning hand to hand combat and using something like swords and throwing knives. im only in my teens and would like to know if you need some sort of belt or certification from the sensi to order and purchase a weopon like throwing stars/knives, swords,the yawara thingy, or anything of the sort.

JC 4 years ago

Yeah, no martial art is the best, because if put out of your comfort zone in a fight, one or the other is going to show flaws in the style, and for example, ancient chinese martial arts were only relevant to the Chinese culture and way of life but if theres a fight between a Chinese martial art like wing chun and jujutsu, maybe one will have certain advantages over the other so they have to adapt to be sure that they keep their styles integrity . Wing chun has a third form witch is considered incomplete because as fighting evolves, so must the style, in china wrestling or grappling wasn't popular but today some styles have adapted their fighting to others.. Every style thinks and knows they are efficient but only when flaws are found will they get better.I'm 20 done goju ryu karate do for 5 years, boxing for over 7 years on and off with my grandfather, and have currently been practicing wing chun for 3 years and I find that each three of these martial arts have their their advantages and disadvantages separately but combined, they make a deadly cocktail.

Kaliradman 4 years ago

Who says Kali is limited on Bladed weapons, sticks and guns? Its a close quarter combat, and it will give youn room to kick and response, you just chill coz it will kill you. Its abattle tested martial art.

dale 4 years ago

I can't remember where I read it but 70% of success in sport is due to conditioning only 30% is due to skill if this apples to self defence then the best martial art is the one that gets you in the best physical condition. The average guy is not strong enough to knock another out you need to develop the strength and striking power before you can ever dream of taking on multipleattackers . Power lifting boxing wrestling and mma training are good ways to develop the necessary conditioning but not the only ways. By the way before you say I'm wrong I should point out I've been in fights against many opponents and been the stronger guy is what got me . Get strong and punch hard and you will best most people add some striking + grappling skills and you will be unbeatable regardless of what martial art forms you have chosen

Jon 4 years ago

Agreed. There is no ultimate art. Combat depends on conditions, environment, training, the teacher and students skill and comprehension.

My focus is on the Koryu of Japan. Non watered down arts for practical combat. Sports (budo) are great for competition, but are immediatley at a disadvantage in natural/real world scenarios. Combat is almost never fair, predictable, honor based and one on one. My focus has been exclusively in the Japanese Martial Arts- but I respect all forms that a combatant may choose.

I study:

Bujinkan Ninjutsu: Taijutsu is our hand art. However 9 Ryuah and 18 disciplines cover a broad scope of combative techniques and weapons.

Aikijutsu: pure form of Aikido (again budo vs bujutsu/ Combat vs sport) Aikido is sport based.

Jujutsu: pure form of Judo

Kenpo: purer form of the various Karate styles (Shotokan, Washin Ryu, Shorin Ryu etc)

Kobojutsu: Okinawan art covering many weapons (Bo, Kama, Oar, Nunchuka, Hanbo etc.)

My point is that sport arts are great and effective to a degree- but are subject to failure in a true combative environment. Aikido, Muay Thai and MMA (Gracie Jujutsu) are all subject to this stubborn fact. You take any warrior on his terms and you will find you are not so very strong.

A practitioner of Martial Arts should be masters of the art of NOT Fighting. Never allow stupidity and pride to put you in such a foolish situation. Master the art of peace and diplomacy.

If you are so unfortunate as to find yourself surrounded by 'the savages' call upon your training and use restraint if you can. Because when you cross the line into REAL combat you will also have to live with its consequences.

dave 4 years ago

the most effective martial arts are out there, but 99% of the world will never see them. these are closed systems and are only past down to a very few. they are combat and war designed system that incorporate hard and soft styles, including weaponary.

Pierre 4 years ago

The best MA is the one which adapts readily to any situation and which develops your mind and body to be prepared and strong.

I have done Yoseikan Aikido and Krav Maga (as well as a few other arts).

Honestly, Aikido takes many years to master to a point where you can use it effectively in a fight. The "soft" Aikido taught today is not really street effective.

Krav is a big contrast as a style. It is aggressive and explosive. Krav Maga is good for fighting. If you just want to be effective and take out opponents there are many types of "dirty" fighting systems out there.

I would say Krav Maga is quite realistic and takes little time to learn as it needs to be used for the real world.

Look at some of the military/police training tactics.

Kristian Go-Williams 4 years ago

I think that all Martial Arts are effective... But, my favorite is Wing Chun. In Wing chin you redirect your opponents power and use it against them. And, if you've seen the Ip Man (Yip Man) series, he kicks butt.

4 years ago

Jeet Kune Do with an empahsis on take downs, submission, and vital point striking. It's hard to beat.

iodiskGog 3 years ago

I utilized to get on top of life however as of late I have piled up some sort of resistance.

David Orman 3 years ago

My choice would be the Russian martial art of Systema.

Drake Looschen 3 years ago

Jun Fan has got it right! I know from multiple opponent street-fighting experience, that JKD not only works - - it’s extremely devastating! The large brutal aggressors became pussycats, hobbling away with broken bones. JKD/ Kali can even be used successfully against hand gun armed foe. If you are fast enough with JKD/ Kali, say after at least 4 years of training, you are unbeatable and extraordinarily dangerous - - which cannot be foreseen with an average stature. The other martial arts are mostly just organized chaos/ bull shit. For example, the mixed martial arts ultimate fighting has got more rules than standard boxing. Check it out for yourself! Even a golden glove boxer is more realistic than a Karate man or Korean MA crap.

The one who knows. 3 years ago

Easy question. It's tai chi, for the simple reason.. nothing given, nothing taken.. and aikido has strikes it's not all defensive who ever thinks aikido doesn't have strikes is just stupid.

topshooter 3 years ago

I've been into martial arts for a long time . Been in the hood of west Atlanta and grew up off settling fights through boxing which was lame cause you got either side sounding like bitches saying no grabbing and holding. Then wrestled for two years and made quite the style of it in the streets till I joined the Marines and discovered martial arts and understood it. Plus learned some judo training in Japan with the Japanese military plus the Marine Corp Martial arts. When got out I on grappling but still cross train in srtiking and edge weapons. Theres no effective martial arts it depends on you to know when to and how use what's effective for you

butcher 2 years ago

hy everybody must say most comments are from People who are no fighters so they say what they think not what they use you ha ve 2 Basics in a fight man against man that's kicking and striking or Wrestling anybody can test himself at least in his mind what would you do against kerr coleman ec not much i guess but on a average base the more trained weight you got the better you can take and if you give its effective choosing one main technike would be Sumo for if you got the statys who would fight you the visual Point is that a big hulking Frame saves you from having to fight 99 percent for me best fighters are Nelson asashoyru or how hes spelled a Young tank bac to Basics trained mass wins bye

Robert Z 2 years ago

HAving had 6 years of Aikido, 6 years of Hard Karate and 8 years of Judo coming to Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu, i could by no means consider Aikido the Most Effective Martial Art.

There are a number of limitations that make Aikido best suited to smaller and lighter person. Anyone like myself who is big and strong will feel very limited not being able to develop their full potential.

If we were to say look for the most elegant of martial arts i would rank Aikido and Crane Kung Fu as the top contenders; if we were to look for the least aggressive martial art i would again suggest Aikido and Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu (my style, Buddhist Phylosophy based) as the top choices. If we in turn look at the top fighting styles than we can not go past Muay Thai, Wing Chung, Combat Karate, Combat Kung Fu and Boxing.

And if we are looking for deadly styles than we should join ay Armed Elite Forces and not try and find it on a WEB page.

So, all respect to Aikido as a great and traditional style and if you have a couple of decades to devote to the style it become very effective. But if you need to learn to defend yourself in a relative short period of a few years, chose the well founded and grounded styles of Muay Thai, Wing Chung, Combat Karate, Combat Kung Fu and Boxing. Ones that you can hone your skills in a ring and learn what it is like to fight before you have to really fight.

Oh, and why do i not mention grappling; as a one-on-one style it is excellent but, i don't like all that grabbing and sweat sharing as well as not easily being able to handle multiple opponents.

And just to clarify, i am a martial art veteran of 50 years and i do not teach any of the 5 listed styles or seek to promote what i love most; Shaolin Animal Kung Fu.

Sijo Robert Z

Anonymous 23 months ago

I've been practising Aikido for 9-10 years and I know that Aikido is more a philosophy than a martial art and that it is criticised cause it "only shows a perfect fight" which might not be what will happen in real-life fight, however practising it for so many years can definitely open your mind. Some techiques are quite difficoult to learn, but other are very effective (such as Kotegaeshi, Iriminage, Koshinage, etc). In addition I think that the best martial art doesn't exist, cause in real life during a fight you can't think what technique you will perform. Finally I think that learning multiples martial arts and fighting styles is the best choice.

Growls 23 months ago

The deadliest martial art ever is Lancashire clogging - it\is was soo deadly all its practitioners died.

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