The Real Heavyweight Boxing Title History

Through out the history of professional boxing there have been several title holders many at the same time because there are so many different boxing organizations. Many people are confused about who the real champions are now and who they were in the past. In this hub i will explain the true heavyweight champion boxing history from the very last bare knuckle fighter to today's champion.

John L. Sullivan

John L. Sullivan

From February 7, 1881 to 1892 John l Sullivan aka the Boston Strong Boy reigned as boxing's heavyweight champion of the world. He is also the last bare knuckle heavyweight champion.

James J. Corbett

James J. Corbett

  On September 7 1892 James J. Corbett aka Gemtlemen Jim knocked  out John L Sullivan in the 21 round on their world title fight in New Orleans, Louisiana to become the new world heavyweight champion

Bob Fitzsimmons aka Ruby

Bob Fitzsimmons

  On March 17 1897 in  Carson City, Nevada Bob Fitzsimmions knocked out James J Corbett in round 14 to win the heavyweight chapionship.

James J Jeffries

James J Jeffries aka The Boilermaker

 On June 6 1899 in Brooklyn, New York James J Jeffries knocked out Bob Fitzsimmons in round 11 to become the new champion of the world. He  relinquished the title when he retired 1904 after several defenses.

Marvin Hart aka The Louisville Plumber

Marvin Hart

After Jamed J Jeffries retired a bout between Marin Hart and Jack Root was to be held to determine the new heavyweight champion of the world. On July 3 1904 in Reno, Nevada Marin Hart knocked out Jack Root in round 12 to fill the championship vacancy left by Jeffries.

Tommy Burns aha The Little Giant of Hanover

Tommy Burns

  On february 03 1906 in Los Angeles, California, Tommy Burns won a 20 round point decision to defeat Marvin Hart and become boxing's new heavyweight champion

Jack Johnson aka Galveston Giant

Jack Johnson

  One December 26 1908 i Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Jack Johnson defeated Tommy Burns in round 14 after the police stopped the fight and the referee awarded the decision to Johnson. This made Jack Johnson the first black champion in boxing history.

Jess Willard aka Pottawatomie Giant

Jess Willard

 In Havana Cuba on April 5 1915, Jess Willard Knocked of Jack Johnson in round 26 of their bout making Jess Willard boxing's new heavyweight champion of the world.

Jack Dempsey aka Manassa Mauler

Jack Dempsey

On July 4 1919 in Toledo, Ohio, Jack Dempsey knocked out Jesse Willard in round 3 to become the new heavyweight champion on the world.

Gene Tunney aka The Fighting Marine

Gene Tunney

 On  September 23 1926 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gene Tunney on a 10 round decision over Jack Dempsey to secure his place in history as the heavyweight chapion of the world. He would retire as the champion ater his last fight in  july 1928.

Max Schmeling aka Black Uhlan of the Rhine

Max Schmeling

 On June 12 1930 in Bronx, New York a bout between Max Schmeling and Jack Sharkey was held to determine who would fill in a the world champion after Genne tunney retired.  Max Schmeling won and became the new champion after Jack Sharkey was diquailfied in round 14.

Jack Sharkey aka Boston Gob

Jack Sharkey

 On june 21 1932 in Long Island City, Queens, New York, Jack Sharkey won the world heavyweight championship in his rematch with Max  Schmeling with a 15 round split decision.

Primo Carnera aka The Ambling Alp

Primo Carnera

 on June 29 1933 in Long Island City, Queens, New York Primo Carnera knocked out Jack Sharkey in round 6 to become boxing's new heavyweight champion.

Max Baer aka Livermore Larupper

Max Baer

 On June 14 1934 in  Long Island City, Queens, New York, Max Baer knocked out Primo Carnera in round 11 to captured the worls heavyweight championship

Jim Braddock aka The Cinderella Man

Joe Louis aka The Brown Bomber

Joe Louis

  On June 27 1937 in Chicago, Illinois, Joe Louis would knock out James J Braddock in round 8 to become the heavyweight world champion. He would retire as champion but return to the ring to fight the man who was recognized as champion in Joe's absecne.

Ezzard Charles aka The Cincinnati Cobra

Ezzard Charles

  Although recognized as champion after Joe louis retired he did not fully become champion until he defeated Louis (who came out of retirement) in  Bronx, New York on September 27 1950.

Jersey Joe Walcott

Jersey Joe Walcott

  On July 18 1951 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jersey Joe Walcott knocked out Ezzaed Charles in round 7 to become the world heavyweight champion at 37 years old.

Rocky Marciano aka The Brockton Blockbuster

Rocky Marciano

On September 23 1952 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Rocky Marciano knocked out Jersey  Joe Walcott in round 13 to make his place in championship history. In 1955 he retired as the only undefeated heavyweight champion in history.

Floyd Patterson

Floyd Patterson

  After Rocky Marciano retired about between Floyd Patterson and Archie Moore was held the determone the new champion in Chicago, Illinois on October 30 1956. Floyd Patterson won by knockout in round 5 the become boxing new champion at 21 years old.

Ingemar Johansson aka Ingo

Ingemar Johansson

  On June26 1959 in Bronx, New York, Ingemar Johasson knocked out Floyd Patterson in round 3 becoming the heavyweight champion of the world

Floyd Patterson

Floyd Patterson

  On June 20 1060 in New York, New York Floyd Patterson would make history becoming the first boxer to repeat a world champion when he knocked out Ingemar johansson in round 5.

Sonny Liston

Sonny Liston

  On September 25 1962 in Chicago, Illinois, Sonny liston knocked out Floyd Patterson in the first round securing the boxing heavyweight championship of the world

Muhammad Ali aka The Greatest

Muhammad Ali

  On February 25 1964 Muhammad Ali starts his reign as world champion when he defeats Sonny Liston by knockout in the seventh round.

Joe Frazier aka Smoking Joe

Joe Frazier

On March 8 1971 in New York, New York Joe Frazier defeats Muhammad Ali in a 15 round split decision it what was billed as the fight of the century.

George Foreman aka Big

George Foreman

  on January 22 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica George Foreman knocks out Joe Frazier in the second round to win his first championship

Muhammad Ali aka The Greatest

Muhammad ali

  On October 30 1974 in  Kinshasa, Congo  africa. Muhammad ali defeats George Foreman to become champion for the second time

Leon Spinks aka Neon Leon

Leon Spinks

On February 15 1978 Leon Spinks Shocks the world when he upsets Ali in a 15 round decision winning the heavyweight championship on the world

Muhammad Ali aka The Greatest

Muhammad Ali

  on September 15 1978 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Muhammas Ali win a 15 round decision to reclaim hi title from Leon Spinks. After this fight he retires until he returns to fight the title he vacated held by Larry Holmes.

Larry Holmes aka The Easton Assassin

Larry Holmes

 After Ali retired Larry Holmes won the vacant title but he was not considered the true champion until he defeated Ali who came out of retirement. On October 2 1980 when he stopped Ali in the tenth round in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Michael Spinks aka Jinx

Micheal Spinks

On October 21 1985, brother of Leon, Micheal Spinks defeats Larry Holmes with an 15 decision victory to win the championship in Las Vegas Nevada.

Mike Tyson aka Iron Mike

Mike Tyson

 Although he already won all the title belts Mike was not considered the true champion until he knocked out Micheal Spinks in the round 1  of their June 27 1988 fight in Atlantic City, New Jersey

James Douglas aka Buster

James Douglas aka Buster

  On February 11 1990 in Tokyo Japan 42 to 1 underdog James Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson in one of the biggest upsets in sports history

Evander Holyfield aka The Real Deal

Evander Holyfield

 October 25 1990 in  Las Vegas, Nevada, Evander Holyfiend knocks out James Dougless in round 3

Riddick Bowe aka Big Daddy

Riddick Bowe

  On november 13 1992 in Las Vegas, Nevada Riddick Bowe defeats Evander Holyfield by 12 round decision

Evander Holyfield aka The Real Deal

Evander Holyfield

  On November 6 1993 in Las Vegas, Nevada Evander Holyfield reclaims his title from Riddick Bowe with a 12 round decision victory.

Michael Moorer aka Double M

Micheal Moorer

On April 22 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada Micheal moorer win a 12 round decision to claim the heavyweight championship from Evander Holyfield

George Foreman aka Big

George Foreman

On Novemer 11 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada George Foreman knocks out Micheal Moore in round 10 to become champion at 46 years old

Shannon Briggs aka The cannon

Shannon Briggs

 On November 22 1997 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Shannon Briggs defeats George Foreman by decision

Lennox Lewis aka The Lion

Lennox Lewis

  On March 28 1998 in Atlantic City, New Jersey Lennox Lewis Knocks out Shannon Briggs in round 5.

Hasim Rahman

Hashim Rahman

  On april 22 2001 in Carnival City, Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa, Hashim Rahman Knock out Lennox Lewis in round 5.

Lennox Lewis aka The Lion

Lennox Lewis

  On Novmember 17 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lennox Lewis reclaims the heavyweight championship when he knocks out Hashim Rahman in round 4.

Chris Byrd Rapid Fire

Chris Byrd

  After Lennox Lewis retires Ibf titlest Chris Byrd is reconized as the world champion but many see him as no more than a paper champion

Wladimir Klitschko aka Steelhammer / Dr

Wladimir Klitschko

 On April 22 2006 in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Wladimir Klitschko knocked out Chris Byrd.


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