The SOG Trident All Purpose Knife - A Review

SOG Trident all purpose knife is an excellent blade to have in many civilian and military situations. This 81/2 inch blade is made of AUS8 stainless steel. It has a Blade groove for cutting wire or cord. It has the reinforced Zytel handle and a hard case with a black Tini Blade finish. The utility/weapon has a built-in safety lock when the instrument is closed. There is a red button that shows that the blade in the locked position. It also has a groove in the handle which allows the operator to cut fishing line, parachute cord, and small electrical wires.

These knives are great for the hunting and fishing expedition and even the occasional military covert operation. This knife actually keeps an edge and the straightness of the blade makes it working on a flat stone pretty easy for the novice. The instrument weight is easy to handle and though a little heavy towards the handle, it can be grappled easily with either the left or right hand. The unopened blade can fit easily into a cargo pocket or into a sheath worn around the belt. Easy to open and easy to lock, the Trident is a must-have utensil on your next outdoor adventure.

The durability of this blade is astronomical. I have thrown this knife against a tree with all my might to try to make it stick. My throw turned sideways and hit the tree full on with the handle. I picked it up and nothing was loose on it all. I keep one of these pocketed at all times just in case of emergency comes up, and believe it or not, I have used it when working on my car.


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